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Walkin’ In High Cotton

We’re walkn’ in high cotton, which is actually pretty short, but its high cotton all the same. Now this is a surprise to me because I didn’t know (before moving south) that cotton was grown in Texas.

Guess which state in the nation grows the most cotton?

Texas, whose 3-year average production was over 6.2 million bales of cotton for the years 2006 through 2008, is the leading cotton-producing state. ~ National Cotton Council of America

So yes, there’s more than a little cotton down here and I expect we were bound to end up sittin’ in the middle of it sometime. And so we have!


I blame my lack of knowledge regarding Texas and cotton on Mr Brokaw, CCR and Alabama. Mr. Brokaw was my high school History and Geography teacher. He was also the assistant football coach. We mostly learned about the history of football.

A bale of cotton weighs about 500 pounds. ~ NCCA



If I’m going to be totally forthcoming, much of my particular view of geography and history comes from the fact that most of the ‘facts’ I remember are lyrics spinning in my weirdly wired jukebox brain. I can’t think about cotton (the look … the feel… the fabric of our lives) without a jingle or a song playing in my head.

I was influenced a lot by those around me – there was a lot of singing that went on in the cotton fields. ~ Willie Nelson



And I can’t look out the window without thinking about cotton so my brain’s a’ hummin’. Sometimes it’s Creedance Clearwater Revival singing about the Cotton Fields of Louisiana.



One bale of cotton can make 1,217 men’s T-shirts or 313,600 $100 bills. ~ NCCA



But most of the time the tune that’s playing as the current soundtrack to my life is Alabama singing High Cotton. It’s a look back at the good life in Alabama and not really about cotton, apart from the high reference, but I like it the best anyway.

And I love this video. It’s one of those click on the button to fill the screen and sit back and be grateful videos.You don’t have to beΒ  a fan of country music to enjoy it!



We are so walkin’ in High Cotton!

  • We have a job
  • We like the job
  • We really like the guys we work with
  • We haven’t seen a rattlesnake or a tarantula in almost a year
  • We’ve been mouse free for months
  • We have a real pea gravel pad 3 times the size of our RV
  • We almost made it to August before temps settled in the 100+ range



  • It’s been weeks since I’ve had giant bugs nesting in my hair or t-shirt
  • It’s been months since I’ve thrown water on a donkey
  • Fallen on any cow
  • Run into a tree with the RV
  • I haven’t left the RV for 7 weeks
  • SO, I haven’t gotten lost in 7 weeks

Hard to beat all that! High Cotton, for sure! πŸ˜€



The immature flower bud on a cotton plant is called a square. ~ University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture

Go figure. They look round, kind of like walnuts, to me. But then again, I’m the one who didn’t know there were cotton crops in Texas so who am I to say. πŸ˜€

30 thoughts on “Walkin’ In High Cotton

  1. “In them ole cotton fields back home…..” Those are rich memories. Country was the flavor growing up even without any cotton fields around us. Praying the critters and big bugs stay in the fields and your days until vacation are filled with even more joy!

    • Judi –
      Hello sweet country girl!
      It’s is eerily un-buggie here – just the normal moths and locust and cicadas and beetles, but none seem at all interested in living in my hair! πŸ˜€
      It’s been lovely! (and still there are plenty of little frogs!)
      Vacation in 10 days! Hurray!

  2. Debbie, I think you should write the headlines of the daily news…..I am NOT Pollyanna, but if every broadcast started with “High Cotton” the world would be a more pleasant place! Knowing you and Heidi are one of my many blessings!
    Hugs from Otown!

    • Hello Sandy!
      It’s always so grand to see you here!
      As much as Heidi and I loved teaching for you, it’s more special yet, to be your friend!
      Thanks for the wonderful memories and kind words!
      Debbie and Heidi

  3. Debbie– You make me laugh every day. I love this post! By the way, there are some things I blame CCR for in my life, but geography isn’t one of them. I was really moved by them, emotionally. And you know I love Alabama, too.

    I would add to the high cotton list: plenty of laughs and lots of time to contemplate and read. We are so blessed.

    Many people wouldn’t like this job, but some of us wild ones dearly love it and have been given adventures we’ll never forget in exchange for simplicity and taking some risks.

    While I’ll never, ever forget the learning curve of towing a fifth wheel, I am grateful to ‘understand’ better the mechanics of getting lost in all this cotton! Great post. Thanks, Debbie.

    • Heidi –
      I’ll try to work in Bad Moon Rising sometime! πŸ˜‰
      You so right, this isn’t a job people are ambivalent about. You like it or you don’t.
      Thank you for being so generous in not pointing out that I’m the one who cut the learning curse about 7 inches and $7000 too tightly! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nick!
      These stats are from 2004 so I have no idea if they’ve gone up or down, but Arizona did make the top 10 then! πŸ˜€
      1. Texas 1,546,320 28.61%
      2. California 772,711 14.30%
      3. Mississippi 526,497 9.74%
      4. Georgia 487,410 9.02%
      5. Arkansas 464,672 8.60%
      6. North Carolina 304,438 5.63%
      7. Tennessee 225,093 4.16%
      8. Missouri 197,986 3.66%
      9. Louisiana 196,766 3.64%
      10. Arizona 194,309 3.59%
      There’s cotton all over the South! πŸ˜€

  4. I so, so love your high cotton list! You are something special, gracious FF! I was so surprised to see so much GREEN. haha! God bless you and guide you as you take off in 3 weeks! love and prayers!

    • Hello Deb –
      I wrote the post just in time! They’ve plowed it all under!
      Maybe with two oil wells, they didn’t need the cotton?
      The green is all gone. Now it looks like snow… sort of! πŸ˜€
      Thank you for your faithful prayers and love!

    • Cuz –
      Of course Heidi prefers Bad Moon Rising and Down on the Corner. Maybe sometime when I’m not writing about Cotton! πŸ˜‰
      We’ll be singing soon.
      Got those bags packed yet?

  5. Yeah. I had a football coach for history once, too. I didn’t learn much history that year. On the flip side of that, my youngest, Stephanie, once had a history teacher who was also a coach. He LOVED history. He once showed up to class wearing a Davy Crockett costume.

    • Jeff –
      The head basketball coach was my Trig teacher, but I don’t think I can blame my poor math skills on him. I was pretty well lost from Algebra on. all the through 1 (and only 1) semester of Calculus!
      How fun for Stephanie! Those are the teachers you really never forget!

  6. Bless your baby heart, Sister (now, if you haven’t heard that one before, it’s definitely a phrase of endearment–and someday you’ll hear me say it in person, so you get the tone just right!). I’m thanking God that things are going so well for you–and looking forward to your break pretty quick. Always thankful for you, always praying God keeps y’all safe. Much love, sis Caddo

    • Caddo –
      I SO look forward to that day (when I hear you say it in person)!
      Vacation is soon!
      12 days, 15 hours and 9 minuets according to the countdown clock H. put on the laptop! πŸ˜‰
      Your love and prayers are a daily gift,

    • That’s so very true, Susie.
      I was talking to my sister last night who has a good friend that was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last week. It’s in his lungs, liver, bones etc…
      The doctors say 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months.
      And he is STILL walkin’ in High Cotton.
      It’s not about our circumstances nearly as much as we’d like to be able to say sometimes.
      God bless you , too, my friend,
      (His name is Bob if you’d be willing to add him to the list of those you pray for)

      • Yes Yes Yes I will place Bob’s name on the prayer list and on the need prayer page
        My husband also had Stage 4 Cancer about 7 years ago – the Lord had other plans for him and hubby is doing great!
        I will start the prayers for Bob right away and The Lord is holding Bob in His Hands
        God Bless

    • Hi Vicky!
      We’ve been very blessed and we’re very grateful.
      You know how it is in this business – you could certainly find yourself in small really short cotton! πŸ˜‰

  7. Loved the video … HORSES! AND … it’s a beautiful tribute to family, simplicity and HIGH COTTON. Hee Haw! OK, the lead singer is my type. Handsome, bearded and husky. I could find myself in little whirl of Alabama now.

    OK, you have a very convincing list of gratitude towards your job. I think your job sounds like a hoot. You work, you’re with your best friend, you write, you’re a BRILLIANT writer with a grand sense of humor …

    Reading about the FORK, i truly get that feeling that you are loving life. Even with no bugs nesting in your hair. Everyone needs an intimate friend. EW.

    Truly, love to you, MEL

    P.S. Prayers for a few of my pals. One has to put her dog Boo down today at 12 Pacific time, and one pooch in Medford, MA (that’s meffud) MA who’s nursing a doggie with cancer. Just putting out the word.

    • Mel –
      Randy Owen, back when this video was made, looked almost exactly like my cousin Danny, my first true love. πŸ˜€
      Maybe that’s part of the High Cotton for me!
      Praying for your friends. So very sorry.
      love to you, too,

  8. Thanks for all the great infor re cotton. Who knew? One other thing…………..7 weeks without leaving the rv is not healthy. Just sayin.

    • No kidding, Bob. I’m turning into a hermit! But 2 weeks from today, we’ll take about 3 weeks off. That should give me plenty of time to get lost! πŸ˜‰

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