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Guest Post by Luke McKnight

I asked Luke’s permission to post his email as a guest post here. Not only is he funny, but he has some great tips if  any of you ever find yourselves keeping company with unwanted guests.

Number 10 went out the door at midnight…  (fortunately, Heidi doesn’t have to be really awake to fling mice,  sparing Henry and I another tortuous night of thumping and squeaking!)

Luke – Somehow your photos got lost across the airwaves, but thank you for all the great info!

Debbie it is never Dull for you Young Ladies is it?

I have tried a couple of times to post to your blog about how we got the Rats out of our Motor Home and have thus far managed to keep them at bay. Some years ago when we first started full timing we were working as a Camp Ground Host in La. in a swamp and they had all kinds of you can Gettem in your rig there. We ended up taking a crop of mice and a little Gray Squirrel with us to out next assignment which was Eisenhower State Park in North Texas. We tried everything to get rid of them and finally an older man that had been camping for years was our Savior. He said that anything that will make a humans eyes water will keep varmints Out of your Rig and said they had found on his ventures moth balls to be the best. Well that was back in 2006. The wife and I have been full timing ever since. Knock on wood Mice , Rat and Squirrel free.

We get the boxes of regular moth balls in WalMart  and when we get on a new location we will spread  a half box under the rig. We used to keep the crushed Crystal moth to put in small plastic containers with vent holes drilled in them to put in the under Bins.

But a couple of years ago we went by home to Valdosta, Georgia and found the Rats or Squirrels had decided that all the drawers in my Cabinet shop was a great place to store pecans, leaves and grass. So I went to the feed and seed store to purchase some of the Green Rat Bat that we used to put out as it would dry them out after they eat it and you never smelled them. When explaining to the man why I needed 10 lbs of the stuff he suggested I purchase some of his Sonic Pest Chasers. To which I thought Yeah another waste of money, however he said that if I was not rid of the problems in a couple of weeks to bring them back and he would cheerfully refund my money.

Well, who could give up on that. I bought 2 of them at $27.00 each but now I see that WalMart has them for a lower price. We now have replaced the Crushed Crystal Moth Balls with the Electronic Sonic Pest Chasers and knock on wood, no mice yet. And when we were in Tilden there were some very big rats out back there and again at Catarina we had large ones that stayed in the brush in front of the RV.

Oscar’s Mom and Dad used to feed the baby ones to them.

Hope this helps!

Sincerely Luke and Inez

To read more of Luke and Inez’s adventures, you can click on the The McKnight’s Making Memories link here or under the Blog roll.

Luke – after receiving your email, we headed straight for WalMart where they said they’ve been sold out of Sonic Pest Chasers for months! I can hear the mice laughing! 😀


2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Luke McKnight

  1. Debbie send me a mailing address and I will post you a couple of the Pest Chasers as I try to keep 2 spares on hand and I can replace them the next time I get to a super Walmart or Feed and Seed

    • Luke – How very nice of you! I’ll find out tomorrow (maybe – you know how that goes) how long we’re going to be here. We just used General Delivery wherever we are. I’ll let you know. Thank again!
      ~ Debbie

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