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Forgetting Galveston – Uncharted Waters

Those of you who’ve followed Fork for a while know that life is a song for me – literally. Nearly every minute of every day, something, someone or just a random word or phrase sets a song a playin’ in my head. Y’all can just imagine what last week was like. Night and day, day and night it was:

Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin’.

Glen Campbell’s hit, Galveston, was released in 1969. I was 12. Because of the era, many thought the song was about the Vietnam War, but according to song writer Jimmy Webb, he was picturing a battle during The Spanish-American War, with the cannons blazing in Galveston.

Music wasn’t the only thing on my mind as Galveston got stuck on repeat. I also thought about the artist and his decision to tour with his family one last time, before Alzheimer’s claims his ability to perform. In a recent interview, Campbell discussed the diagnosis he received earlier this year.

“I’m fine,” the 75-year-old singer and guitarist said during a chat in the kitchen of his home in Malibu. “It’s just sometimes days are better than other ones. But that’s going on your whole life.  Well, not your whole life.” Then he pulled out a quip: “One guy asks another, ‘You lived around here your whole life?’ The other guy says, ‘Not yet!’ ” ~ The New York Times

I can’t overstate my admiration for people like Campbell and Tennessee Vols coach Pat Summitt, for sharing their journey into the unthinkable unknown.

If you’re not familiar with Pat Summitt, she’s the all-time winningest coach (men’s or women’s in any division), in NCCA basketball history. I saw her interview with Robin Roberts on 20/20. She’s quite a lady. She was diagnosed with early-onset dementia last summer at age 59.


My heart and prayers are with my friend, Debby, who is flying from Florida to the West coast next week to visit her Mama who no longer remembers that she has a daughter. Debby can’t even call her Mama because it confuses and upsets her. I can’t imagine the heartache.

Oh, love. If you can’t accept a few grey clouds in your own heart, you’d never understand the centuries of midnight in mine. ~ Elizabeth Butler, Surrender

For those of you who’ve been asking, we’re fine. We don’t have a job yet. We’re waiting to join a rig that’s moving in a week. When I have moments that I’m tempted to get discouraged about finances, or any minor inconvenience, my thoughts turn to people like Glen and Pat and Debby and her Mama who are bravely navigating uncharted waters. My life is so easy.



Galveston, oh Galveston, I am so afraid of dying
Before I dry the tears she’s crying
Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun
At Galveston, at Galveston


25 thoughts on “Forgetting Galveston – Uncharted Waters

  1. Two Minutes of Grace is the same address as Fork? May you split your rays the way you wish. I’m trying to do this thing right and share the JOY? xoxo melis

    • I just wanted to share a little blog clog with ya! It’s a lot of work, but it’s nice to find new blogs to sort through. I think i’ve all spent on the sunshine and ABC thingy. xoxo m

      P.S. it’s wicked rainy and shitty here in the heartland today. Boohoo! Not a peep or a ray.

  2. Oh Debbie. I’m definitely aware of our Debby’s mama! It is heartbreaking. I remember when Coach Summitt was diagnosed and Glen Campbell. To folks who haven’t been through it, on either side of the disease, there is a lot of compassion, but i don’t think people realize how devastating it is. I don’t, and i admire people who can withstand the pain and continue their lives as warm and caring individuals.

    I admire Glen Campbell more today than i did when he was a rootin’ tootin’ strummin cowboy. I watched an interview with him, and he tried so hard to put some thoughts together — all the while having a smile on his face. it broke my heart. He is so brave to be out there, even touring, while his world is slipping away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kindness, xoxox melis

    • hey mel – From Jen to Glen to Pat to Debby, I know that I have no idea how it feels on either side of the disease. All I know is that it breaks my heart.
      My Dad would have been 91 today. He died 5 years ago, just as his mind was beginning to show signs of faltering. Both of my parents died suddenly. It’s taken a while, but I’m learning to be grateful for that.
      You’re grand,

      • I didn’t know your dad started to slip. I thought he was lost in grief over losing his wife of 62 years. Wow. I’m glad your grief is getting “better”. I feel blessed that i’ve got no serious problems now. I’m just living life on its terms. I have lots of free time to pray now! Thanks for sharing Earth Angel. xoxo m

      • melis – You know it’s hare to say. My Dad was so completely different. It may have just been grief expressed in other ways… or he may have been in the very beginning stages of dementia. Either way, he was gone.
        So glad you’re doing well!

      • Oh Deb, i’m on my way to a rant. In a good way 😉 Still, i’m doing well … i just got side-swiped by another post about “stop whining” and it sounded to me like “Shut up”. Don’t like that.

  3. Oh WOW, Debbie. The song took me back to forever ago–and I had no idea about Glen, wow that’s sad. I really love the Eliz Butler quote–that’s good and heavy. Yeah, it’s amazing how easy our lives look, in comparison to others–and yet, Debbie, they might quickly say the same if they knew about our struggles/crosses. Praying God’s abundance to you, in every way. love from your grateful sis, Caddo “pretty-delighted” (despite snow this a.m. on a Leap Year Day! arrgghh!)

    • Hello Caddo – Really, it’s snowing there? It was 84 here yesterday, which, I’m sure if I were where’s it’s snowing, I would think was grand! BUT, since it was 84 here and it was still February, I’m not sure it bodes well for another summer in Texas! Thank you for your enthusiastic prayers!

  4. Love the pictures here, especially the last one. Beautiful. I remember clearly daddy’s VW bug with the 8-track player and two tapes he had, one was Glen Campbell. I knew most songs on that tape. Music conjures up memories for me and good ones. Thank you for that and much more. I’m very humbled by your post, friend. Thank you more than you can know. love and grace…..

    • Debby – A VW bug! How cool!
      My 7th/8th grade boyfriend’s sister used to take Mark and I ‘on dates’ in hers. It was bright yellow and I thought it was amazing!
      My love and prayers are always with you, and your Mama.

  5. Well said Debbie. My grandmother, mother and aunt suffered with and eventually died of Alsheimer’s. It is such a sad thing to witness. The relatives and loved ones of the victim suffer the most. Unless you’ve been through it, you can’t imagine how devastating it is.
    You’ve helped to focus even more attention on something we all fear.

    • Bob – I was hesitant to write this post because I don’t have any first hand experience with dementia or Alzheimer’s, yet…
      Thank you for your kind words. That means a lot since you’ve experience the heartache so many times.

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