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Working 5 to 5

Working 9-5.  What a way to make a living. ~ Dolly Parton

You know the song. Working 9-5 was all taking and no giving. Working 5-5 was kind of dicey, but a blessing. I worked from 5 p.m. Tuesday until 5 a.m. Thursday. I’m apparently getting a little long in the tooth for this since I slept for 14 hours today. 😉

I’m writing from Westhoff, Texas. Haven’t heard of it? Me either. I haven’t even seen it, but I guess it’s out there.  The internet here is almost non-existent, even with the booster so I’m not sure I can post this or any pictures, a common gate guard malady. I’ll do the best I can.

Our mgr called around 10 a.m. yesterday as we were getting ready to leave Wharton and head for Gonzales to wait in the yard. He had a job for us if we wanted it. No question about that, so we followed Junior and our generator to Westhoff.

Actually, we lost sight of Junior several times. He drives the speed limit, which as you probably know, is 70 on most back roads down here. You also know we’ve had a few interesting times with the new RV, so 70 was kind of out of our comfort zone.

It was turned out to be a Hanzel and Gretel-like experience. We just followed the trail of our belongings that kept flying off Junior’s trailer. Apparently we didn’t have things snugged in between the generator and the water tank  quite right. We’ll get it all in the truck next time. We left in such a hurry, maybe that was the problem.

We didn’t have directions to the new site so we couldn’t stop and pick up anything. We have had 12 2x10s and 4 2x8s that are 2 inches thick. We’ve found those to work better than our bright yellow Camping World blocks for the muddy fields we generally sit in (although we actually had a pad this time).

First we followed the trail of 2x8s. We saw one off to the side every few miless. Then at a sharp corner we passed our blue plastic bucket half full of the rocks that we use to hold the carpet down. We wanted to stop and get it out of the intersection but we didn’t have any cell service so we couldn’t get in touch with Junior to stop him.

Eventually, the 2x10s started leaving a trail for us. When we arrived in Westhoff around 3, we had 7 2x10s and a flower-pot half full of rocks left. We’d already had other adventures before leaving Wharton yesterday morning, which I may share another day.

Anyway, we’re here. We’re now working for a different oil company. We’re a little close to the road, as you can see, but once all of the rig gets in, it’ll get better. There’s a big drop off on the other side, so there wasn’t much choice.

We miss Forest and Lantern but everyone here seems nice enough. And by everyone, I mean there are a whole lot of folks here. Heidi went through 6 sheets just while I slept.

Yes, I do love working nights (Heidi hates staying up by 9) so while the 36 hours without sleep was a little long, it doesn’t happen that often. I think I definitely have  the best end of the deal.

I didn’t make the 9% this month, for which I’m thankful. Next month could be a different story.

I could always get a fish, but you know how clumsy I am.  I’d probably spill him. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Working 5 to 5

  1. Hi There glad to hear that you were able to get om another gate so soon. Sorry to hear that you are haveing some of our problems (Slow Internet connections) I see you can still load pictures and thats great. About the only time we can get a connection that will even open a page is after midnight and before 7 AM. Stay safe I am going to see if I can upddate.

    • Diane – We were really thankful. Nope – still not Texans. Iowa plates and Oregon drivers license. 😉
      Headed to Livingston when we leave this site.

    • Jeff – Thank you kind friend. I have a rare moment of internet connection – hope to post this before I lose it. We’re very grateful and thank you for rejoicing with me! 🙂

    • jojo – OH gosh do we miss you!!! Are you in Louisiana? We’re hoping to get back on with Forest soon. We haven’t met a Safety Guy here, yet – or we have and just didn’t know that’s what he does. Nag Dale and Jack and Jimbo for us, will you? 😉
      Did I mention we miss you???
      Debbie (and Heidi and Henry)

  2. So glad you got another gate so fast!!! I think I will love nights myself. Looks like we will be finished in Houston today… New problem found but hopefully won’t delay us!
    Congrats 😀

  3. ok miss debbie. alot of words here i did not understand. but…you are in a new place and are employed? so that is a good thing? love you and will say a prayer for you and heidi after i close this post. also, love your prayer post so will be certain to follow through with this promise!!!

    • Dear Gaye – Hmm… since you’re a Texan (you’re one for life if you were born here, right?) then I must have gotten to Oily in this post. Yes, we were surprised and blessed to go right from our job with Forest Oil (the company we worked for, for nearly a year) who stacked yesterday (pulled their rigs until the new budget year) to Petro Hawk – another. larger oil company. Because we didn’t know in advance, I worked the night shift for Forest, traveled and set up yesterday here and worked last night for Petro Hawk. Getting old for that but doing fine tonight.
      Thanks for your prayers and steadfast love. 😀

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