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Contact Color

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.                       ~ John Lubbock

I’m living in the last place on earth this perpetually overheated, 55 yr old, water-loving Yankee ever expected to live.

I work as a security guard which is about as ill-suited to my I hate conflict personality as a job could be.

It's just a BB gun - but it looks fierce!

For 25 years, I traveled all over the US as a trainer and public speaker.

For the last year and a half, I’ve worked in 2 counties in the state of Texas. I haven’t been further than 100 feet from the RV for a month.

I trained mostly healthcare professionals, the majority of whom were women. I taught communication skills.

Now I work with all men, mostly blue-collar. Many don’t understand me any better than I understand them, and most of the time we’re all speaking English. That doesn’t mean we’re speaking the same language. 😀

The amazing thing is, I like this job. It just goes to show you how full of surprises life can be! The folks in Texas have certainly taught me a lot. They’ve been nothing if not colorful!

I read a book a while back where one of the characters was colorful, in ways that go beyond personality. She was a synesthetes. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you can find the definition here:Wikipedia Definition.

There are different kinds of synethesia. I have color-graphemic synesthesia. I see letters and numbers as inherently colored. Some of the colors I don’t much care for but I’m not able to re-color them.

These aren’t my particular colors but it’s a nice visual.

I’ve always seen all numbers and letters, days of the week and months of the year in specific colors. Although scientific studies show this ‘condition’ has apparently produced some amazing mathematicians and even biologists, all it’s produced for me is a cheerful light-show. 😀

Just as I was surprised to learn not everyone has a rotating stack of 45’s playing in their head, I’d always assumed everyone saw numbers and letters in set colors.

The whole topic started me thinking about some things that fall more in the category of philosophically persistent than neurologically peculiar pathways.

I had less astigmatism when I was younger and could wear contacts without having them blow off.

I always wore green ones. I have green eyes so it didn’t change my appearance but it sure changed the way I saw the things. Those green contacts helped me see more clearly, but they didn’t add any tint, unlike rose-colored glasses.

Since moving to Texas, I’ve had plenty of time to take stock of what colors my view of the world. Preconceptions and a lack of understanding can do that. See: Everything I Needed to Know About Texas Tea, I Learned from the Beverly Hillbillies.

I’ve been asking myself: Am I a black vs white – wrong vs right kind of thinker?

Do I share enough of myself with others to be both true and interesting?

And especially, am I open to being in unexpected places, seeing unexpected things and finding humor and joy and gifts there?

By the way, if you’re wondering  if you may have a form of synesthesia, you can take a quick quiz at this site: Are you synesthete?

I’d love to hear what you come up with! That could lead to a post of a different color!

18 thoughts on “Contact Color

    • Judi-
      When they say “Everything’s bigger in Texas” it’s sometimes an exaggeration – but not often. Those Long Horn, have really long horns! 😀

  1. Well, I just loved all of this! 🙂 You share lots about yourself,and are both true and interesting and much more! The picture of the long horn is cool. And it made me remember something kind of silly I did a couple of years ago. Aub likes this one park and was feeding the chickens . I look over and see this Nordic Bull. He has really cool looking long hair and big horns. And he’s by the fence . . .wanting to be petted, thinks I. So I go to touch him and he pins my arm against the fence with his horns. I got away without serious injury, except to my pride. Aub still likes to tell everyone about it. I need me some duck tape. haha! Okay, off to take the test. I barely see so don’t think I see in color . . .

    • Yikes!
      OK friend, if you ever get down Texas way, we have some work to do. 😉
      Don’t let those big doe eyes fool you! And, a bull! Really?
      I’m so thankful Aub still has you to poke a little fun at!

      Here’s my new Texas motto: Stay away from things with horns, tails that sting, tails that rattle, anything with fangs, curly teeth, too many teeth, things that swim in your coffee or fly down your shirt. Well, that’s not the whole list, but you could start there and build your own! 😉

  2. Just a little synesthesia … not surprising. Middle is a familiar ground for moi. Or, is it? never mind … XO MEL

  3. Everything is in color. Everything is a landscape. I am a painter, and a great lover of Texas. 🙂 It IS IN COLOR, if not colorful.

    OK, now i’m going to take the test since i have time off from work. At least i’m waiting for permissions to POUR in for our next Dispute Resolution book. HAHAHA!

  4. I ‘smell’ things that happen on TV. That’s about it, for the synesthete sensibilities. What Debbie doesn’t say is that she’s a pretty darn good shot with that thing!

  5. Always Great, Sis!! That is a scary looking BB gun–maybe I should of just bought one a them, ‘stead a my .38! I love the color thing, as well as the jukebox–I’m heading over now to take the quiz!! God bless you, Debbie!!

    • Caddo –
      I had to break up a coon fight a couple of nights ago. They aren’t very friendly when they’re mad. I scared them off with the camera flash, but I have the gun ready, just in case. 😀
      Racoons have such thick skins, I don’t think it would hurt them, but it might keep them away from the RV and Henry!
      ~ Debbie

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