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Cabbages and Kings

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take? She asked. Where do you want to go? was his response. I don’t know, Alice answered. Then, said the cat, it doesn’t matter.  ~ Lewis Carroll

It’s time for me to take a different fork with Fork. I think the time really came months ago, but I’ve put off making the change. Over the past 16 months, according to Word Press, I’ve written 277 posts and I’ve made 471 comments.

You’ve graced me with almost 73,000 views and have left an astounding 2,348 comments! Thank you!

I’ve loved writing The Fork in the Road, but I find I’m loving it less as times goes on. I think this is mostly because I’ve tried to relate almost all of my posts to Gate Guarding. When I started Fork, gate guarding, blogging, and Texas were all new to me so I had a bit of that wide-eyed wonder going on.

Almost a year and a half  later, I struggle to find interesting new things to say about caliche and gate guarding and RV living, so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to quit.

The time has come, my little friends
To talk of other things
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
Of cabbages and kings
And why the sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings, ha ha
Come, run away
With cabbages and kings! ~ Lewis Carroll (Disneyfied)

For some time now, I’ve been planning on putting Fork to rest. I’ve decided, instead, to experiment a little and try to expand it into other realms – mostly likely whatever odd thing that snags my attention.

I expect to be a full-time RVer indefinitely and a full-time gate guard for years to come, so I’m sure both will be topics from time to time. I just don’t plan on trying to anchor all my posts to oil rigs and mud trucks.

There are so many gate guard blogs and RVing blogs that those of you who’ve been reading here just for that will have no trouble finding many others to take my place.

For those of you who stick around, we’ll just take it a post at a time and see where the path leads. I’m not informed enough to write political posts and I already have  Two Minutes of Grace that addresses my spiritual interests, so those two topics won’t be my focus.

If this is the last post you read here, I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to have had your time and your advice and your comments. Thank you, thank you!

I expect to write shorter posts with a little more frequency. I think my next post will be about why I’m upset that they’re messing with Larry, I’m not sure yet. In any case, it’s been fun – mostly because of you! Thank you! As the ever quotable Yogi Berra said:

When you come to a fork in the road, take it!

38 thoughts on “Cabbages and Kings

  1. MAN am i late to this post. Sorry. OH I WILL MISS FORK, on sabbatical i hope. You know i got nowhere else to go … 😉 … and will read with relish (on a hotdog) whenever you post. I love twominutesofgrace as well.

    I understand how blogging can get a bit overwhelming … i recognize this topic.

    MUCH LOVE, mel

    • melis – I’ll still write. And I’ll still write about gate guarding if something new happens. I’ve already promised Pot Pie an appropriate post for a dog who likes to roll.
      I’ll just work in a few other ideas… otherwise I’m down to how many guys came from O-Tex today and how it’s so hot the last fellow through the gate was “greasy as fried lard”. 😉

    • You have an endless, BOUNTY of fun stuff to write, and/or at least make fun of. Fried lard? Is that covered with panko bread crumbs first??? GEESH!

  2. ggggrrrrrrrrrrr….. sorry, Debbie, Pot Pie’s favorite grounds to roam is the Fork. I’ve got his collar, but be careful, he’s worried there won’t be posts about pigs and BBQ! Awww shucks! Now he’s rolling in…. uuuhhhh, not really sure what that is. Anyway, we look forward to the path, wherever it leads. God bless.

    • mt – 😀
      Would you please tell Pot Pie that I’m writing a post especially for him. Probably not tonight, but I’m thinking on it, so someday soon!

  3. Well, I’m not going anywhere!!!! I like you and Heidi and you both helped me so much with your information on gate guarding. Write about whatever you want, whatever happens to you that you want to share. I love the way you write and your humor and I look forward to reading it all!

    • Bobbie –
      You’re a peach and it was great fun meeting you!
      Clearly I have no idea what I’ll be writing about since I just wrote about gate guarding – again.
      Shoes and ships and sealing wax to come!
      Thanks so much!

  4. I fully understand the blog gig but I’m still having fun with my recipes and will continue on with my blog.. but when you run out of quipy little vigniets thats when it’s time for a break.

  5. Ok You…

    I am with Caddo; you are stuck with me!

    I can’t wait to see where the next Fork in the road takes you/us!

    Peace, Jen

    I bet you will still be laugh out loud funny!


    • Jen –
      I should do what Heidi does and write a week in advance.
      I’m an impulsive poster. 😀
      The minute I gave myself the freedom to write about other things, I write about gate guarding again…
      I think I’ll just be writing bits about life as it hits me (or flies down my shirt). 😀
      Thanks, my friend,

  6. Well, I’m certainly not going anywhere, Sis–you can’t shake off the S.G. And I love the Yogi Berra quote–am ready to take it with you (the fork)! God bless you Big (someday I may be famous and quotable too–she said with a sassy wink)! love, sis Caddo

      • I swear, Debbie–between you and the other Deb Sis, I’m going to start really believing the fantasy that I’m a “famous author”–ha ha ha, and I truly have nothing to wear for the red carpet hoopla–maybe I could just borrow your vest and helmet?? I promise not to spill on it. Much love to you!

  7. Thanks for all your encouragement when we were starting out gate guarding. You can’t even know how much you helped me!!! Write whatever makes you happy my friend, and we’ll read it.

  8. Loved meeting you and Heidi at Whitsett have enjoyed your blogs.
    We arrived back in MI Friday a very cold day. I will be upset too if I hear someone is messing with our GG Larry. He is the best. Looking forward to your next new blog what ever it will be.

    Linley and John.

    • Linley –
      We loved meeting you, too! Truly, you guys are the ones who should be blogging about gate guarding!!!!

      No worries. Our GGS Larry is still as great as always! It’s the other Larry.
      I’m so happy to hear that you and John made it home safely.
      It was 91 here today. Personally, my broken internal thermostat and I prefer cold. I just try to keep telling myself that as long as it’s under 100, it’s chilly. 😉

  9. Well I knew the day had to come when you would win out over — all your mishaps with RV’ing. Just saying – I’ve enjoyed all the blogs about gate guarding – since that’s what we do. Will continue to read your blogs – because I know your sense of humour will shine through all subjects you write about.

    hang tough – As big as Texas is – there is always room for a couple more yankees and their dog.

    Just let us all know what gates you’re on so if we are in the neighborhood – we might be able to drop in.

    Have visited the other blogs but don’t think I’ll go all the way back to their beginnings. Sure enjoyed yours and if the workers at all of your gates read them – I’m sure they feel most honored for all the kind words and things you and Heidi did for them also.
    God Bless.

    • Mickey –
      I slipped up tonight and went back to the familiar territory of the gate.
      Some of our guys with Forest used to read this blog.
      Nobody knows about it with this company. Probably, I’ll just keep it that way! 😉
      Thanks again for wading through the whole l o n g journey with me.
      God bless you, too!

  10. It doesn’t matter to me where you take this or you take it all, I’m a fan. I look forward to what ever you write about! The Walrus knows of what he speaks……..

    • Doris – 😀
      I do plan to ‘talk of other things’. Apparently just not tonight.
      Thanks so much! Who reads this blog and why is a never ending mystery to me.

    • Janice –
      OK, this is embarrassing… Nothing like making a grand proclamation and writing my very next post about gate guarding.
      Surprised me, too.
      Thanks for you open enthusiasm!!! 😀

  11. What ever u do or what ever u decide 2 write about I am sure your whole heart will b in it. Heart Hugs my friend

    • Judi –
      Thank you, kind friend. I hope you won’t be too disappointed when you turn on the lights and another gate guard post pops out at you!
      I promise more variety to come.

        • Judi – So true! In my other life as a speaker, there were days when I thought my timing was spot on and my responses witty and my audience was underwhelmed. And there were days I thought I was a bit hopeless and they stood up and clapped.
          A good reminder as Pasty Clairmont says: God uses cracked pots! 😀
          Thank you for your constant support. It’s a true gift!

  12. Good for you. I’m glad you aren’t stopping altogether. What a catchy line ” upset that they’re messing with Larry”. And …….
    I’ll be back to find out why!!!

    Write girl write.

    • Cathy –
      I was about half way done with Larry when I talked to Jill and heard about the laundry lady and off I went, back to the gate.
      Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday! 😉

  13. I must tell you, we have followed your Fork blog almost since the very first. The idea came into our heads to gate guard about when you started your posts with Fork. You inspired, encouraged and entertained us with your wit and story telling abilities. We are now gate guarding our first of what I believe will be many gates to come. Thank you for your words and dedication to your blog. We will be happy to see whatever else comes into our inbox with whatever turn you and Fork take in the future. Again, many thanks!

    Bill & Darla McLain

    • Hello Bill and Darla!
      How fun to finally ‘meet’ you!
      I’m glad things have worked out well enough that this is your ‘first of many gates to come’! 😀
      Thanks so much for reading and for your most kind words! I was intending to write something altogether different tonight, but… I got side tracked by exhaustion. 😉

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