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When Thank You Isn’t Enough

I’ve heard a lot today about people being born on 11-11-11 and people getting married on 11-11-11. It’s a special day, but not just because the numbers line up.

Veteran’s Day isn’t an especially popular holiday. WalMart and Target don’t decorate for it. Hallmark only has a smattering of cards. We don’t have special pie or a traditional main dish and most folks still have to go to work. It’s not very popular but it’s so important to acknowledge.

Dad, back row right - 1943

Some of you who read this blog are Veterans. I thank you.

Some of you who read this have children who are serving in the military. I thank them, and you.

Some of you who read this have lost ones you love on a battlefield somewhere. I want to honor them.

My Dad, like many of your Dads,  fought in WWII. I have a few photos. This is the only one where the guys were smiling.

Dad, back row, center - 1941

I’ve been thinking about how people my age are about the only adults whose peers weren’t actively involved in a war. We’re post Vietnam and pre-Persian Gulf.

I often tip my hat to the guys on the rig. But I can’t begin to adequately thank all of you who’ve sacrificed so much in the name of freedom.

Mom and Dad - 1944

6 months before my Dad died, I took him to a Memorial Day tribute to Veterans. At the end of the ceremony, they called out each branch of the military and had the veterans stand. They sat down as their war was named. My Dad was the last Marine standing at age 86. He cried that day. He said that it was so nice to be remembered. So nice to be thanked.

So today to all Veterans and their families: Thank you.

It’s not enough, but I don’t know what else to say.


9 thoughts on “When Thank You Isn’t Enough

  1. Great Post! I took my veteran husband to Branson, MO for Veterans Week. Branson is an extremely patriotic town-veterans paid for nothing all week. On 11/11 Tony Orlanda and Mike Huckabee hosted a free show for a theatre full of Veteran guests. It is supposedly the largest group of veterans honored in one place on 11/11. The comaraderie (so?) among the vets was amazing! We plan to make this an annual event! Meanwhile-we are 3 days into our first Gate Guarding assignment in Poth, TX–very exciting!

  2. Wow, Debbie, thank you for your wonderful words. It is amazing how our sense of values in this Country is so misplaced. However, on the positive side, it was wonderful to eat at Texas Roadhouse yesterday in a room filled with Veterans, and some active duty troops in uniform. Texas Roadhouse was just one of the restaurants offering free meals to Veterans, but I thank them for their remembrance and support.

    • Jill –
      Sometimes I wonder if my age group isn’t just numb to the pain of Veterans and even of war. The media saturation seems to have taken away the shock. I think we get so used to so much suffering that we stop feeling for others, if we aren’t on guard. At least that’s how it seems to me.
      ~ Debbie

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