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Year in Review Part 4 – The Dump Chronicles

Our 3rd day in Tilden,  it was decided that Henry and I should take a drive into town to find the town dump (in addition to not knowing who we worked for, or where the rig was, or now  how to open and shut the RV door, we had no way to dispose of our garbage).  Rather than try to retell the events of that unfortunate place, I’m just going to cut and paste portions of my original posts here.

December 30, 2011

Always game for an outing, Henry settled in the back seat in his bed and off we went to find the city dump. It was a scorcher – 89 degrees! We set out with the windows up – air conditioning full blast.

My directions were to go into town and turn right at Hill Top Cemetery Road and go to the new cemetery. Tilden also has an old cemetery, Boot Cemetery, which is something of a historic landmark. To be buried in Boot Cemetery, it was necessary to not only be dead, 😀  but to be buried with your boots on. As fashions changed, a new cemetery, Hill Top Cemetery was established for the bootless.

Henry and I drove the 5 1/2 miles out our road to the hwy and then around 4 more to the crest of the hill. As we rounded the final corner, I was inexplicably surprised to find out that it was a Port-a-Dump. I jumped out with my camera to take a quick picture! A dump, hooked up to a pickup, now that was something!

It was hot and the flies and bees were buzzing so I threw my camera and keys on the front seat and manually unlocked the back door to grab the trash bags. I kicked the driver’s door shut while reaching for the handle of the back door, almost simultaneously.

Clearly not quite simultaneously since the door slammed and the Jeep locks clicked as I stood, staring at my camera and keys, resting inside. I made a quick, futile trip trying each door and the hatch, in case of malfunction. But no, all locks had latched appropriately. No extra key hidden and no cell phone, all I had was $20 in my pocket.

With a brief explanation through the window to Henry, I set off to begin my 10 mile hike back to the RV, hoping to find someone in town I could pay to take me home. I walked past the cemetery cats and the small herd of cows and grave markers in the shape of cowboys and the great state of Texas.

After about a half a mile, I came to a house with 2 men in the driveway. I sputtered out my story, waving my money and pretty much begging for a ride to the RV for the other set of keys. I nearly cried with relief when Cliff, who’d just returned from deer hunting and was sipping his first beer, said Sure, hop in.

15 minutes later, we made it to the RV. Another 15 and Heidi (she insisted on going because she was sure Henry would be dead) was back at the dump with Cliff to find a man there calling the county sheriff because Some fool has left a small dog locked in a Jeep with the windows shut in the sweltering heat!

In typical fashion, Henry remained unperturbed while Heidi gave him an abundance of water to drink. He was happy to sit in the air conditioning in the front seat but was less impressed with the pint or two of water she poured over his head to lower his body temperature. He pranced into the RV, tail  stump wagging in greeting when he saw me, completely unaware of the peril I’d left him in. I felt awful and gave him lots of extra attention which he  took full advantage of.

December 31, 2011

I was given a second chance to go to the dump to take the garbage I forgot yesterday. Much to my surprise, the dump was gone altogether today. That would have really confused me yesterday but would have been much nicer for Henry! I guess it was time for the pickup to dump the dump. I tied my bags a little tighter and headed back home.

January 14, 2011

Honestly, after 19 days I was beginning to feel a little dump desperate.
I drove out Hill Top Cemetery road to the dump. But, once again, the dump was gone, even though it was 2pm on a Friday and the posted hours are Monday- Friday 10-5.

I made it back to the highway (4 miles) when the dump passed me, going back up HTC road. I turned around and followed until the dump passed it’s parking spot and pulled way back into the landfill, where the dump, dumped. There were 4 pickups waiting back there.

The temperature was 42 and it’d been raining off and on all day, just enough to make the clay/caliche roads really slick. I decided to wait for the dump to return to it’s resting place and began reorganizing the glove box.

I was deeply contemplating whether or not anyone puts gloves in the glove box, when I was startled by a sharp rap on my door. A middle-aged man in all black: hat, jeans, belt, boots, except for his wine-colored shirt, the exact shade of his pickup, signaled for me to put my window down, which I did, just a bit. He said, gold front tooth shining: Is there something we can do for you ma’am?

I answered that I was just waiting to throw away my garbage. He told me to go on back to the spot where the dump was emptying. I said I was afraid I might get stuck in the mud. He assured me that when I got stuck, the guys would pull me out.

That didn’t sound very promising, so I declined and said I’d wait. He told me I was in the way and to pull over by the fence. Maybe 10 minutes later, the dumped sped up the road, mud flying and parked in the usual spot. The gold toothed man drove up next to me, put his window down and said: Just between us, I’d wait to get out til we leave.

Feeling a little creepy I asked if I wasn’t suppose to put my garbage there? He just smiled and said again: I’m just saying, if I was you, I wouldn’t get out til we leave.

At that point I took my leave and decided there are worse things than the smell of  garbage in the back of the Jeep.

So there you have it, the Tilden Dump Chronicles! I never did go back to that special spot. Another gate guard took our garbage back to the dumpster near their rig.

Henry would like to me to add that after being left alone in the RV on Interstate 10; left and lost in the Catholic church parking lot; being locked in the Jeep at the dump in the sweltering heat; being terrorized into constipation by the 19 long-horns and bulls; and finally, being passed in and out of the RV window to do his business, he’s learned to keep his people on a short leash!


17 thoughts on “Year in Review Part 4 – The Dump Chronicles

  1. Well how many parts is this going to have the tears just keep coming from the funny things you and poor Henry have been through my wife things that I have lost it I.. get to laughing so hard. The Lady is right you should write a book.

    • Luke – We have had some interesting times, haven’t we? Thanks for laughing with me! Tonight or tomorrow, I’ll try to finish up the first 3 weeks on the job. We didn’t get off to the most auspicious start! 😀 But we’re still here!

  2. When I worked for Legal Aid I was humbled almost every day, as someone ALWAYS had it worse than me. Now your stories humble me. Sorry for all your troubles. Hope 2012 is better. Sometimes less really is more.

    • Penny – Every morning when Heidi gets up, she reads my posts and say either: ‘I’d completely forgotten about that’; or ‘It didn’t really seem that funny at the time’… ;D or ‘It’s truly amazing we didn’t quit!’
      I’m just getting started – tonight I’ll try to write about the guy who blew out his RV window showing Heidi his shotgun…

  3. This is so funny and so unbelievably believable. I can now tell jokes about Texas with insider knowledge. The grave yard: The keys. Honey child, i’m so glad you don’t have me along for the ride … losing keys, locking in keys, slamming doors, dumping garbage in strange places … all in a days work.

    Man your pup is so cute. Yeah, they kinda don’t like getting water on top … sipping, slurping; OK, but a spur-or-the-moment bath … not much fun!

    • Melis – Henry is perfect which goes along way toward compensating for my inadequacies!
      He’s probably about the only one who isn’t afraid of riding with me right now! 😉
      So far, I’ve only covered the first couple of weeks on the job. Looking back, it’s kind of amazing we stuck it out! 😀 (things got a lot worse as you’ll see in posts to come)

  4. The dump thing sounds like something i would do. Rickey always keeps keys hide on our vehicles as i have locked them inside. I have had to crawl under the vehicle to retrieve them several times. We spend the night at the state line around Texarkana. Had a small truck lock down his brakes at a light last night, burning rubber off his tires. Rickey swerve to the right to keep from slamming him in the rear, really close call. Thank God, our guardian angel was riding with us. I will have to write a post when i get setttle in at daughter home. Hard to write with computer going up and down on me. Have a good one.

    • Oh Betty – that’s so frightening. It’s not like we can stop all this rolling weight on a dime. I’m so thankful you and Rickey and the other driver are OK. Do you know the Carrie Underwood song, Jesus Take the Wheel? Sounds like He did!
      Keep in touch and Godspeed.

  5. OK … i’m having computer trouble … so first off … i started reading this yesterday morning and my damn EYEphone blew this post somewhere into cyberhell. Oh yes … i get excited when my electronics start to piss me off.

    Back soon with comments that apply to Sucking Cement.

    • OK, i’m replying to my own comment because i’m on your current post (18th). Cement was yesterday … catching up. Still using Cement for brains … Rudolph nose still applies as well.

  6. Poor Henry! The things we have to put up with from our crazy humans ~ LOL. Good thing they always make it up to us 🙂

    • Diane – Poor Henry, indeed. He’s such a gentle soul and certainly has gone through more than his share with me in his short 4 years! He’s a little envious of Hannah and Phoebe’s pedicures, but I think we’ll skip it anyway. Hard to say what would happen to both of us if I got the razor out! 😉

  7. Forgive me, dear friend, for not keeping up with your blog (and others) this week. You stay in my thoughts and are missed when away. I especially have thought of you of late with all the changes of jobs/places in your lives. Wishing you a more settled time in the new year. I need to send you another email if you’re up to it 🙂 love,

    • Dearest Debby – an email would be lovely and no apology is ever necessary! I’m so glad you’re back and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We’re adjusting and settling – sinking actually – going to have to replace those boards that bumped off the service wagon a while back! 😉
      After 11 months of drought, it won’t quit raining. While it makes us a little lopsided, it’s certainly a gift for this poor parched state!
      I look forward to catching up with you!

  8. Debbie you really should write a book. My husband and I laughed til we cried over the moving dump. We don’t miss a post. Thanks for the laughter, the world needs more of it. Jo Ann

    • Jo Ann – thanks so much! 😀
      I have to say, that disappearing dump really had me stumped!
      You two are so kind to keep reading – and letting me know if I make you smile.
      Thanks again. It almost makes it worth meeting a gold toothed man – almost! 😉

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