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It is what it is

I try to avoid clichés, but there’s one I’ve taken to saying. I guess I’m a little behind the times since USA Today named It is what it is the No#1 cliché of 2oo4.

I’m not sure where I picked it up, or why I’m just now getting around to saying it,  but I sure have been saying it a lot lately.

Like tonight when I walked up the stairs, opened the bathroom door and saw that the toilet was running.

Running over actually. All over.

We’re lilting again so the water was all headed north.

At least it was fresh water. Or as fresh as it gets from the black tank out back. It had been a couple of hours since anyone had been in the bathroom. I know that because we watched DWTS and had a busy gate night (I’ll get to the reason for that in a minute). Anyway, I’m guessing the toilet had about a 2 hour head start.

I don’t know why the toilet had a mind of its own tonight but it took every towel in the house to catch up with it. As I was cleaning up inside, Heidi headed out to the dark, dark backside to open the grey water valve.

She screamed REAL loudly right away as she came nose to nose, in the dark,  with a very Big Mamma Longhorn. This scared Henry and me but it really scared the poor cow who kicked up her heels and took off across the field.

This is a picture of the said cow from earlier in the day. She may be on the lookout for quieter pastures after tonight.

The water had run down through the floor into the underneath bin. Everything in the bin is in bins except the projector and CD’s we used for our seminars, which were in a canvas bag sitting directly under the small but steady stream of water. When I turned the projector on its side, a little trickle of water poured out.  It is what it is.

While Heidi finished wiping down the bin, I decided I’d better take a look in the front compartment where we don’t keep much of anything. I was holding up the door in the dark, shining a flashlight around, looking in dismay at the mouse droppings, when Heidi rounded the corner from the dark back side and hit her head squarely on the door, falling back flat.

About that time the limo pulled up at the gate. Tonight was the night of the big party on the ranch.

Good thing those halogen lights are blinding..

Heidi said it jarred her teeth, but she took in stride (so to speak) and thought we should go in and start the wash. I wasn’t sure it was the best timing since running the washer in the RV is like being a chicken leg in a shake-and-bake bag. Around 11:30 I hit the pause button on the spin cycle and Heidi finally went to sleep after instructing me to keep a close eye on the renegade toilet.

Every half hour or so I go in to the bathroom with a flashlight, just to make sure it hasn’t taken off again but it seems to know it’s being watched and is behaving.

I had the vent open above the toilet with the fan on. I was hoping that would help dry it out. But just a minute ago – no kidding –  I heard this sudden, amazing racket. I went into the bathroom to find the floor once again wet, this time from a 2 minute torrential downpour, streaming through the vent. I could still see the moon and stars which made this extra surreal. It was like there was just one cloud and it chose us.

My face and hair got wet as I cranked the vent shut. When I came back to the computer, there was a moth in my coffee and Henry had thrown up on the rug. The coffee and Henry and the rug and I are all headed outside now. Oh, and that canvas case and the electrical cords, I left those outside on the bench to dry.

So, there you have it. Another action packed night in the life of a gate guard.

It is what it is.

37 thoughts on “It is what it is

  1. When I had the mouse problems I found where they were entering- it was where the brackets for the slideouts went through the frame. For the larger openings I picked up some 1/8 inch hardware cloth screen. I cut a piece that would cover the openings but still let the slideout rods open and close and glued that piece to the frame. For the smaller openings I just stuffed those with the steel wool. I check them about once a week to make sure the little critters have not been working on them.

    • Kevin –
      Heidi did crawl around under the RV today. It looks completely sealed except for one loose bolt toward the front that turns but doesn’t tighten. Need to get it replaced. However, until last week when we discovered our tiny inhabitants, we didn’t have anything around the opening where the water hose is connected. We’re guessing that’s how they got it. It’s quite tightly packed with steel wool now. Of course, that doesn’t eliminate the ones already setting up house. 😉
      Still working on that. Thanks for all your advice!
      ~ Debbie

  2. What a horrible day. Nevertheless, I have to confess, I laughed a little when I read that last bit about Henry throwing up on the rug. Sorry to hear about the projector, though. Those things aren’t cheap. “It is what it is.” Yup. I need to reflect on that a bit more.

  3. Oh my Debbie, you and Heidi sure do have your share of challenges. I think you’ve thoroughly christened your new rig. Time to quit I be thinkin.

    I’m going to send a truckload of positive vibes your way. Hope it help! Did you finally get rid of the mice?

    We are working on finishing up the paperwork from our previous job, cleaning out the rig of the clutter we’ve accumulated, and playing with grandchildren. We have three girls here in Teague. It’s so good to see them again. Katelyn, who is 5, wants to move in with us and Lily, who is 1, is running around the house saying Nana… Nana because she hears her sisters saying it.

    Also, we’re working our getting our calendar filled with appointments we need to take care of before going to a gate.

    Take care,

    • I forgot to mention what I thought about your “It is what it is” saying. I say that all the time too. It fits. Afterall, if you can’t change a situation, it is what it is and you just have to accept it.

      My $.02 😀


  4. As for the mice you might try feeding them outside. That way they won’t want to come inside. They were thirsty so they crawled in your toilet line and blocked it. So, see, it’s better to give them what they want outside. Lol

    • Kathy – If you’d told me that last week, I might not have a whole herd under there this week! LOL! I’ll give your counsel some consideration.;)
      ~ Debbie

    • Luke – LOL! I’m not sure how much more Christening this poor RV can take. The toilet’s on the run again. Guess it’s time to make a call. I think we’ve exhausted our limited resourceful resources.;D
      ~ Debbie

  5. I think “ourrvadventures” said it best!! ‘You are almost painful to read!” OMG, your life gives us laughs at your expense. Its got to get better.
    Love, Chris

    • Chris – Hmm… Heidi just said the toilet won’t shut off again, and I think we have a possum under the sink. Otherwise, things are looking up. 😉
      ~ Debbie
      (calling the mobile RV repairman at 8)

  6. I’m having difficulty staying awake so I’m cooking beans and meatloaf and chili and mashed potatoes…anything within reach is fair game today. Staying on my feet helps. I keep eyeing my Kindle but I’m afraid to sit.

    I even laughed at your post, Debbie and I thought that would be impossible. I’m so grateful the night is behind me. Henry does seem a little totaled, too.

  7. Good Golly Miss Molly, If it wasn’t for bad luck, you girls wouldn’t have any luck at all. I thought you had the mouse problem under control? Remember- Keep Smiling.

    • Kevin – After the 5th mouse, we had a 3 night reprieve so I thought the droppings underneath might have been from before… THEN, about 5 hours ago, it sounded like there was a cat chasing a mouse under the sink. Nothing in the traps, so It was either one BIG mouse or a whole family moving in. We have steel wool, peppermint oil, house traps, sticky traps, rat poison, dryer sheets and moth balls…
      Maybe we should just give up food for a while and see if we can starve them? 😀
      ~ Debbie

  8. Well, I may have a day almost like your night…my husband just knocked a glass bottle of olive oil out of the pantry onto the ceramic tile kitchen floor…going to take a while to clean this up!! No more glass bottles of anything are coming into this motorhome!!!! At least the oil did not spash onto the carpet of the table area

  9. WOW!! What a night…hope everything gets dried out and your week settles down a bit. Hang in there, it has to get better.

    • Carol – That’s a good thing about this climate – things do dry out quickly (skin of course, but carpet and towels, too). The carpet would have been wet for a week if we were still in Oregon!
      ~ Debbie

  10. That is an unbelieveble chain of events. That was probably a year’s worth of bad luck so your shouldn’t have any more similar events for the next 12 months.

    • Bob – One would like to think so… my track record isn’t exactly stellar though. Henry only threw up a little bit. On the bright side, I think he got sick because he swallowed the other moth that had been aiming for my coffee.
      Hope you’re having a good rest,

  11. Oh No, what a terrible night! I feel guilty when posts about your bad luck make me laugh…but the “chicken leg in a shake-and-bake bag” comment cracked us up!

    Hope Heidi & Henry are feeling better

    • Oh my gosh!!!!! So terribly sorry for your bad luck. What next? I always enjoy reading your posts, but tonight it HURT us, too. Sure hope things get better. They have to, right?

      • Penny – Well, I was thankful for the washer, which meant I didn’t have to stay up and drive to the laundry mat where there might or might not have been dead cockroaches on my wet towels! There’s always an up side!:D
        ~ Debbie

    • Diane – I spent 20+ years as a speaker, making my living making fun of myself (and sometimes Heidi) so I would be disappointed it I couldn’t tell a story and make you smile. 😀
      Heidi is a little sad not to have a battle scar from her encounter with the underneath bin and Henry seems just fine – although he was rattled at 1 a.m. when the pans started rattling again. Nothing is the trap – I guess this one, which sounded BIG got away.
      ~ Debbie

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