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Having had some close encounters with alligators on the Louisiana bayou in November, I was hoping to see some more in Texas.

I did, I think. It was rainy and cold and Stewart, one of the owners of On the Bayou RV Park said that the gators were mudding-in and we probably wouldn’t see any unless it got in the 70’s, which it didn’t the entire week. After 14 months of record heat, it never got over 58.

I took this picture from the window. I’m 83% sure it’s an alligator and not a log. It was kind of a Loch Ness moment so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

This wasn’t a Linda Ronstadt bayou. There was nothing blue about it!  It was more of Hank Williams bayou (although technically, he was writing about Louisiana, not Texas).

Good-bye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh
Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou
My Yvonne, the sweetest one, me oh my oh
Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou

I didn’t have a pirogue, although the neighbors did,  but I did have a pole. I asked what was biting. Stewart said, Well, mostly just catfish because the wind’s out of the north. When the wind is out of the south you can catch saltwater fish. How do you suppose that works? Does the wind just blow them in from the ocean? Fascinating!

Thibodeaux, Fontainenot, the place is buzzin’
Kinfolk come to see Yvonne by the dozen
Dress in style and go hog wild, me oh my oh
Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou

It was buzzin’ all right. The mosquitoes were so thick, they turned my black jeans brown. I bought night-crawlers to fish for the non-saltwater catfish. Dead shrimp work better I’m told, but they were all sold out of dead shrimp at the gas/bait/movies/glittering t-shirt store.

I briefly considered buying frozen shrimp and microwaving them (making them doubly dead) but I figured I might eat those and there was little temptation with living worms. Apparently they presented little temptation to the catfish, too. I think I had a couple of bites (on the pole that I wasn’t holding) and a couple of dozen on me before the mosquitoes drove me inside and the thunderstorms kept me there.

Settle down, far from town, get me a pirogue
And I’ll catch all the fish in the bayou
Swap my mon to buy Yvonne what she need-o
Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou

We had big enough fun, anyway!

The herons and egrets were beautiful. The ducks were odd as ducks tend to be.

Just before we left yesterday, the flapping of great pink wings announced the presence of a pink flamingo, which wasn’t really a pink flamingo.

It was, from what I’ve read, a roseate spoonbill having great fun on the bayou!

We’ve left the Texas bayou and headed for Houston without having any Jambalaya, but I’m leaving you with some. There’s a great shot of a true pirogue and a pole with alligators in the bottom on this video!


14 thoughts on “Jambalaya

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  2. Hi Debbie,
    I have been busy reading and editing a manuscript, so I haven’t read any blogs for a for several days, but I am trying to go back and get caught up. I can’t bear to miss any posts.
    I noticed the picture of the duck and wonder if you have figured out what kind of duck it is. If not, I can help with that. We had experience with these ducks last year in Mississippi. They are muscovy ducks … very interesting ducks indeed. You’ve got a great picture of one.

  3. Quick question..How long have you two been without a gate? What is the deal with that? Have they over hired gate guards or just no work right now…Never realized there was so much down time,. We would be past peanut butter and crackers..by now..without work….Hope things get better for you before too long.. Enjoy the weather before it gets too hot down there..

    • Pat – We’ve been off way too long. Not only do we need the $ but we’re restless. When we left the last gate, it was only 10 days before the RV repairs were scheduled and we didn’t feel like it was fair to ask Jamie to put us on a gate for a week and a half… The weather here (Galveston) has been pretty nice … cooler than inland, for sure!

  4. Debbie, my sweet, i use the lord’s name in vain too much. However, when i hear these stories, the only exclamation i can think of is G * D Help me. Give me a stick, a gun, a camera, an Advil, and a backrub!!! Damn, i think you’re turning a little So. Texas with all these references! 😉 I know God’s following you or a gator probably would have eaten your leg off by now. But, i know, you are safe with our Heidi, and that you’re having the experience of a lifetime. Erm, more internet access please? Love you, xoxoo melis

    • melis – we seem to still have all our body parts – that particular gator was about a foot from my foot.. She was an 11 footer and waiting for her daily coot (not boot, thankfully)! 😉
      The internet at the La Quinta is pretty fine – we’ll see how it goes next week.
      Love to you, too,

  5. I just love your picture of the Bald Cypress tree. They fascinate me! We’ve spent a lot of time in Louisiana and I always seek out these trees. They are unusual with their knees 😀

  6. Wow sounds like you two are having loads of fun. Hope that you have a safe trip. We are getting closer to that big trip home to Georgia in May. The Wife is ready now I think, Heck if I said lets leave tomorrow she would be jumping in the Truck. Maybe we can get in some of that fishing on the way home.
    Stay Safe Luke

    • Hi Luke! Are you guys still at Swoop’s? I’ll be over to visit you soon! This unpaid vacation is lasting quite a while… Hopefully, we’ll be back at work next week.
      I’m so glad you two get to take a break and head home in a couple of months! How wonderful!
      Good luck with the fishing!

  7. Oh, wow! Sis–I can’t believe all the “old memory lane” stuff you’re triggering–first it was the Black nannies, and now, “me oh my oh”!! I don’t know if you’re aware that I’m half-Cajun–I took that part out of my bio/”about” for fear of being “found”…Anyhow, I remember that song from early early childhood–and my “oldest” Cajun auntie, who’s gone on to the great bayou in the sky, was somethin’ else! She loved “that French music”, and dancing!!

    I’m laughing so hard at you considering nuking the shrimp–but being tempted to eat them, thus no bait to fish! Shoot! Sis–you can have them alligators, and all the fishin’ you want–but I’m staying in more “genteel” quarters!! Love to you, Caddo

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