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The 45 Second Shower

I have, what is advertised, as a garden bath in my RV.

This is pretty funny because the depth potential is maybe 6 inches, you step up, not down and there certainly isn’t a garden view.

There is a skylight that doesn’t open and it is humid so I suppose you could grow something  in there…

What I really have is a decent sized shower.

I realize it would take a REALLY big RV to accommodate what I would consider to be a real bath, which not only would have to be at least 12 inches deep but would also allow you to stretch your legs all the way out. It isn’t a bath if I have to sit with my chin on my knees.

Some of you may have an RV like that. I’ve seen a few. But for most of us, a bath is a luxury that we rarely experience as full-timers.

Out of curiosity, I Googled garden baths to see who decided that  5.4 inches of water fit the description. They say we can trace the term garden bath back to the Romans. I think the Romans had something different in mind.

I’ve been to Bath.

I’ve seen the baths and they were way deeper than 6 inches.

I’m not sure how deep. The water was pretty murky, but while the name may have come from the Roman Baths, what I have is more like a 45 second shower.

Or at least that’s what I was thinking the other day.

The 45 second shower became famous the summer before I turned 5.

50 years ago, the 45 second shower was the catalyst for more motel renovations than any other event in history, real or fictional. It was the year in America that both men and women, in every part of the country, began taking baths.

In 1960, Marion Crane (played by Janet Leigh, who, reportedly never took a shower again) stepped into the shower at the Bates Motel and never left.

That scenario almost repeated itself right here in Texas just this week. I stepped into the shower and slid the doors shut.

A short time later, semi-awake and freshly scrubbed, I opened the doors to find…

Well, to find that I couldn’t open the doors. The magnetic latch that holds the doors so nicely in place, was holding the doors, nicely in place, from the outside.

Heidi was out with Henry or talking to a driver. I assumed that she would eventually notice I wasn’t showing up for my shift.

I sat down and considered my options: a razor (yes, I know, we’ve gone over that but it’s a habit), body wash, shampoo and cream rinse and a wash cloth.

Since, as you know, I’ve already practically ripped off one side of the brand new RV, I didn’t think cutting my way out was a good option. I looked at the rest of the shower supplies and decided to just have a seat and drip dry.

There are worse things than getting locked in the shower. Just ask Norman, or his mother.


10 thoughts on “The 45 Second Shower

  1. I’m enjoying your blog. We happened on it in our search for information about gate guarding. Sounds like we have similar backgrounds — years of training and organization development followed by more years of consulting.

    Really enjoying your adventures, although now I’m a little paranoid about showering… lol

    • Heidi – I don’t know why that is – I open my mouth but nothing comes out. Too inhibited I guess, but it’s a good thing for Henry that we don’t both scream, don’t you think? 😉
      ~ Debbie

    • Jill – 😀 Always my pleasure. Ironic isn’t it that someone with so little gracefulness also writes a blog about grace. I’m afraid there’s little hope for me in the physical realm – I’m counting on a lot of help in the other!
      ~ Debbie

  2. You do have your share of unusual situations! Our previous rig had a little latch on the outside of the shower door to secure it for travel. One time I inadvertently bumped it getting into the shower and had to wait on Bob to hear me calling out to let me out!

    • Vicky – It does seem that way, doesn’t it? 😀
      At least now I know one other person who got locked in their shower!
      I’m careful to make sure the latch is way, way open now and close the doors gently. One perk of being a gate guard is that you’re never alone for long. You certainly can’t take a shower while the other person running errands or sleeping so you’re guaranteed that help will come before your skin shrivels up!
      ~ Debbie

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