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Eat at Joe’s

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.  ~Fran Lebowitz

Have you ever had your lunch watch you eat? That happened to me yesterday, not for the first time, but it’s still a little disconcerting. We’ve had some interesting lunches in the 14 months we’ve been in Texas. Until  this week, the catch of the day ranged from squirrel/ rabbit / quail stew …


… to  wild hogs, snared right outside the RV window.



And then roasted and delivered to our door step by our good buddy, Jimmy.


And there were the tarantulas delivered up in a crock pot by Ron, our driller.


I passed on those. 😀

Since the RV repair work is being done in Houston, we took the short drive to Galveston Island to wait for the call that all that was bent is straight again and the lavender window has been refitted to match it’s mates. This isn’t so much a planned vacation as it is a mandatory work break. But if I’m not going to be working, my heart’s pull is always toward the ocean.

With no paychecks coming in, we’ve been living on peanut butter and jelly and pretzels and cheese, but yesterday we did something radical and went to a restaurant on the gulf.

I found the sign floating in the water.

This immediately sent my jukebox brain back in time to Suzy Bogguss and Eat at Joe’s. 😀

So we did: Eat at Joe’s.

Heidi, who loves the sea but not the food that comes from it, settled for a Chipolte Hamburger which was clearly dead.

I chose the Grandaddy Lobster Crab Pot which kept it’s eye on me while I ate it.

Today it’s back to peanut butter and jelly that doesn’t watch me eat and the free Ferry boat ride that doesn’t go anywhere! Life is Good! 😀

15 thoughts on “Eat at Joe’s

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  2. Just wondering why the down time? How long have you two been without a gate to guard?
    Had about decided to come back to TX and giving it try and then I noticed it looks like more people than gates to guard….That could be really tuff if that is your sole support of income!! Now I don’t know if we should try it or not..Maybe we will try the oil boom in N. D.. and try and find something there to do since winter is almost over…You girls enjoy the weather for the next couple of months before it gets too hot…If you are still around Galveston go to Millers Landing for some local home cooked food great coffee and Italian Cream cake…

    • Oh Pat, I’m sorry, I thought I’d answered this question. I must have been dreaming. 😉
      Because we left our last gate after only 5 days (due to zero phone reception) and because the RV repairs were already scheduled for such a short time later, we didn’t feel like it would be fair to ask Jamie to place us, only to have to replace us right away. The repairs will be done Monday a.m. and we pick up the RV Monday afternoon. Hope to be back at work sometime next week.
      When I called the office, Laurie said they’re quite busy. I don’t think they have hardly anyone waiting for gates any more.
      We’re following your advice and heading to Miller’s Landing tomorrow! Thanks, Pat!

  3. You guys have too much fun! How do you do it??

    OK Are the tarantulas REALLY food? REally??

    I loved this the video made me happy and it is great to be traveling with you two.

    Mel? Gate Guards. You, me and an RV….

    Seems like a DARN good idea?

    (do they have vegetarian food at Joes?)

    Love, Jen

    • Jen – I’m not sure about Joe’s, but Heidi had a Black Bean Burger today at Jimmy’s! 😀
      We didn’t eat the tarantulas.
      I thought Ron was bringing us dinner when he drove up with the crock pot.
      Turns out he just wanted to show me what he’d found…thoughtful guy.
      Before moving to Texas, I was pretty seriously arachnophobic. They still aren’t my favorite niche in the chain of life, but I’m getting used to them.
      Did you know they bounce before they bite… or so I’m told…
      You and Mel in an RV? Now that would be something to see!
      Y’all drop on down, anytime!

    • Hello girls! Henry is blushing under his beard. 😉
      I can’t think of a better reason to go to Maine than LOBSTERS!
      Hope to be working next week or the peanut butter will run dry!

  4. Yes, Debbie, Life IS Good!! Love this story as much as I do all the ones you tell, and the great photos–I REALLY wanted some of that Grandaddy Lobster Crab Pot you had, mmmmmm!! Well, now I know we have something else in common–our love for the sea!! You’ll be glad, then, that I’ve already reserved an ocean view dorm for us “up north”! No extra cost, of course–and probably no more pbj’s, not that there’s anything wrong with them, but I’d sooner eat lobster and crab, since it’s no trouble where we’re headed. Much love to you from sis Caddo–butter dripping down her chin. God bless you and Heidi!

    • Hey Caddo – a room with a view! Good for you! Good for us!
      I’ve loved the ocean ever since I can remember. Although I grew up in Indiana, we went to Florida for Spring Break every year and to CA a couple of times.
      The 3 years I lived on the Oregon coast, synched the deal for me! 😀
      I should have worn my gigantic lobster bib but it made my neck itch. I did drip a drop or two. 😉

  5. YAY! The burger looks really satisfying 😉 The lobster looks dead too, love!

    I could live without taranutula stew and the rabbit/squirrel dishes … so I’m glad you got yourself to a resto with fine foods.

    OK, PBJ works. I’m a fan o’pretzels. Keep healthy and wash your hands after dipping into the PB. 😉 xoxo melis

    • melis – today I varied from the PBJ and had an order of TexasToothpicks (little fried strips of onions and jalapenos).
      I always wash my hands. 😉

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