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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood as we continue to wait for a gate.  The neighborhood is ever growing. Our already full lot is now overflowing with RV’s hooked to electric only, out in the middle of the yard, and along the fence line.
I think we’ve managed to catch up on all the things gate guards never quite have enough time for while working. We’ve done the massive mandatory Walmart restock, serious grocery shopping, and gotten overdue haircuts. We’ve gone to the lumber yard twice (what joy!).
The first lumber yard outing was to replace the boards that bounced off the service trailer when Junior was making serious time on the Farm to Market Road. I spent most of  that one in the parking lot visiting with the turkeys. They didn’t fair well at the fair, but they were very conversational in the lumber lot. 😉
The second lumber yard trip was to buy a lock for the tool box that sits on top of the ever handy 52 gallons of diesel in the back of the pickup. It has a built-in lock, but since we don’t have a key, Heidi thought she’d add a lock of  her own.
This was a grand idea, in theory, but a bit harder to implement than she’d hoped. We’re a little stymied when it comes to muscle. The neighbors two doors down, John and Linley, are from New Zealand. I think they get the prize for traveling the farthest to work a gate!  John kindly installed the lock.
Lin entertained us with tales of the most isolated gate I’ve heard of yet. It was so remote that Larry, their FS, had to get their grocery list via email and deliver their groceries. They washed their clothes in a bucket with a plunger. Hmm… Nope. I’m not that hardy.
 They’re much better sports than we are. The flower pot potty probably stretched the outer limits of our roughing it! I love the job, but not that much.
Our next door neighbors, Joyce and Bobby D are true Texans. Bobby by birth and Joyce, I believe the saying down here is, Texan by the grace of God. I don’t really get it either, but anyway, they’re waiting for their first assignment. Such a sweet couple!
Those of you who are gate guards know the extensive training program we all go through for our first job. It’s like the line from It’s a Wonderful Life: Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry.
Except at your first gate it’s: Here’s your vest and clipboard, gotta go, I’m in a hurry.
I spent a couple of  hours with them the other night. They had a lot of questions and I tried to cheerfully give them an idea of some of the more routine things to expect. I don’t think it went as well as I’d hoped since Joyce said she had to take an anxiety pill after I left so she could sleep…
And I didn’t even mention the real interesting things like the crock pot full of tarantulas or the pig’s heads on the fence posts.
I’ve re-written my story of the fence post pigs but Heidi says this is already too long so I’ll save it for tomorrow. 😀

18 thoughts on “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. I loved the flower pot story. I saw the pot in the back of your truck and wondered why you didn’t have it filled with plants now I know.
    I always have a flower pot filled with plants now I know what to do if we get caught out with potty problems just have to buy a tube of no more gaps for the holes.

    • Lin – hopefully you won’t need to fill the holes! I thought I was making a bit of a spectacle of myself, sitting all those pots in the Walmart isle. But no one seemed to take the least bit of notice. It’s such a perfect fit we decided we’d better keep it! 🙂

  2. Lovely to meet you Debbie and Heidi at Whitsett. We are in the boonies 7 miles up a very rough road our poor camper, we were told if it rains we will not get out in our wee car.
    We have good Verison phone and internet services that is a plus and don’t need our booster.
    Our Generator broke a fan belt at 2am we rang Dear Larry and he was here in the rain just after 3am that is GG good service.
    Our 1st day here we had over 200 trucks come in busy busy but fun what else do we have to do.
    Enjoy your next gate.

    • Hello Lin!
      So great to hear from you (and sorry I misspelled your name, I’ve corrected that). It is New Zealand, not Australia, right, or did I get that wrong, too?
      Clearly they know who the troopers are as you two get the most difficult gates – remote and BUSY! Wow!
      Larry, bless his heart! He’s the one that had to crawl through our window and bust our busted door when I was locked in and Heidi was locked out! 😀
      I think he would do most anything for his gate guards!
      We’re still waiting for the folks to leave the gate we’re being assigned to. It’s a long way from nowhere, but, as I understand, it’s in the flat lands, right off the highway 😀
      Keep in touch!
      Please tell John that Heidi had to open her tool box to loan the reciprocating saw (is that what it’s called?) to Bobby today and she is still so excited about her new lock! It doesn’t take much to make her happy! 😀

  3. Hi, Debbie
    My name is Jeff and I live in CO. I have talked by phone, to 4 owners of Gate Gaurd Compenys about a job. I was told the beat thing to do, is to come to Texas. A town called Pleasanton south of San Antonio. Once I get to Pleasanton,Texas I will contact KC Service for a gate gaurd job (first gate gaurd job). They offer 12 hour gates for singles. I would like to know what you think of this plan?

    In your last posting you said, that you where whiting for a gate. Are there a lot of Gaurds waiting for gates at this time. I have read, in other posting that compenys are short Gate Guards, do to the incredible growth in The Oil and Gas Field Industry. Have you heard this and what is your take on this?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    • Hello Jeff! I think your plan sounds just fine!
      We’re a little backed up with extra gate guards right now but new gates do keep opening up all the time. The “Winter Texans” are here so that affects placement some and most of the hunting ranches closed down for a few weeks during hunting season but have reopened now.
      I haven’t talked with anyone who’s worked for KC Services, but I do know many people have been interested in them since they’re one of the few companies that will hire singles. Please keep in touch. I’d love to hear about your experiences.
      Safe travels!

  4. Crockpot full of tarantulas??? Now I’m freakin out. I can’t wait to hear about that one! I bought glue boards to put everywhere to catch critters, although, we haven’t had any visitors yet… thank goodness!


    • Dear P &H – Henry said to tell you the other dogs around here aren’t nearly as cute as you two and the feral cats are driving him crazy (I don’t think he’d ever seen a cat before). 😉

  5. I figure you two were already out of there. I love our site. It is right off of 181. No gravel road to travel on to get to the main road. I do enjoy meeting new people while sitting at the yards. Went and visited with a gate guard couple that we workamped with in KY. That was our first job as workampers. They are only about 10 miles from where we are.
    The men that are close by have been going out to eat once a week. She and i are going to eat out tomorrow. We really need to find more ladies to do this with once a week. There are several rigs in our area. Catch you on the flip flop.

  6. Well now I was hoping that your wait was getting shorter, But it sounds like you are piling them up.Maybe a few more of these hot days will remain with us and some of these people will head north. We may be in the line tomorrow they finished moving the rig out today and the Company men had no Idea what is in store for us. We keep hoping the frac people will show up and start getting some of that Texas tea outta of the three holes they drilled.
    Stay cool and maybe you will be back at it shortly

  7. LATE LATE LATE as usual. OK, i love seeing your pics btw … it makes me feel like i’m travelin’ with ya. Love the shots of the cool folks you’re running into. Geesh, these people seem really generous: It’s a tight crowd down there. Some of those gates sound REALLY lonely and isolated. I’m thrilled you and Heidi have each other. OH and Henry … course … he adds a lot of joy! 😉

    Wow … this seems like too much muscly work (ooh) … but i could watch turkeys, happily!!! xoxo melis

    • mel – you and me and the while rabbit!
      Bobby D next door replaced the light above the door today – we just couldn’t reach it. They even bought the light bulb! Nice folks, you’re right. 😉

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