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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

I knew something was different. The air smelled strange, the sky wasn’t blindly bright and cool water came out of the cold water tap.

But I never expected this.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – oh my gosh, it’s rain!

Could it be? Am I still in Texas?

For the first time since last December, we’re mucking in mud! And it’s lovely.

Well, not really. As some of you who’ve been with me from the start know, I really don’t like dirt – and mud is a very wet dirt.

I particularly hate it when it sucks my shoes off and I have so much forward momentum going that I can’t stop, so it takes advantage and tugs on my socks and isn’t satisfied until it’s filling in the gaps between my toes.

Of course, there’s always a driver whose left to wonder whether to drive around the shoe or wait for me to retrieve it.

Past experience (in Tilden) has taught me that there’s no truly graceful way out of this. It’s not like when you think someone is waving at you and you wave back and then see that they’re really waving at someone else.

When that happens you have options. You can wave at someone else, too, pretending that you were really waving at the other person all along – confusing not one, but two strangers. Or you can just stretch and reach back and flip your hair, or if you’re a guy – oh never-mind – if you’re a guy you probably aren’t waving anyway.

Back to the rain. Whatever slight amount of inconvenience and/or public humiliation it presents for me, I can’t, even for a second, complain about rain in this parched, drought stricken state.

In addition to the rain, we had some truck traffic on our carpet again since the semis were backed upΒ  right in front of us for about 6 hours.

I now see the pretend grass as an essential part of gate guarding. I’ve found people do try not to drive on your lawn, while I’m not certain they hold the same compunction about driving into metal things – thus the light on the ground.

By the way, the above photo shows Heidi heading off to WalMart for more sticky traps. I posted too soon last night. 4 so far. Kevin sent the suggestion of adding rope lights. I don’t know it works but it would be pretty!

As the sun was setting the most remarkable thing happened. I apologize for the poor photography.


It started as a bright pink streak, shooting up from the ground.



As it grew, the clouds took on a hue I don’t believe I’ve ever quite seen in the sky before.



Then, in just a few moments, the whole sky turned pink and turquoise and purple.

The drivers got out of their trucks. We all just stared. I felt like clapping, or at least doing a happy dance, but that would have meant losing another shoe.



All in all it was pretty awesome. I’ve never seen a rainbow start from the ground up.Β  And I’ve almost never seen it rain in Texas so it was a double miracle!



It must have been a grand view from up top!



The sun set here on the ranch to a whole lot of oohs and aahs from tired drivers and muddy gate guards. It was October’s version ofΒ  the 4th of July, a little understated and really quite lovely.


16 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

    • Jeff – words can’t describe it and my battered little point and shot certainly didn’t do it justice. It was just so beautiful. You know when a bunch of tired semi drivers are saying ‘Oh wow, did you see that!’ that it was really something!
      ~ Debbie

  1. WOW!! How beautiful!! Isn’t rain fantastic when you live is a drought!

    I forgot to tell you what people do for pack rats here. They buy urnial cakes anduse them instead of moth balls. I don’t know if mice hate the smell of mint, but it seems pack rats hate it(even smells nice).

    • Sis – LOL! At first I thought you meant something else… like the time we bought coyote urine to hang from the plants to keep the deer away. That didn’t smell minty at all! πŸ˜€
      I remember Joanie giving us a urinal cake for the Jeep when we were down there. I’ll have to see if I can find a place to order those. Great idea!
      ~ Deb

    • Diane, I wish the pictures could have done it justice. It was incredible! It’s raining again here. I hope you’re not floating away down there!
      ~ Debbie

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