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And So It Goes

And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon I suppose – Billy Joel

Most of the guys are gone now.

We’ve been with the same oil company since January.

Once again it’s time for goodbyes.

This time, not just to this rig, Lantern 17, but to the company.

They’re stacking for a while and then will likely return to the un-gate guarded sections of Louisiana.

As I’ve said repeatedly here at Fork , we couldn’t have had a nicer group to work with.

We’ve been with a few of the guys, like Kevin, our mud engineer, from the start. Kevin has graced us with his warmth and humor and several delicious dinners. That man can cook!

We’ve been blessed to work with great company men. We’ve been with Dale from day one, and Kenneth until the last couple of months.

Kenneth and Dale

We’ve had an interesting year. I’ll take a stab at a recap a little later.  Today and tomorrow, we’ll pass out the pumpkin bars Heidi made and say one last round of goodbyes.

We always seem to get attached. But it’s time to move on to new adventures – hopefully.  We’ll make our way to the yard (parking lot) Wednesday afternoon and wait for the next call.

Since we’ve followed Lantern all year, we’ve always gone to the next site a day or two ahead of them. It’s so strange to see everything going out instead of coming in.

Move on. It’s just a chapter in the past, but don’t close the book – just turn the page.

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.  ~Ivy Baker Priest

And so it is, on to a new fork in the road. Who knows – the world is round! Look out! We may soon be your new neighbors!

11 thoughts on “And So It Goes

    • Thanks, Jeff. Me, too! It doesn’t look real promising – but you just never know what God has in store, do you?
      I’m content to wait and see. 😀

  1. I feel your melancholy Debbie. MMMM… the pumpkin bars sound good! But you’re right, it’s just another chapter in the book of life. When we got to the RV dealership today we told our service advisor we are going to be doing something new. They all thought what we used to do was cool, and it is/was, but it is time for a change for us. We’re looking forward to more solitude, meeting many of our fellow guards and to blog about our days and share stories with our fellow guards online.

    It seems like a tight community of people and every blog is unique and interesting… and enjoyable to read and comment on. Hopefully you’ll get right back out to a new gate. It will all work out!

    • Hey Cuz!
      If you’d just put an oil rig in your back yard so we could makes some money to pay the bills, we’d be there is a split second! 😀

  2. We have so enjoyed your blog and hope you will continue to write. We are gate guards at home now because we have not been contacted at all since our last gate in Burleson Texas in September we do not know what happened. Rumor has it that ggs is in trouble or that the gas companies are in trouble. I wish we
    had answers and hope that you have employment. We wish you good luck and you will be in our prayers. Jim and Jo Ann Bailey

    • Dear Jim and Jo Ann –
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your prayers.
      It will be interesting to see what happens from here. It’s a difficult time to get placed with so many ‘Winter Texans’ back (although I welcome them!) and with many companies stacking, either because they’ve exhausted their budget for the year, or because the price of oil is so low. I’ll keep writing anyway, at least for a while. 😀
      Thanks for reading and for introducing yourselves. I’m always so interested in knowing who reads and why. (for example – 200 readers today and 5 comments – it’s always a mystery!)!
      Warm wishes to the two of you,

  3. Great post Debbie. I know exactly what you mean. We get to meet great people in this business and often they become friends. It’s hard to say goodbye. I hate that word. I really do.

    • Bob – Just when I least expect it, they work their way into my heart!
      I’m with you, I just hate goodbyes.
      I HOPE we have some hellos in our future.
      From the other comments, it sounds a bit iffy – but we’ll see where the next fork leads.
      My best to you and Gaby!
      ~ Debbie

  4. It’s been fun gate guarding vicariously through y’all. I almost feel like I know them as well by reading your blog and seeing the pictures.

    What great memories! I know it’s been tough saying goodbye. I’d feel the same way.

    Best wishes to them all. You’ve touched their lives in a special way as they have yours.

    • Cathy – We’ve loved all the guys we’ve been blessed to work with – almost without exception, and that’s a lot of people! When can you ever say that in life?
      We’ll never forget Lantern 16 – our wild guys! They were a crash course for us in just about everything from Texas to tarantulas to that Texas/Louisiana/ Mississippi (all different) drawl to pig snaring!
      The guys on Lantern 3 were green and so young! This last group on 17 has been so very nice and so easy to work with.
      There’s no doubt their impact on us has been greater than ours on them. Sure has made our prayer lists long though!
      It’s been a ride!
      ~ Debbie

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