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Welcome Neighbors!

This a Welcome letter and a bit of a farewell.  As you may have noticed, I’ve added 2 new blogs to my blog roll, which makes 4 in the past 6 weeks.

My blog roll. Every time I say that I think I should buy jeans with stretchy waistbands, particularly when you combine the words blog, roll and Fork. Anyway, my blog roll here at Fork is limited to blogs written by gate guards – except, of course, for my TMG blog and Heidi’s Good Life. That’s the perk of proprietorship. 😉

Introducing the two newest blogs:

Travlin Terriers – Gate guarding as seen from the perspective of Phoebe and Hannah – two cheeseburger eating Terriers

Blue Heron – The official title is Full-time RVing… Our Journey into Gate Guarding. I shortened it to Blue Heron (their URL) because the real name kept rolling off my blog roll (hope that’s OK Vicky?)

Andy, Bob and Penny continue to write regularly; Luke writes as his internet connection allows; and Kit and Jerry are back in the field, daily journaling.

That means that there are at least eight of us now with gate guard blogs. If you know of others, I’d be happy to add them to the roll. 😀

I just watched the local news, which, for some reason, is from San Antonio. I don’t get that since we’re 55 miles from Houston and 180 miles from San Antonio but ABC, NBC and CBS are all 3 determined to give us locals, San Antonio news. Anyway, the headline story was that the Eagle Ford Shale is predicted to have a 20-50 year play in southern Texas.

They interviewed Judge Nelson Wolff from Bexar county. I have no idea why they interviewed a judge unless he’s really a mayor whose first name is Judge? Or maybe a judge is the go-to guy in Texas? Judge Wolff was very excited to announce that EFS drilling will be spreading north into Bexar county.

Judge Wolff also said that the average semi driver, hauling oil, makes over $100,000 per year.

What does this mean for you and me? Well,  job security looks good if you’re a gate guard and truck driving looks even better.

And what does the proliferation of gate guard blogs mean for you and me?

For you it means there’s a veritable smorgasbord of blogs to choose from. No two are remotely alike. I’d encourage you to check out each and every one!

For me it means I’ll be writing less often and possibly won’t limit my posts to just gate guard/RV related topics. Since I do live full-time in an RV and continue to work as a gate guard, both will come up frequently, but I may also branch out a bit when I do write.

Every time you publish a post, Word Press says something like Cool! or Extraordinary! or Rad!. This is my 203rd post here at Fork. I forgot to see if Word Press said anything cool when I hit the 200 mark. What has been cool has been the 200 or so of you who regularly read. Thank you.

I’ll keep writing from time to time, but check out these other blogs and give a hearty welcome to the new neighbors!

P.S. Thanks for all the mouse trapping hints. Another One Bites (bit) the Dust last night. It’s 2:15 a.m. and all’s quiet on the (south) western front, so far…  Of course, I’m still rolling up my apple cores just in case.


10 thoughts on “Welcome Neighbors!

  1. Greetings!
    Thank for the information on the BB gun. In reference to “Judge Wolff”, in Texas County Judges stand on the district court and they preside with the county commissioners as sort of a City Manager, on in the county. The are very busy and in counties such as Bexar (A very large, very populated county) they are VIPs.

    • Thanks for the explanation, Mike! That makes sense. Clearly all the real locals knew who he was but I couldn’t tell if he was a judge or his name was Judge. 😉
      ~ Debbie

    • John – Good to know. I had Googled ‘mayor of San Antonio and got Julián Castro, which just added to my confusion. Thank you to you and Mike for clearing this up. Interesting as our judges, back home were so much NOT on the news that I had no idea how to vote when their names came up.;)
      ~ Debbie

  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome & introduction Debbie. Your blog Is so much fun to read! We look forward to keeping in touch with many other gate guards out there. I also have a full-timing RV blog. If anyone want to follow it the address is http://www.rving-tips.com. I started that blog in 2008 when we began our full-time journey.
    And Blueheron is just fine. Thank you again!

    • Diane – Sometimes really nice blogs float around out there and no one knows about them but family and friends. I thought it was time to give you an audience! 😀
      We are at the mucky, muddy galoshes stage right now. I’m trying to convince Heidi to go barefoot in her sandals and see if she can stomp mice before they come in – but I haven’t been very persuasive do far… 😉
      ~ Debbie

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