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Riggin’ Up Day 3

The best way to appreciate your job is it imagine yourself without one.  ~ Oscar Wilde

There are days, like when it was 97 degrees this week and I couldn’t get the winged stinging bug out of my t-shirt and I realized that the white stuff in my coffee was caliche, not creamer, that I have to remind myself to appreciate my job. Most days though, I know we have a good thing going.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m going to post some still shots, too.

WP refuses to let me order the pictures so the raising of the derrick is a little random here.

We’ve been drilling for three days now and all seem to be going well. 😀

15 thoughts on “Riggin’ Up Day 3

  1. We are sitting on a pad that is nothing but sand. Lay down the clipboard on kitchen cabinet and I have enough sand to line a cat box if I had a cat.
    Our rig had to be moved over about 18″ – so a slight delay there. Someone says this is job security. New pads are right behind our rig, Front row seats, i’m thinking.

    • Mickey –
      Sure sounds like front row seats!
      The is only the second pad we’ve had in a year and a half that’s big enough to sit on. We’ve had a couple little ones that we used for our front yard! 😉
      We love following a rig.
      Some people get bored. We like the knowing the routine and getting to know the folks we work with. And for us, it’s been great job security. When Forest stacked and we subbed for PetroHawk – everyone was nice enough but we never knew when the gate guards were coming back and we’d be back in the yard.

      We have a planned break in August for warranty repairs (that have to be done before the first week in Sept.)
      By that time, hopefully, we will have been with this rig for 6 straight months. We should be able to get a sub for our gate and come right back to them when we return. That’s great job security for year rounders like us!
      Looking forward to hearing about your view!

  2. The pictures and slideshow are sooo good! I love your thankfulness . . .that is one of the good things you have going on, for sure! 🙂 love and prayers!

    • Deb-
      We left one assignment where we didn’t have any internet or Tv (which we could have lived without) or phone (which we won’t go without down here – too isolated) after 5 days. We had RV repairs scheduled for 10 days later and a visit with my son who was flying into Houston for a convention. We didn’t feel like we could ask to be placed for just 10 days. The repairs took over a week and then we waited another 3 weeks for this job. So we only worked 20 days out of the first 60 this year. We’re thankful every day for the job! We hope not to have another day off until August 😀

  3. Again, Fascinating’ I wish I could get closer. I’d like to be there in the middle of the hard hats with my camera! Thanks for posting.

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