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A Lesson from Linus

Merry Christmas!

The oil company fed everyone a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner.

This is just my plate – Heidi had the same!

You can tell they’re used to feeding guys. We have enough for 4 meals!

Heidi, who’s not much of a meat eater, can never get over the fact that, in addition to two meat entrees, which they always have (the steak and the shrimp were wonderful), they also put a whole lot of bacon in the green beans and ham in the mashed potatoes!

There’s no lack of protein here in Texas!

It’s a quiet holiday weekend here as I expect it is on most rigs. I’ve only had one guy come in since midnight.Β  Even the cows are sleeping. It’s been a Silent Night, indeed. The rain continues but with the complete absence of cows and mice, Henry is sacked out and I’m off to finish a book.



We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



19 thoughts on “A Lesson from Linus

    • Well, hello Linda! Fancy meeting you here! I’m always surprised when my Grace readers cross over to Fork. You’ll certainly see a whole different side of me here! πŸ˜‰
      I misunderstood your post – I thought you were just Moving.
      I hope you’ll keep in touch.

  1. Yes, Texans do love their meat! One thing that is big in Texas is deep fried turkey. Instead of roasting the Thanksgiving bird in the oven, they use a cooker outside that they fill with peanut oil and deep fry a whole turkey in it.

    Everyone I’ve talked to who has tried it say it’s delicious! I’m hoping to try it some day. That was nice to get a meal for the holiday!

    • Hi Vicky! Guessed we missed the bird by taking Thanksgiving off this year. Our Lantern 16 guys tried to catch a rattlesnake to roast for us, but it didn’t happen. Of course, they also said armadillo was pretty tasty. Hmm… They did fix us wild boar – a recap on that one is next, I think. πŸ˜€

      • I don’t know if I’d want to eat armadillo (aka Texas Speedbumps). I watched a tv show a couple of years ago and they said most armadillos carry leprosy. I don’t know personally but it was a nature show featuring this frequent road-kill animal.

    • Jeff – It was a nice, quiet night (I slept through most of the day).
      Thus the life of a gate guard – in many ways Christmas is just like any other day. – a reminder to carry the true meaning in my heart.all the time. πŸ˜€
      We liked our meat in Iowa, too, but it wasn’t in every dish. I’m not complaining, though! I loved it!

  2. When Petro Hawk had a spud meeting before we left, the man catering the meal brought us some. That was the first time i had ham in mashed pot. The rib eyes were the tenderest steaks i ever had. I was looking at the weather for Gonzales, only 47. It was 54 and sunny here today. The wind did blow hard around lunch time. We are leaving out Tue morning heading back. As of now we are taking 79 through all the states, that will get us off of the interstates. Should be back to Gonzales Thur or Fri. Going shopping on Monday, i will be looking for sales. Now i gotta save some money.


    • Betty – They do know how to cook steaks here! Amazing! and the shrimp was better than I’ve had in any restaurant!
      I hope the roads are good for your travels. We haven’t had any sun yet but it’s finally quit raining. πŸ˜€

  3. Wow, that is a Hungry Man meal! Best wshes to both of you ladies in 2012, Keep the blogs & pics comin’! Stay safe & have fun!

    Tom & Cathy Shannon
    Magna, UT

    • Tom – it was that for sure!
      I hope you and your wonderful family had a Merry Christmas!
      Any match box cars under the tree this year? πŸ˜‰
      Greetings to you and Cathy from Heidi, Henry and me!

    • Hello Terry! How nice to hear from you! So you guys are giving up storage for calachie again? πŸ˜‰
      Keep in touch! and Merry Christmas to you and John!

  4. The meal is my kinda eatin. I’m a Big Time meat fan. I’m glad you had a peaceful night. Hope your guys have a great Christmas celebration! Love Linus. Have seen it twice now. Oh you Debby and Debbie, do go on … πŸ™‚ love mel

    • Merry Christmas dear Mel! Wasn’t it completely weird that Debby and I both used The Little Drummer Boy and Charlies Brown’s Christmas? Two such different snippets of the Season. πŸ˜€ Bless be the tie that binds!
      Heidi baked a Christmas ham today while I was sleeping so we have meat a plenty!

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