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Waiting at Walmart

We must let go of the life we have planned, to accept the one that is waiting for us.   ~ Joseph Campbell

Our brief but jolly holiday is over and the wait for a job has begun. From New Orleans, we spent two nights of laughter and music and celebrations in San Antonio. We were even able to find a little jazz!

We also visited the amazing The Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg. We’ve all four traveled quite a lot and have been to countless war museums and to a person, we thought this one was outstanding!

And, of course, we also went to the Alamo. Having heard Remember the Alamo! all my life and knowing that everything is bigger in Texas, I can’t tell you how surprised I was at how small it is. That, in no way takes away from the sacrifices made and lives lost there. I was just expecting something the size of the White House. By decree, no building is allowed to be built in San Antonio that could, at any time, cast a shadow on the Alamo. Interesting.

On December 1st, we said goodbye to our dear friends, Bob and Trudy, and returned to Gonzales to wait for our next assignment. I missed meeting Bob and Geri before we left for SA (although Heidi and Henry said they were great), but, if you’re reading this, thank you for the delicious pecan pie you left on our step!

Our little Gate Guard lot here is full and overflowing to Walmart. Betty and Rick pulled out this morning. Betty is starting a gate guarding blog which I’ll likely add to the blog roll down the road.

Speaking of Walmart, we’ve made, maybe,  8  9 trips in 4 days. Walmart is our one-stop-shop. OK, apparently not. It’s more our Oh, and we’d probably better get some more: moth balls, lights bulbs, allergy pills, Velcro, dog treats, toilet paper, comet, yarn, deodorant, floss… before we get assigned far, far away from towns and stores and paved roads again…  stop shop.

I believe in the WalMart school of business. The less people pay, the more they enjoy it.  ~ Garth Brooks

It’s kind of like the Great Depression. You get this panicky feeling that you may never again be close to civilization.  All roads in southern Texas that lead to nowhere else, lead to Walmart!  I know Walmart is a love it or hate it place for many folks, except maybe, Paris Hilton.

Walmart… do they like make walls there? ~ Paris Hilton

People have issues with Walmart. That’s fine and I get it. What I don’t get is people who shop at Walmart and have issues with Walmart. That, I think, is funny. Living in Cedar Rapids for 30 years where there were countless shopping opportunities, I rarely went to WalMart, as a matter of preference, not principle.

One of the things that strikes me is so many of the Walmart critics are people whose lifestyle doesn’t change when the price of fuel changes. ~ Lee Scott

On the way to New Orleans, Heidi and I were both in rather desperate need of haircuts. We stopped for something inconsequential at WalMart and I was stunned to discover a hair salon (I don’t get out a lot). We ended up with ear plugs, ibuprofen and very decent $15 haircuts.

As we waited, the lady next to me spent 20 minutes pontificating about the evils of WalMart, while she waited at WalMart, for a WalMart haircut, clutching her overflowing WalMart shopping bags.

But this post isn’t really about WalMart. It’s about waiting for work and wishing you all the happiest of holiday seasons!


22 thoughts on “Waiting at Walmart

  1. I just showed Rickey the picture of us all at the yard. When he saw the snow on your page he said to tell you he did not want that here, only in KY. He will not want to see that either when we go home for Christmas.
    Time to go to work and make some more money for WalMart shopping.


    • LOL! Sorry about that Rick! It is kind of scary!
      We just came back from Walmart – again! We need to get a job before we fritter away all our money on tiny light bulbs and plastic containers!

  2. Nice reading your blog. I love the picture you took of us all at the yard, why did i not think of that. Maybe it was the wind that was blowing to hard. I don’t have a clue why i did not think to take a picture. I will copy & paste yours. I enjoyed meeting you two, it is nice to put a face to a blog or name. We don’t have everything set up yet. Rick, did get the satellite up and going. I have to use the Wilson booster on Verizon, to get any bars on signal. All is well we are not signing in people yet, waiting on the rig to get here.


    • Hi Betty!
      It was so nice to meet you, too!
      We’re still waiting for an assignment. Sure have gotten a lot done that we’d been putting off with all this down time! 😉
      We’ve always had to use our Wilson booster – we even use it here in Gonzales!
      Hope your new gate goes well!

  3. Okay, you really freaked me out. I’ve had the flu or something like that, for three days now, with all the nasty symptoms, massive headache, can’t keep anything down, etc. Poor David has worked 3 days straight. I finally was able to get out of bed tonight and take over so he could get some sleep. Not much traffic, so I’m doing okay so far. Still pretty unsteady on my feet. Be sure to get a flu shot while you are in civilization. Some of the bigger Walmarts have a clinic now where you can get flu shots. Anyway, back to the freaking me out. I was reading and seeing spots before my eyes. Thought that was another symptom until I realized it’s snowing on this page!!!!! Too cute. Glad you had such a great time. So glad also that you are near Wally World. Penny

    • Oh Penny – how awful! I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick and sorry I added to your list of symptoms! 😉
      Gate guarding can be pretty miserable when you have the flu – and it’s not like you can call in sick at work. Sure hope you get well quickly!

  4. Welcome back, glad to hear that yous had a great trip/Site Seeing and Mini Vacation Hope that you all will not have a long wait for your next gate. Where is you Holding area located at.
    The Wife and I are going to Katy Texas next Monday to pick up our new living quarters at Holiday world. At this Link http://www.hwhrv.com/details.asp?base=1&id=KALF061206&desc=2012-KEYSTONE-ALPINE-3555RL
    Taking a week for the change over then it is back to our Gate. Then we will try to get up our decorations for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in the Gate Guard World.

    • Oh Wow Luke! That’s a beauty! Your floor plan looks quite a bit like ours. I’m sure you and Inez are going to love it!
      I bought a tiny little poinsettia and that’s all the decorating we’ve done, thinking we might get a gate any day. It’s beginning to look like we should just go ahead and unpack the little tree and lights etc…
      We’re waiting in GGS lot in Gonzales. Very nice to be able to wait here for free!
      We stayed in Katy on our way to Livingston. I expect we drove right past your new home!
      It truly is beautiful! I’ll look forward to hearing all about it!

  5. We have been waiting here in Livingston for another gate since ours closed on Friday. We are heading to Carrizo Springs tomorrow and hopefully will have another gate soon. We hope the same for you!
    We loved seeing the Alamo when we were in San Antonio in 2010.

    • Sue – so true! It’s wonderful to be able to stay here for free (or it would be free if we quit going to Walmart)! I hear there are a lot more openings (and more waiting room) down at Carrizo Springs. We’re hoping to be able to stay with Jamie (our supervisor from the very start) which means this general area. Also, Forest is supposed to come back next month and we really hope to go back to one of their gates. In the meantime, we’re getting things accomplished I didn’t even know needed doing! 😉

    • Diane – LOL! Henry spent a great deal of time in the Toyota Sienna Bob and Trudy rented. The weather was lovely and he enjoyed the Bayou from a far. He didn’t get to sample any alligator meat – but then again, he didn’t become alligator meat, so all was well! 😉
      The is our 5th day without a job – we’ve never had more than one day before so we’re hoping something opens up soon!

  6. Hilarious! I do the same thing. Walmart is a dicy situation. I go there for cheap stuff, but not stuff that looks cheap. I have no political battles waging with Walmart. People can afford stuff they need (see your list) … or would that be stuff you don’t need 😉 … that happens a lot when you find bargains. Really, can you get your hair cut at Walmart? Wow.

    Anyway … thanks for the travelogue … been missing your posts. Nice laugh, i thank you for posting. melissa

    • Melis – No kidding! Who knew you could get a hair cut at Walmart! They had 6 or 7 stylists and an hour plus wait! After paying $65 for a haircut for years, it was a revelation!
      I’ve missed your blog, too, and I’m so very sorry about Harper.
      I hope to make it back over to see you today.
      ~ Debbie

  7. So glad to hear you two ladies are doing ok, and hopefully got your Texas Domicile papers all filed in LIvingston! Your “Brookstone” and that Chev Doolie look already to go, but where??
    All I’ve noticed at Walmart is that Hotwheels forever were .99cents, now $1.07 here in Salt Lake.
    “Why there ‘outta be a law”.. What’s a grandpa to do?? Just get 2 of each, DW already tells me,
    “no more for the cup hooks” tee hee. Thanks for the RIver Walk & Alamo Pics, very beautiful!
    Stay safe ladies.
    TOm & Cathy Shannon

  8. Here’s what I know about Walmart: they are very generous supporters of The Salvation Army and I can get groceries there cheaper than anywhere else. My trick is not to go after 10AM. But I prefer being an early shopper and avoiding crowds anywhere. I’ve been hoping you’ll at least land where you have an internet connection. You and TMG have been missed! btw, we think the reason we never found the Alamo when we were in San Antonio is because it’s so small. We literally missed it. 😀

    • Debby – Hello to you, too, and thank you. I’ve missed have computer access. I made some remarkably unsuccessful attempts to keep in touch from my phone. If we don’t get a job today – which isn’t looking promising – I’ll try to get a post written for Two Minutes of Grace. The Walmart here in Gonzales doesn’t have a red bucket? I wonder why?
      I’m an early shopper like you. I hate shopping in crowds! Black Friday shopping would be my ultimate nightmare! 😉

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