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Of Mice and Me

Warning: This is not a PETA approved post

You might want to reread the warning. If you are a PETA person, please don’t read on. I’m about to share several things you might find both disturbing and offensive and I’m hoping to avoid hate mail.

1. I have friends who don’t eat meat, but I do.

2. I have friends who don’t believe in killing spiders, but I do, especially when they drop on me in the shower or inhabit my shoe.

3. I don’t think pets are people, too.

4. I love Henry but I’m firmly convinced that he’s a dog, a nearly perfect dog, but a dog none the less.

Just so you know, the goggles were to protect his eyes  from the blowing beach sand and the shirt to keep him from bringing the entire north bank home.

He doesn’t usually dress up. He just wears his everyday coat.

5. I have friends who hunt. I don’t, but I do like to go fishing.

6. I had an ant metropolis but the little ant houses seem to have taken care of that.

7. I have mice who think mi casa es su casa. I don’t.

8. I really, really hate killing things – bugs or bigger. Heidi doesn’t mind.

This is my 3rd night of listening to mice (whoever said quiet as a mouse hadn’t met mine).

Under the sink, beside the soup pot, is the wastebasket and a sticky trap. There’s also a sticky trap stuck to the bottom of the recliner. I don’t know how it got there, but if I pull it off, the chair will be sticky. I’m just leaving it for now.

I prefer those little mouse motel traps over sticky traps, but Texas mice won’t go in those. Texas mice do have a weakness for Doritos.

To understand the rest of the story, I need to interject a brief anecdote:

When Heidi and her brother were young, they spent the summers on their grandparents farm. One of things they loved to do, when the moon was bright and the breeze was gently blowing on those warm late summer nights, was to go barefoot. And what they liked even more than just going barefoot, was to put their grandparents big black rubber galoshes on their bare feet and go out in the corn field and stomp on mice.

Don’t ask me why. I can’t even stand to hear/feel the crunch of a giant Texas beetle under my tennis shoe. Anyway, that brings us back to the sink. The squeaking begins around 11:00 each night, which seems to be when mice get Dorito cravings. It goes on all night.

I know what the humane thing to do would be. I tried the first night. I opened the cabinet door and closed it. Thus was born my nightly ritual of carefully rolling up any garbage I might make during the night in a paper towel to be disposed of in the morning.

There were two mice the first night. There was one last night. There’s at least one tonight. When Heidi gets up, she’ll shower and get dressed and open the cabinet and make a trip outside.

Henry and I are getting a little frayed around the edges. I began with a word of warning, I’ll close with a word of advice. If  you ever meet someone who tells you they used to stomp on mice barefooted in galoshes, make sure they like you.


17 thoughts on “Of Mice and Me

  1. I have never hunted, I don’t even fish. BUT I live alone-not even a pet. SO anything that moves in my house that doesn’t have TWO legs is dead. Outside- I only kill mosquitoes., BUT in my house——
    Sure hope your criter problemi is solved soon and you can get some peace.

    • Jill – Henry managed to make it to the beach, then instantly rubbed his head frantically in the sand (so much for protecting the eyes) until he could be goggle free and off chasing sea gulls! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  2. Oh lordie … i’m a wee bit of a “dogs are people too” kinda gal. My mom (bless her snarly LITTLE heart) used to feed the family pets at the table. I suppose if she could have SAT one of them at my place at the table she would have done so happily … but i digress …

    My brother, who used to be funny and is now “wetting his brain” with vodka once said … as we dared to leave food on our plate … “Mom, you have to eat everything on your plate … don’t you know there are starving DOGS in India” … DOGS were people in my family … and people were, perhaps — spiders ‘-) … pests … better squashed than dealt with …

    • M. – So you’re one of those? Not only do you think ‘dogs are people, too’ but you masterfully mix pathos with wit. Thank you for being here.
      ~ D

  3. I agree with you all except animals not being human. Andy is about as human as they get. If you don’t believe me – ask Andy!! I would but he is sleeping in my bed with his head on the pillow and covered up with my blanket!! He won’t be awake for another couple of hours.

    When we have a mouse problem, Mr. A sets a trap in the basement of fiver. That way they don’t get in living space or cupboards. I know one gate guard told me that a mouse got in her bed and had babies during the day!! .

    • Jill – Please tell Andy that I didn’t mean it. 😀
      A mouse is about all that will fit in our ‘basement’ (I didn’t even know I had a basement). We’ll see if we can squeeze a trap in there, too!
      Double checking the bed from now on…
      ~ Debbie

  4. Debbie, you are just too funny. And Henry too. Love the pic.
    I am with you all the way when it comes to killing things UGH. Here’s how I kill a cricket in my basement if I have to.
    I get a broom, holler aaaahhh will I you know what to it so I don’t here the sound of what I’m doing. I can’t even write the words to describe it because it yucks me out ( like cr—–, k— or sm—).
    I’d much rather capture and throw out the door whew!
    I even close my eyes or look to the side when driving past a dead animal on the road. Speaking of which raccoons haven’t fared so well around here trying to cross the road. Jesus has to take the wheel a lot.

    • Cathy – LOL!!! You SO GET it! And what a descriptive illustration! It’s not fear – it’s more like repulsion/pity/the willies.
      To compound the problem, I’m allergic to mice so I’m sneezing and stuffy etc…
      Henry is beside himself and lives on my lap.
      I’m the same way driving, although not usually with the RV. Jesus Take the Wheel is my driving theme song. Of course, there was that morning in Victoria where I forgot… Still praying the slide comes in as well as it went out, if we ever leave this site!
      Thanks for making my morning!
      ~ Debbie

  5. When I was in the Mojave Desert last winter, there was an invasion of mice around us and of course they loved to come visit inside the trailer. I learned that mouse traps set up around the outside of the trailer were your friend and to get some 4/0 steel wool and crawl under the trailer and stuff it in all the little cracks and holes under the trailer, like where the cut outs are in the frame of the trailer for the slideout rods or where the water hose enters the storage bay. The little buggers hate steel wool. When you get ready to move, it takes about 5 minutes to reclaim the steel wool and use it again when you set up down the road.
    5-10 minutes vs a full nights sleep- priceless.


    • Hi Kevin! – I can handle the outside traps – never thought of that.
      I’d forgotten about steel wool. We may have to toss a coin to see who goes under! 😉 Of course I work all night so they don’t keep me awake, they sure do keep me on edge tho’! Great suggestions, thanks!
      ~ Debbie

    • Do you put it outside, Bob? I don’t want them dying in the walls (used to happen a lot at home). Looks like we’re going to be here a couple more weeks. Guess we’ll get the mothballs back out, too.
      ~ Debbie

      • We just use good old-fashioned mouse traps and use peanut butter as the bait. Mice seem to love peanut butter. We catch them as soon as they get in. So far we haven’t had any this year, but we will be moving next week. Who knows what the next location has in store for us!! On one location last winter, we caught ten, but I think we found out where they were getting in.
        Good Luck!

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