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Joining the 9% on the 9th

9% of Americans use illegal drugs

9 % of Americans trust congress

9% of Americans believe that human cloning  should be allowed

9 10 % of Americans own fish 🙂

9% of Americans are unemployed

I don’t use illegal drugs or own a fish, but as today, I am an official member of the 9% who are unemployed.

We’re scheduled to leave the Broken Star Ranch around noon. We’d hoped to use the out of work time to repair the mangling I’d inflicted on the RV, but the estimate hasn’t been approved yet, so we may make a mad dash to Livingston and try to get our Texas residency completed.

This will be my 30 hours without sleep day as I switch back to a normal person’s schedule. Gotta say, it gets harder each time.

I had to keep the gate closed yesterday morning until I got the go ahead from the Company Man. There were quite a few unhappy drivers, but I felt very gate guardie! 😉

As the final bits of Lantern 17 departed, we began getting ready for another move. It doesn’t appear that I’m guarding anything tonight, but I slept all day so I’m up anyway. I did have a guy come to the door looking for a steam cleaner… I let him go one back but I’m pretty sure they didn’t leave one lying around.

Today we head to Gonzales to wait in the yard (we think they have room for us) and wait for a call.

It’s November 9th. November 9th has been a day of change for me for a long time. It was the day my life changed in the best possible way.

Happy Birthday, to my sweet, wonderful Daughter!

This is a photo of me with my daughter and her daughter. It was taken several years ago.

My hair is grey now and my sweet grand baby is in Kindergarten.

I don’t usually write about my kids or use their names to honor their privacy. But today is special.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on our new digs and do a little story telling. Until then…

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here’s a happy one for you.
~Dale Evans


10 thoughts on “Joining the 9% on the 9th

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. You are a lovely family. I’ve only known you through these blogs for a short while, but this makes me very sad. I’ll be praying for work for you!

    Grace and peace,


    • Jeff – Grace and peace were granted in advance, since we’ve known for a few weeks we’d be out of work. I was surprisingly not anxious this time. And equally surprised to get a job at the last minute.
      I’m very touched by your tender heart. Thank you, Jeff!
      ~ Debbie

    • Penny, tell David belated Happy Birthday and that he’s just a puppy! Just wait until he’s 55 like me! 😀
      November 9th was a vintage people day!
      ~ Debbie

    • Dear HH friend Sue – Sorry we couldn’t stay connected on the phone. Wow, we are really remote this time, but very grateful for the job. We miss you, too, always!
      ~Debbie (and H & H)

  2. Dear Debbie’s daughter.
    Happy Birthday to you dear. I love the picture of the 3 of you. Your girls are so cute! I hear such delightful stories from your mom.
    Hope your day is special!

    • Diane – Zero internet for the past 30 hours – you know what that’s like. We were 2 hours from heading to Gonzales when Jamie called with a new job. Very grateful!

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