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In nearly a year of working as a gate guard in southern Texas, the one thing I’ve almost never done is guard a gate. 😀

We started last December on a hunting ranch outside of Tilden. For 3 1/2 weeks, we did have a mighty big gate to open and shut with each truck.

Heidi at the gate in Tilden

Since then, it’s been all cattle crossings and nary a one with a gate to open and close. Even here on the Broken Star, although there’s no cattle crossing, the gate has remained wide open. The cattle are all safely fenced in.

After Greg from Canrig came and went (out by 7 p.m.) my instructions were to not let anyone back in until “dawn”. With all but the last remnants of Lantern 17 gone, tonight, for the first time, I shut the gate.

Then came my great dilemma. To light or not to light?

Although there is a gate, there’s no lock since we never use it. I’m happy to stay up all night and do my due diligence – keeping all who would dare to enter out. But do I turn the lights on? We’re a long way from anywhere light, so it’s really dark.

At first I turned the lights on as usual –  the big one on the RV and the two sets of bright halogen gate guard lights.

Then I thought maybe not. It seemed like the outside lights might be saying we’re open for business, so I went out around 10 and turned them off. The nearly full moon smiled.

Around 1:30 I didn’t hear anything. So, with the aid of the yellow flashlight with dying batteries (I couldn’t find the one that actually has new batteries), I went out to make sure everything was OK. Don’t ask me why. I just did.

I saw nothing. I mean I saw nothing since the moon had quit trying and even the stars were covered with clouds.

Back on with the lights.

Now it’s 4:30 and there’s still no moon. The weather forecast is for storms today. I’m thinking I might go out and turn the lights off anyway since there are several empty semis on the lot and I can’t let the drivers in until Jack gets back.

It’s like I’m sending out a cosmic S.O.S.   · · · — — — · · ·

If you’re in the area tonight or tomorrow night – just ignore the flashes.
Three sets of lights, two on the ground, one on the RV.  ON · · ·  OFF — — — ON  · · ·

One thought on “S.O.S.

  1. Thanks imontheandwagon and Jeff!

    Hey, Jeff, my Texas buddy – Do they have any oil rigs in your neighborhood? I promise I’d be a polite and quite neighbor. I couldn’t exactly promise that my guys would be quiet, tho’… 😉

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