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We’ll Weather the Weather Whatever the Weather

Living in an RV, most anywhere, presents some sort of weather issue. If you’re a gate guard on an oil rig in Texas, just like a mail-carrier, you could have this tongue twister printed on your security vest:

Whether the weather be fine, Whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Whether the weather be hot, We’ll weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year (unlike mail-carriers) we go out and work in all kinds of weather. For example, just yesterday in was 76 degrees here in Lindenau/Concrete/Westhoff  (or wherever my phone thinks I live – tonight it was certain I was in Smiley). It’s 28 degrees right now. It’s so cold that Henry just tried to levitate while watering the road. He couldn’t decide which paw to lift and which to use as a prop.

The moon is full and the wind has finally died. So has the bell, which I guess has decided to wait for warmer weather to ring. The bell has tolled for no one tonight (although many have come and gone). I just took it apart a gave it a good blowing into. Sometimes that helps.

Those of you who’ve followed Fork for a while have known me to mention the weather more than a time or two. We went from our flower pot potty and frozen pipes in Feb to temps in the 90’s in March.  It was one long hot summer. I promised then that I would never complain about the cold.

It’s  pretty cold, but  I’m not complaining. I actually like it. Here are some of the reasons why.

I like the feel of a sweatshirt. It’s soft and forgiving and if I dribble ketchup mustard on the front, I can just turn it inside out. 😀

I love coffee, but not iced, which made for some extra hot caffeinated nights in July.

I’m 55  (if you don’t know why that makes me prefer cool to hot weather, then, never mind). I border on heat stroke when it hits 70 degrees, That is, of course, unless I’m freezing.

I’m particularity enjoying the cold because a lap full of yarn is warm.

As some of you know, to help stay awake all night and to keep myself from eating continually, I taught myself how to knit last winter. This has been only a semi-successful new hobby.

I made a few mistakes at the start.

The 1st was trying to learn from a 10 minute Walmart video with no back arrow.

The 2nd was not fastening the Velcro strips on my Gate Guard vest.

The 3rd was not counting the rows while I knitted away while watching Good Morning  America at 11 p.m.

The 4th was not turning on more lights.

The 5th was being a tense knitter. I pulled every stitch so tight that I had blisters on my thumb and index finger for a month. Above is the last remaining photo of my first attempt. Amazingly, this foot-long project was the product of an entire skein of yarn. 😀

Although I’ve remained unmotivated to learn anything but knit and pearl, I continue to knit. That’s another reason I’m glad it’s cold.

Henry won’t wear his scarf and my grand daughters were less than enthusiastic at Christmas. I only know how to knit long rows. As a bit of an afterthought, I decided to sew some together (I don’t know how to knit them together) and make Heidi a lap blanket for Christmas. It’s a really big, lopsided lap blanket, which she says will be perfect for the care center someday.

We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather and have a yarn or two to tell about it!


14 thoughts on “We’ll Weather the Weather Whatever the Weather

  1. Oh, Sis Debbie–you are too hilarious!!! I think I’d like one of those lap blanket-scarves, please–I like dual-purpose gifts! (I remember sweatshirts that we’d turn inside out–on purpose–drove mom crazy.) For awhile, I could turn out fairly nice knitted baby quilts–just knit, pearl, one straight shot–but I was a tense knitter too, so I relate to what you said. Eventually, I gave it up. Have you tried counted cross-stitch? I liked that a lot better–until my eyesight wore out. Now I do all my knitting, pearling and counting with words–you can’t really wear a poem, but if you’re super-motivated, you can hang it on the wall; not exactly like a lap blanket, but some of them warm your heart a bit.

    I really love coming to visit you at 2 blogs–wow!! God bless you!

    • Caddo – you can spin a yarn and knit with words like no one I know!
      I used to do some counted cross-stitch, but my eyesight wore out, too.
      I can’t exactly see what I’m knitting and I don’t pay a lot of attention, so when I drop a stitch, I just tie the hole together on the backside with a bit of yarn! 😉
      I’ll trade you a wall poem for a scarf/lap blanket!
      ~ Debbie

  2. Loved your post! I am also a knitter and will be working the “night shift” when we start with GGS. Glad it will keep me awake. I was also a quilter big time, but gave it up when we went fulltime RVing; it was just too hard to put up and take down everything in a rig, so now I knit. Started about 5 years ago making tiny caps for newborn preemies for the local hospital. I don’t knit sweaters and stuff, but stick to hats, scarves, shawls, and now socks. Small projects are easier to tote around.
    Love your humor and stories, please keep going.

    • Hello Bobbie! Are socks hard? Maybe I should try that! 😀 I finished Henry’s blanket for his bed last night so now I’m contemplating lap blankets for care facilities (I don’t think they probably need scarfs there). 😀
      Thank you for your kind, encouraging words!

  3. That reminds me i have a quilt top to finish before spring. I not to good at quilting either. The first quilt was a Grandmother Garden quilt. I hand sew all of it, now that only took 2 yrs. Gave it to my daughter. I could not do that today, fingers are to stiff. I never learned how to knit, as i am left handed and it seem to me all the instructions were for right handed people. Guess i was not to interested. Pursie and i are on the mend, feeling better.


    • Betty – I’m afraid quilting died out with my Mom. I have a couple of lovely old quilts that my Grandma made. Knitting really does help me stay awake.If I start to doze off for a second, I drop stitches, which doesn’t really matter since I’m never actually making anything. 😉
      So glad you’re finally feeling better!

  4. Debbie, can you do Stand up comedy!!!! OK … i just read the first ital para about weather …. LMFAO! (i’d rather spell it out but, you know, i have my standards, ahem).

    Henry! Oh Henry … i know the little foot and paw in the air dance: Gracie is a magician at balancing on three feet while hitching one leg WAY up in the air. Cute … but not fun for the creatures peeing in the cold. Ouch.

    Yes, i get the heat, love! Those GD flashes started when i was 30, i swear, and i’m still a sweaty little mena.

    OK. I love your knitting! Henry, put your scarf on immediately. I want a photo 😉

    I applaud you for not snacking all bloody night. That is miraculous. I know that must be hard … not just to stay awake … but it’s sort of a mindless thing to do when it’s dark and no one’s around, etc.

    THANKS for the laugh! Sorry i’m so late … this is my “late in” day. Boss is back on Monday, so i won’t have the freedom to plunk around on the PC. Love, melis xoox

    PS LOVE the blanket. I don’t imagine you guys will be checking into the Home too soon.

    • Hi melis! 30! Ouch! That’s way to many years of flashing! 😀
      It’s been so hot for so long that Henry’s forgotten how cold the ground gets. He did a fine little jig last night! 😀
      We’re hoping to not need the blanket for a while – although Heidi does graciously wrap up in it in the evening while she reads. I don’t think she’s really cold. I think she’s just being nice. 😀

    • Vicky – Oh about 10 months. I have no excuse – there are plenty of sites with instructions online. My hobby philosophy is that if it isn’t fun, it isn’t a happy hobby. I can knit and watch TV without thinking – it’s kind of like bobber fishing while I read a book. I have more fun with the process than the outcome! 😀
      Heidi froze me for years. She’s 6 years older than me – so now it’s my turn! 😉

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