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I’ve Been Everywhere

This first video is the original by Brian Burns. The video at the end was shot by someone who visited every town in the song on a motorcycle! Actually, it seems I’ve Been Everywhere (in Texas, that is), has inspired many a road trip.

After a year and a half in Texas, I was surprised at how many of theses places, that even most Texans haven’t heard of, I lived in or been through.

Remember, as with most videos, once you start playing it, you can click on the partial square in the bottom right corner of the video and it will full screen.



I’ve been everywhere in the song, almost, and tomorrow I’ll be somewhere else. πŸ˜€

We’re done here drilling here in Concrete. There are still legions of trucks coming and going as we begin to rig down.

Tomorrow we head SW (out in the country between Beeville and Kenedy) about 75 miles. This would be kind of bad news to us overheated Yankees in Texas, in the Spring (which is really summer since it’s already 90’s every day), except that we’re moving with the rig and we have such a great group to work with!

We’ve been on the same ranch (2 different holes) since March 5th.

The day we moved to this site, it looked like this:



I’ve been to Waco, Hico, Hondo, Navasota, Winnsboro, Jacksboro, Hillsboro, Santa Rosa, Austin, Houston, Galveston, Texarkana, Frisco, Buffalo, Conroe, Corsicana,
Goliad, Groesbeck, Glen Rose, Red Oak, Post Oak, Live Oak, Lone Oak, no joke…



Before long the pad was filled to overflowing.



I’ve been to Kruegerville, Pflugerville, Van Horn, Val Verde, Brackettville, Bartonville, Beeville, Bulverde, Bear Creek, Cedar Creek, Mill Creek, Mineola, Maypearl, Monahans, Telephone, Tuscola, Redwater, Round Rock, Round Top, Round Lake, Sour Lake, Southlake, Spring Lake, for Pete’s sake…



I’ve been to Greenville, Gatesville, Gainesville, Alameda, Kerrville, Kellyville, Bastrop, Benavides, Somerville, Smithville, Stephenville, Prairie View, Luckenbach, Longview, Plainview, Idalou, Justin, Junction, Panorama, Pasadena, Angelina and Lorena…see what I mean-a…



Two nights ago the semi lights stretched for miles waiting for their turn:



Now let me see I’ve been to Valley Mills, Pine Mills, Dime Box, Duncanville, New Home, New Hope, New Deal, Liberty Hill, Rockport, Rock Creek, Bridgeport, Brownwood, Cleburne, Comanche, Cut & Shoot, Cottonwood, Bayview, Bayside, Baytown, Bay City, Falls City, Center City, Bridge City, what a pity…

It’s wildly busy tonight. I’ve had about 40 trucks in the past hour so I’m giving up on the computer and shifting my attention to tucking away fragile things.



We’ve packed up, backed up and done everything but hitch up. Tomorrow begins another grand adventure!


21 thoughts on “I’ve Been Everywhere

  1. LOVE this post! I had never heard the song before…it’s quite a catchy tune. I’m with Caddo, dancing in my chair. Loved all the photos, have been to a number of the towns mentioned. Couldn’t believe the one guy traveled more than 10,000 miles in the making of the video. Wow.

    We are gate guards in the Cotulla area. Love the diversion of reading and writing blogs. I have a link to your blog on my blogroll.

    Thanks for the entertainment.


    • Susan –
      OK – I THINK I’ve found all your comments now – that was so weird.
      WP is usually really good about screening.
      Thanks for hanging in there with me and thank you so much for the link!
      I’ll be over to visit you after dinner! πŸ˜‰

  2. U girls have sure done and seen a lot. I am proud of you both 4 sticking with it. But I sure do miss spending time with u.
    Heart hugs my friends:)

    • Hello Sue!
      We miss you like crazy!
      We’re saving up as fast as we can so we can come back and hunt for Trillium and agates with you!
      We saw a T@B today in town and pictured you and Sunny!
      Heart Hugs!
      Debbie (and H & H)

  3. Wonderful post. We were gate guarding in Live Oak. We’ve been to several other places, but alot more to get them all. I had heard Johnny Cash’s I’ve Been Everywhere, but first time hearing the Texas version! Awesome! Safe Travels Y’all. ps: update on Tom, had knee replacement on Mon, already has knee bend back to 95. Therapist had never seen that so soon. He’s working hard, think it’s traileritch! Tom & Lynn

  4. Haven’t read this yet … i’m making a folder for your posts, and the “gang’s” love you, melis

    • Hello Susie!
      It takes very little for me to think I’m having a grand adventure!
      It was and is! πŸ˜€
      Our trip went smoothly (or as smoothly as anything can go down a dirt road in southern Texas!

  5. Have a great move….hope there’s no HUAD.. We could use some of that heat up here in Maine, our high was 63 yesterday, I miss Texas.

    • Diane –
      I had a crazy busy night and Heidi slept right through the 1000 ringing of the bells. Not a bit of HUAD! πŸ˜‰
      You must be in the only cool spot in the country right now!
      Take care and tell the girls Henry says ‘hi’!

  6. Only you could put all of this moving into something wonderful like a singing song post! πŸ˜€ God bless you as you move but stay with your great group! love and prayers as you go!

    • Deb –
      I just looked back at my last several posts – you’d think I was writing a musical!
      Sometimes the fact that EVERYTHING makes me think of a song isn’t the best writing format. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for your love and prayers – sending mine to you,

  7. Well, ya sure had this ol’ sis dancin’ in her chair, Debbie! Hoo-boy!! Praying for y’all to have a good transition, and for the RLS to stay down (along with the bugs)–and always thanking Him for you, you’re the BEST! God bless ya–love, sis Caddo

    • Howdy Caddo –
      The RLS is a little rip roaring but the trip was just peachy.
      I would LOVE to see you dance in your chair! πŸ˜‰

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