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Thanskgiving and Alligator Pie

Today we leave Westhoff to become Texans. Sort of. You can’t really become a Texan – at least not in the eyes of a true Texan, unless your Texas born, or so I’ve been told many times. We’ll just be pretend Texans who live here year round.

We’ll drop the RV (hopefully on purpose this time) at Hidden Valley for safe keeping with Terri and then head to Livingston. To be honest, I’m still an Oregonian in my heart, but my body is in Texas, so it’s to Texas that I owe my taxes. Hopefully we can

We’ll get on it early Tuesday and hope to leave Texas on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday it’s off to New Orleans (I’ve never been) for a four-day holiday stay, a gift from my cousin to join her and her husband for a grand celebration of Thanksgiving and birthdays past and present!

We’re staying in The Moteleone Hotel.

As far as I know, it isn’t haunted.

They say this was the favorite New Orleans Hotel of Earnest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner.

They don’t say that staying there makes you a better writer, though; that’s kind of sad.

I look forward to lots of  Blues and Jazz and swamp rides and all the new sights and sounds of New Orleans; and of course, eating an alligator (maybe just a sample). Heidi’s son volunteered in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He’s insists that we have a plate of gator or maybe a pie or a stew or some soup.

Alligator pie, alligator pie,
If I don’t get some I think I’m gonna die.
Give away the green grass, give away the sky,
But don’t give away my alligator pie.

Alligator stew, alligator stew,
If I don’t get some I don’t know what I’ll do.
Give away my furry hat, give away my shoe,
But don’t give away my alligator stew.

Alligator soup, alligator soup,
If I don’t get some I think I’m gonna droop.
Give away my hockey stick, give away my hoop,
But don’t give away my alligator soup.

~ Dennis Lee

To tell the truth, I’m not all that keen on eating reptiles. I’ve had frog legs which I liked, but I was only 5 and my sister told me it was chicken. Apparently I’d eat anything if I thought it was chicken. Maybe I’ll tell myself that the alligator is chicken and see if it helps.

Heidi’s son also warned us about driving after dark. I thought he meant we should worry about muggers.

No, he said to watch out for alligators. They aren’t like your Texas speed bumps (armadillos).

You hit one of them on the road and they can seriously mess up your alignment.

We’ll be extra careful. I’m not sure the poor truck can take a lot more messing up. (Story to follow at a  later date.)

From Louisiana, it’s back to the holding tank to wait for a new assignment.

Since I won’t have my laptop, I wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I found this short clip of gratitude quotes I thought some of you might enjoy.

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. ~ G.K. Chesterton


12 thoughts on “Thanskgiving and Alligator Pie

  1. I always wanted to try catching my own shrimp in Florida (I would say shrimping like they do but when I think shrimping I think of shrimp boats and commercial shrimpers), I just wanted to go get some shrimp the way I go fishing – small quantity. Then I read how it is done, you stand in the sawgrass of Florida’s coastline, at night and throw your net. Oddly enough being in the sawgrass at night is how people die from gators. Suddenly $7 for a pound of shrimp seems very reasonable. Gators as smaller than 3 feet have killed humans. Have a great time, I look forward to reading about your trip almost as much as you are looking forward to going. Be safe.

    • Joshua – Wow! I lived on the southern Oregon coast for 3 years and was fascinated by the crab boats. It looked like a highway in the ocean at night beginning December 1st when crabbing season started. I watched them pull pots in wicked storms and watched the crabbers unload on the docks – sometimes with only a small bit of cargo after days at sea.
      Shrimping, however, I’ve never seen and had no idea how it’s done. Gosh! I’ll take my shrimp cocktail more seriously in the future!
      I have some great swamp stories from the Bayou to share soon!
      Thanks again for you great comment!

  2. We love New Orleans. Spent our 30th wedding anniversary there. Also traveled throgh Louisiana a bit and LOVE the seafood. David had gator gumbo and he liked it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’ll be here at the ranch. We have about 4 guys staying here at the rig so I have told them I’ll make turkey and all the sides for them. Please do keep in tough when you can. Gobble Gobble.

    • Penny – You were so sweet to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the guys at the rig! Wow! I bet they couldn’t believe it. I wish I’d gotten some tourist tips from you before the trip!
      Hope you’re well by the time this finally reaches you!

    • Bill – I’m answering comments in reverse chronology so you already know that, sadly, I didn’t see your comments or your link until I returned home and once again had internet access. Should I ever have another opportunity to go to New Orleans, you’ll certainly be my go to guy!

  3. Looking at your tailgate, it would seem that someone forgot to lower it when unhitching! Oh my. Maybe it’s time to look at one of those 5th wheeler type tailgates.

    Have fun.

    • Hi Jill!
      Henry was an excellent traveler and got the VIP treatment at the Hotel Monteleone! 😉 Hope you get internet connection soon! Miss hearing from you!

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