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Yesterday was Easter. It was a surprisingly quiet gate day.

This is what the eggs would have looked like if I hadn’t eaten them all (almost) before we could dye them. This is from Easter 2010, when I didn’t eat all the eggs, and I picked up agates and shells and egg-shaped rocks on the beach.

Easter 2012. We still have Dudley’s $2 Coloring Cups from the $1 Store. Maybe, when Heidi gets a haircut on Wednesday, she’ll buy more eggs and we’ll have a post-Easter egg coloring session (she just does this to humor me).

I’m on a stay under 1200 calories a day diet. There are tons of great low-cal recipes (see link at the end) but I’m an unmotivated cook so I’m pretty much on The Hospital Diet. You know the one: diet jello, diet pudding, eggs, dry toast, black coffee and lots of water. It’s sad when a Special K protein bar is a treat!

But it was Easter so we did buy candy for the guys. I morphed from my imitation Johnny Cash black into something resembling a giant Easter egg. Dressed in my Life is Good purple t under my bright orange vest, I trotted out with my Easter basket.

Everyone who came and went took handfuls of candy and seemed more than Good and Plenty happy to get it.

Eric, our safety guy, told us they were cooking out and to come up and pick up our dinners around 5. I forgot to take a picture of the potato salad (which I didn’t eat) but Heidi loved, but I did get a shot of the meat. I think we’ve already established that Texans like their meat.

Those are ribs poking out from under the ribeyes. In a year and a half in Texas, we’ve been graced with many a fine meal and not once, ever, has there been only one kind of meat. It’s a carnivore’s heaven! It was delicious and we have enough leftovers for days.

It was so quiet during the evening, Heidi decided to get up on the roof and spray the awning, which was starting to make loud sounds of protest whenever we tried to retract it.

Everything stayed fairly quiet until just before 11. At first I thought it was thunder – a long ways off. I heard a distant rumbling in the dark and felt the earth tremble. I double-checked the Weather Wunderground link to make sure there hadn’t been an earthquake. As it turned out, the earthquake was headed straight for the gate.

The tremors began at 10:48 p.m. It’s 2 a.m. now and they’re just beginning to die down. I don’t expect the dust will settle until morning, if ever…

Fracing (not at our well, we’re still drilling) has begun with a flourish! I lost track of the number of trucks (we don’t have to write them in since they aren’t going to our site) somewhere after 50.

I expect I’ll be hearing bells in my sleep all day today. And they’ll all be real.

Oh, and about the diet. If you want to cut out a few calories and aren’t drawn to my hospital low cal plan, check out the blog of my good friend Mike @ Bacon Grease. He’s one creative fellow with recipes for things like popcorn potato salad and ‘naked’ chicken fried in citrus soda!

The tremors are starting again. And speaking of Bacon, where’s Kevin when you really need him?

14 thoughts on “Tremors

  1. I can so relate to needing to lose some weight . . .and well, age too, if I could. Praying that you rub off on me! Your days sound like adventures to me. I am so impressed and amazed. So much I never knew about . . .:) love and prayers as you do post Easter eggs!

    • Hello Deb!
      How fun to see you here!
      Welcome to the other side of my personality! πŸ˜‰
      I always laugh when Two Minutes of Grace folks land at Fork. I lean toward the serious there. Fork must be like an alter ego…
      Thanks for reading, my friend!

  2. Oh yes… we had two fracing wells and fracing is very, very busy. We are taking some much needed time off. I’ll post to my blog soon, just enjoying catching up on many things.The dust gets horrendous–I don’t miss that at all!

    • Vicky – the biggest problem is we have #1- #6 H sites (only #3 is ours). Because we’re right by the road, everyone stops. They have the name of the land owner but no idea which of the 6 sites to go to. Gate guards arrived today for the frac site, but of course, we talk to all of their drivers before they ever see them.;)
      We’re in that spot where we pretty much just stand outside most of the day and a lot of the night. That happen sometimes, but almost none of the traffic is ours. I think we should get paid a dollar a truck for each one we have to talk that isn’t ours every day! We’d triple or maybe quadruple our wages! What do you think? πŸ˜‰
      So glad you’re getting some time off!!!
      I’ve emptied the HEB and Walmart shelves of sinus pills and eyes drops in 3 weeks! The dust never does quite settle (except inside of course)! πŸ˜€
      Take care and safe travels!

  3. Debbie, Only you can make scary tremors into a funny story. I’m with Melis–your diet sounds way not good, or at least way not fun. I sure couldn’t do it–and I have to have blood work tomorrow–I should have eaten all the sugar and other junk food last week, right? Well, I can always take it to the food bank….or not. God bless you Big–love to you and Heidi, sis Caddo S.G.

    • Caddo – Glad you followed my strange strain of humor. πŸ˜€
      I’m at a weight and age where not losing some (weight – can’t lose the age) is hazardous to my health.
      I’m trying to be more aware of eating good healthy food in smaller portions.
      I often eat dinner (I eat my meal in reverse order) πŸ˜‰ with H before she goes to bed. She’s good about fixing a variety of healthy things.
      The rest of the night, I typically go with what’s easy. An egg and toast and an apple and a protein bar work for me. πŸ˜‰
      love to you, too!

      • I sure hope you didn’t think I was “dis-sing” your choice/need to diet, Sis–undoubtedly I should be eating better/less my own self–but we won’t go there today….By the by, I’ve got about $30 worth of smoked ham I’d love to give y’all. Apparently I thought it would be a good bargain, i.e., many meals–and I’m already sick of it. I gave some to neighbor “Tiny Tim”–so now I’ll freeze some I guess, and I boiled down the bone to fix black eyed peas and ham later this week…Sometimes I think I just like the cooking part, not the eating part.. Although I managed to scarf an entire pan of Rice Krispie Treats in about 24 hours–well, the recipe said “best served same day”….! Okey dokey, maybe I should go write a poem…

  4. I saw the picture of Heidi on the roof and my first thought is, she was up there hiding Easter Eggs from you.

    Also on that picture, I see you have slide toppers on your new trailer. Do you find that they flap much in the wind? . I am thinking of getting some for my trailer, so do you know what brand they are? Would you get them again if you had the choice?

    • Keven –
      πŸ˜€ That would be a sure way to rot an egg!

      I love the fact that the main awning is automatic. We never have to tie it down. It’s easy to adjust to exactly the spot you want with the touch of a button.

      I have mixed feelings about the slide toppers.They tend to catch and then dump buckets of rain. They do offer some extra protection. But, yes, they also flap some in the wind. So far they’ve been fine in Texas but I don’t know how they’ll do if we make it back to the windy west coast!

      If they don’t carry us away, I guess I’m happy to have them. πŸ˜€

  5. Oh Deb, 1200 calories is way too low, truly. Is your health all right? Food is tricky business. You’re starving more than likely. You know i’m not a fan of diets, so don’t take my meanderings to heart. I just worry. I realize people want to lose weight because they feel better physically and feel better about their appearance … all that is natural.

    Diets don’t teach life-long ways to “eat for life”. I’ll only say this because it’s my mantra.

    Eat what you like, but make sure the portions are the size of the palm of your hand. Eat lots of leafy green stuff. Protein is good too for energy: EGGS are actually a great and handy source of protein for a snack if you like boiled eggs. Baby Belle cheeses for snacks. Hummus … all in proportion.

    I feel sad when i know people are on diets. Keep me posted. πŸ™‚

    Pretty eggs. There are worse things to chow-down on. Oh dear, i could go on about that … XO mel

    • melis – no worries about the ‘diet’ – I’m being careful and pretty healthy. The biggest problem is my lack of exercise. When I’m awake, it’s too hot for a woman whose internal thermostat is struck at 103 to walk. I do go up and down the 4 steps of the RV dozens of times a day. πŸ˜‰
      I’m using LIVESTRONG.COM –
      It breaks down everything you eat into daily allowance of protein, carbs, fat etc..
      Inspired by your comment, Heidi bought all the makings for great salads today. Vegetables are so expensive here and our finanaces are so tight (just paid our taxes – barely) that we’ve been skimping on veggies.
      We’ve reformed! πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for caring,

  6. Where in Texas are you guys located. We are SE of Cotulla and didn’t have any tremors at least that I’m aware of. Please let me know. Hope you guys are okay. Glad you had a good Easter. Keep the notes coming, and please let me know approx. where you guys are.

    • Oh Cheryl –
      We’re just west of Yoakum.
      I’m sorry to have alarmed you.
      There wasn’t an earthquake.
      The ground was vibrating from the thundering parade of giant semis, which felt like tremors, which reminded me of the Kevin Bacon movie…
      Sometimes my sense of humor may be a little too obtuse. πŸ˜€
      All is well here – very busy and very dusty and very rumblie, but well.
      I hope all is well with you, too!

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