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Heidi’s Response: Milking Stools and Trapping


I’m posting in self-defense, here. My trapping efforts snagged me two hides today! No kidding. I love trapping. My brother was fairly successful at it and used to take me with him on his trap line down by the creek on the Smith farm.

I seriously considered pictures but Debbie censored the idea. No sense in gloating, I guess. Plus there’s probably someone in blogland that thinks mice are people, too. We don’t need PETA on the trailer steps.

Milking stool? Ha. This is my baby booster that sat in the green kitchen chairs at the farm table. It was top of the line, being designed by Grandpa Smith Inc. He was a talented man with the usual Midwest farming talents plus some extra special skills that neighbors came for. He could shoe horses, build barns with the best of ’em, plow a line that looked like the work of a surveyor, erect fences that held for decades, plus weld and repair almost anything that needed it. He was also the neighbor tooth extractor in a pinch… (yes, people, not animals). Did I mention more left brained than right? Not a touchy-feely guy.

I not only know every inch under the belly of the RV, but I’ve even duct taped some of the steel wool I stuffed into seams, so I can tell at a glance if anything is messing with me!

I’ve taken Kevin’s advice and I’m headed for the little rod behind the pedal as I finish this. Of course I have duct tape and WD 40. If this doesn’t work… I also have Grandpa’s hammer.


11 thoughts on “Heidi’s Response: Milking Stools and Trapping

  1. Interesting hobby Heidi. I think dogs are better than people often 😉 (at least Harper), but mice are best kept in traps. Congratulations, and i wish i could see pictures.

    What was your response blog to Chaz? I’m missing the chain of events that required your beautiful description of belief in AA.

    I’ll click “notify me” so i can follow the chain of events. No traps please. 🙂 xox m

  2. We lived in an old farm house near Stonewall, TX. It leaked mice like a sieve. We had gone to Weinheimers Mercantile for groceries and upon returning, I walked into the kitchen and what did I behold but one of those blasted mice dancing in the kitchen. I am not sure but I think he had a boom box.

    I reached into the sack I was carrying, got a can of spinach, bowled it across the room and pinned that sucker up against the baseboard. We buried him at sea in the commode.

    Keep up the good fight!

  3. Wow, I thought everything could be fixed with either duct tape or WD 40!
    Thank goodness Deb has you. I had Hal. She and I were never that good at fixing things.
    I have to ask for help now when I can’t figure it out. I can do more than I thought, but—-.
    Hope your mouse and stool problems are fixed soon!!
    Love you 3!!

    • Marci–Thanks for the encouragement. It’s fun to have your comments. The stool is doing fine now and the mice are really scarce. Pretty soon, maybe I can use the drawers again!

    • Everyone! This mornings trap run was encouraging, unless I’m going to be selling the pelts. No mice. Debbie didn’t hear any last night, either. I did, however, see that I still have some activity in the pickup bed so I put a 1/2 full bucket of water in there and made sure they can get to it with the step stool leaning up against it. (sneakier than a board for a ramp). My grandma used to catch them in buckets on the farm.

  4. Heidi, I can tell you that hammers and toilets do not go together. But if for some reason they do get together, you will need more than duct tape-aka. (The handyman’s secret weapon). Besides that duct tape does not come in white.

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