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Warning! Tornados! Floods! Lightening Strikes!

Well, this is interesting.

We’re currently under:

1. A Tornado Warning

2. A Tornado Watch

3. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning

4. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch

5. A Flood  Warning

6. A Flood Watch

7. A Hail Warning (but not Hail Watch).

Seriously? I don’t know if the weather service just can’t make up its mind or if it’s because we’re in the thick of it right now with a lot more on the way? I’m afraid it’s the latter

Y’all take care out there.

You other gate guards – sure would like to hear that you’re OK.

Bob and Gabby, I know there was a tornado near you.  And John and Terry, sounds like things were rough in Tilden. We hear they’ve shut down some of the rigs around Karnes City.

Not ours, so far…

The little hummer seems to be undeterred, though! He must be a Jim Rohn fan. 😀

How long should you try? Until. ~ Jim Rohn

19 thoughts on “Warning! Tornados! Floods! Lightening Strikes!

  1. OK, wheretf was I … I’m post praying … i was praying because i always pray for my trooper ladies!!! I’m so scared about you guys weathering the weather. REALLY scary.

    WHERE do you go for tornadoes. Please advise!!!

    • Hey melis!
      We’re fine. I really wrote the post because I’ve never seen Accu Weather issue both warnings and watches for something at the same time – especially 3 things!
      Little storm moving through now – then looks like sunny days ahead.
      We don’t go anywhere.
      We just hang on to our hats til it passes.
      (Safe travels to IOWA!!!)

  2. Just so everyone knows…Debbie got to bed at 5 this morning. She was a trooper. She lost electricity to the lights and the bell. Even trying to reset the breaker didn’t work. It’s all fixed again, now and we’re still here! I wanted to personally thank all of you for the prayers. I slept through it like a baby!

    • Diane –
      We’re just fine and as far as I know, everyone else is, too.
      There were a few tornadoes but I haven’t heard of anyone being injured.
      Hope you’re enjoying the NE!
      Henry sends his greetings to the girls!

  3. Sounds like you guys are getting it all, I think I will keep our 80 degree and clear sky weather.

  4. It looks like we are on an Island – we are surround by water. Truck got stuck yesterday and they sure made a mess trying to pull it out. Our road is covered in extra large muddy ridges. Woody has canopy up so we aren’t getting drowned logging in the traffic. Dry place for the dog’s bathroom area also.
    More big thunderstrom heading our way for early morning, here on Hwy 97East.
    We are lucky compared to some further North. Everyone stay safe.

    • Mickey –
      It’s a mucky mess, isn’t it?
      One thing about Texas, it’s so hot and parched that it won’t take too long to sink in – hopefully. I had vacuum trucks all night trying to suck up the river that was running through the middle of the rig site!
      Just started raining again, but I think it’ll be short this time.
      Take care!

  5. Thinking of you and praying too! Yikes! Watches and warnings about everything nearly? Do you think it’s a Texas thing? God, bless and cover Debbie and Heidi, keep them in the palm of Your mighty hand, and all the guys too. love you!

    • Deb –
      Thank you so much!
      We’re quite fine. It’s storming again right now, but looks like it will be very short lived!
      Wasn’t it weird that there was a triple double threat?
      Love to you, too!

  6. We’re still up here in Teague, Texas and so far, no severe weather. I’ve been keeping up with y’alls weather all day and saying prayers for all of your safety. Hopefully it will all end soon! Be safe. Vicky

    • Thanks Vicky!
      I’ve heard from many gate guards and so far everyone seems to be OK. 😀
      Glad y’all escaped the wicked weather!

      • Yep. We’ll be back on the job in a few weeks. We’ve had a lot of family stuff going on up here. Need to go to work to relax 😀 I have posts I want to make on the blog, but not enough time to do it. Soon enough…

    • Thank you, Sherrie!
      Sure is a contrast to last year’s drought! Glad for the rain for Texas – could do without the tornadoes and hail, but the rain is good.
      Mostly, I just thought it was unusual that everything was a warning and a watch! Weird.
      No damage and Heidi solved the generator troubles today so I don’t think I’ll lose my lights in the rain tonight. 😀

  7. Praying for y’all to be safe, and well. Nice quote by Jim Rohn… God bless you–love, sis Caddo

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