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Just For the Joy of It!

Sprinkle joy.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Texas is nothing like Canada… nothing.

I never need a hoodie or tie a blanket around my shoulders. I haven’t seen a single glacier or worn plaid pants.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Banff – as you can see from the photo.

But here I am on Easter weekend in HOT southern Texas, working on (well. almost on) an oil rigl, posting a you tube clip that’s essentially a visit to Alberta, Canada.

Easter on a rig means we’ve have a heaping baskets of candy for the guys and we’ll be feted with a steak dinner Sunday night. Otherwise, we’ll work, just like we every other day of the year.

As a matter of fact, this looks to be our busiest weekend ever as fracing is starting today on one site and a new drilling rig is scheduled to move in on another.

In the midst of all the dust and grit and 90+ degree temps, I thought you might like to sit back with me, take in some beauty and breathe.

Earth is crammed with heaven.  ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

If you’ll click on the bottom right corner of the clip you can enlarge it to fill your whole screen in High Def. A stunning reminder of the amazing bits of joy and beauty of in our world!

18 thoughts on “Just For the Joy of It!

  1. WOW-I can’t imagine being on a site where BOTH fracing was happening-has to be super busy! We just started our 3rd frac site yesterday (Karnes City area again) and we have signed in 250 since 4 pm yesterday-thats 17 hours. It was a lovely night to sit outside, though-and the safety guys say there is little chance of wildlife sitings because of the heavy traffic–hope they’re right, but I have my hoe out anyway. Where are you loated now?

    • Hi Nancy!
      We’re just west of Yoakum. We’re on a 200 acre ranch that already has 2 holes. We’re moving to another spot on this same ranch next week.
      Between the drilling rig, the fracing, the mud farm, the water tank, the construction of the production facility and the building of two new drilling pads, it’s been one dusty busy gate! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  2. WOW, I’ve never experience high-def before–it really was almost REAL! Thanks for the field trip, Sis!!

    • Caddo – For folks like you and I, who don’t get out a lot, it’s fun to take a virtual trip every now and then! 😀
      I just discoved the whole screen button not that long ago, so now I watch all videos etc… on the full screen – so cool. I’m slow, I know…
      We’ll have to take another trip one of these days!

    • Judi – It was a change of pace, posting a Canada commercial, but I thought it was so well done and so stunning, I couldn’t resist. 😀

  3. No plaid pants? Big mistake. 🙂

    Boy, sounds like a lot of fun getting a new rig!

    Steak and candy … well, not so bad really. Some may consider those two important food groups. 🙂 XO m

    • Hello Penny!
      It was fun wasn’t it? I’m not sure this weather bodes well for the summer to come. Surely it won’t be worse than last year! 😉
      (At least I know it won’t be worse for you two!!)

  4. That was an awesome video – Banff is close to the Alberta/British Columbia border, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and it is gorgeous.

    I live in out-of-the-middle-of-nowhere, Alberta, close to the Saskatchewan border, and it doesn’t look anything like that (unfortunately) … it’s very flat and I can’t see the mountains or water from here. I really miss that – and hopefully in the next year or so I plan to move back to BC to be with the mountains and lakes that I miss. I am so not a prairie girl!.

    Thanks so much for sharing, this was wonderful! ~ Julie 🙂

    • Hello Julie!
      wow – you got a double dose of me today!
      I’ve been to Banff (obviously). My folks loved the ‘Canadian Rockies’ and always thought them to be so much more beautiful than the US portion. 😉

      This was a bit of an odd post for me here at Fork but I thought the scenery was so stunning I couldn’t pass it up!
      I’m not a prairie girl either – hope to get back on the wild Oregon coast (or somewhere with water) someday.
      Who knows, maybe BC will call my name! 😀

  5. Thank you for the “break”…very soothing. We are in Santa Fe visiting our daughters and grands…but miss our gate and all the truck guys. That gate guarding gets to you and we miss it now that we are gone. Have a nice Easter.


    • Bobbie –
      It’s a strange thing isn’t it?
      It’s like there’s something in the water (well of course, there is something in the water, that’s why no one drinks it). 😉
      Gate guarding is one of those love it or hate jobs, it seems. Right now, I’m on the loving it end. Ask again in early August when it’s been over 100 degrees for 2 months!
      Hope you have a special Easter with your family!

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