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Patriotism Not Politics

We moved yesterday – no HUAD, no hitches (except the one we needed which held nicely). I’ll write more about that later. I wanted to take just a couple of minutes to say thank you.

I heard on the early morning news that today, Memorial Day, is fast becoming one of our nation’s top 3 favorite holidays after Christmas and the 4th of July –  exceeding even New’s Eve and Thanksgiving. I was amazed! We’ve become so politically polarized that I’d thought possibly patriotism was slipping.

No worries, I’m keeping my word about no politics or religion here at Fork. This isn’t a political post. It’s a patriotic post. Sometimes I think we’ve mixed those two things up. Do you know what I mean?

I’ve always been sort of weirdly patriotic, even when I was really little. I don’t think I was in school yet when my picture made the front page of the Middlebury, Indiana newspaper. The photographer didn’t snap the shot because I was cute. He took a picture of me because every day, I walked to the post office, stood out front, put my hand on my heart and said The Pledge of Allegiance, all by myself, right out loud.

I have no idea why I did this. I guess the folks inside the post office got a kick out of it and called the paper.

The first time we went to Mt Rushmore, my Mom and Dad had to drag me away (after the nightlight show). I loved it!


This morning’s reporter went on to explain Americans love for this holiday. It turns out we love Memorial Day because it’s considered “the big kick off to summer vacation” weekend. It doesn’t have anything to do with patriotism at all. It’s a grand paid day off work and an opportunity to do a little traveling.



6 months before my Dad died, I took him to a Memorial Day tribute to Veterans. At the end of the ceremony, they called out each branch of the military and had the veterans stand. They sat down as their war was named. My Dad was the last Marine standing at age 86. He cried that day. He said that it was so nice to be remembered. So nice to be thanked.


My Dad on the right

This  is just a brief thank you note on Memorial Day to those of you who are Veterans; to those of you who have family and friends serving in the military; to those who have lost ones you love on a battlefield somewhere.

Memorial Day isn’t about the politics of war, it’s about gratitude.

There are no “holidays” on an oil rig, but there are ways to say thank you, every day. Today it’s my turn to say thank you to our Veterans. I love the heart of this holiday. The thank you from America to all who, as Abraham Lincoln said, have done far above our poor power to add or detract

Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Patriotism Not Politics

  1. This has me crying. Thank you for saying “thank you” in such a beautiful way . .. without the politics. There is something about it all that runs so deep. I cry at the 4th of July fireworks we go to. (they are let off across the river from where we go to see them and there is a swing that Aub swings in the whole time) A radio station plays songs to go along with the display . . .and those songs just make me start crying . .. like now, with your post! tissue time. . .thank you, Debbie and God bless you as you listen to His heart beat!

    • Deb –
      I have a quick “choke up” reflex. The fact that I’m fairly easily moved to tears used to embarrass me. I lost it for a little while.
      Now I pray to hang on to enough vulnerability to be able to be easily moved.
      I can picture you crying and Aub swinging and the fireworks flashing. It’s a beautiful sight!

  2. Gush of waterworks–this is so deeply moving and beautiful. And how wonderful that a little girl would do what was in her heart, without need for audience. I won’t even comment on the cultural violation of holidays which were intended to be holy…

    • Caddo –
      I think I was probably pretty dorky but I had a lot of confidence when I was little. I certainly marched to my own beat until that got drummed out of me. II’ve taken up marching again. 😉

  3. as always beautiful debbie. we have so much in common. this post reminds me (i had not thought of this in years) of a time in elementary school when i got choked up and cried during the playing of the star spangled banner. happy memorial day to you.

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