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Going Dark

When I’ve been in New York City (once) 😉 and San Francisco a few times… it happened on Monday nights.



When I was in London (once) 😀 it was on Sunday nights.



I believe that most cities have a night when many of the theaters go dark. The show doesn’t close. They just take a night off.

Today I received a call from Gate Guard Services corporate offices, requesting that The Fork in the Road go dark as well.

While I’m free to keep the blog, I need to abide by their cease and desist request re: any future posts that are in any way related to the industry, gate guarding or to Gate Guard Services. They expressed their preference that this also includes all past posts (400+ ).

I may come back to Fork at some point with a different focus. I’m uncertain right now.

SO – one last thank you for being such an amazing group! I’ve truly been flabbergasted by your readership and support. Although I’m sure that you all don’t love musical theater (you know  how it is with me and music), I keep thinking of this song from Wicked so I’ll end with this and go dark, at least for now.



30 thoughts on “Going Dark

  1. Oh boy. Not this again. I’m glad that I’ll always be in contact with you, or I’d be really distressed. The Fork hasn’t been the same since the SL, SA rule went into effect. Don’t get me wrong! Always amazing, always fun, but now the fork gets a rest. Chopsticks perhaps. 😉 Love Mel

  2. So sad that I can’t read about all the wonderful people and happenings of your life’s, But I feel that All will be fine in your next en-diver(probably misspelled) to put into print those things that make us go HUH and get tickled. And we will look forward to it.

  3. I will miss your stories about gate guarding. Thanks for sharing with us. I will continue to read all of your other stuff.

  4. Oh no! I had your page bookmarked with all the contact info for GGS and others and now it’s gone. We were planning to try Gate Guarding this Fall. I could kick myself for not copying and pasting the info.

    I will miss your blog. I’ve been reading it for about a year as we’ve been making plans to hit the road. Thank you for all the info you have provided in the past. You definitely should keep blogging but I guess it’s hard when you are restricted as to what you can write about. Best of luck to you and Heidi and thanks again for everything!

  5. I feel that this is bullsh**! We are gate guards for the same company and I have posted many times about the company and what we are doing and never once did anybody said anything. What are the requirements needed to post and what not to post? Unless somebody gives me something in writing about what to post and what not to post then and only then will I abied by the rules of posting. I understand your situation but I don’t have to agree with it. Good luck and hoping to meet you all someday. Nick

  6. Wow! I can’t believe that this has happened to you. They should realize the promotional advantages they will be missing. I love reading about your adventures and your wonderful anecdotes, Debbie. I’m assuming that you will continue Two Minutes of Grace. You have a wonderful gift in writing and communication and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future. Don’t be downhearted, obviously GGS doesn’t know what they’re doing.
    ❤ Sue

  7. We will miss the fork but we will miss your way of presenting things the most. This turn of events certainly cinches it for us against gate guarding but we will stay in touch by phone if nothing else also you can follow us on our blog.
    Mike and Casey

  8. Please add me to your email list to your other blogs. Would love to follow along. Is GGS the only one that is making all of you gate guards do this?
    If what I read was correct that means you couldn’t talk to any other gate guards.
    Wowie Zowie so not fair.

  9. Gee.. and because of reading your blog, we want to try gate guarding! Don’t those people at the top understand your blog is a GOOD thing to attract RVers into the industry who already know what to expect??? By reading your blog, it gives a clear picture of what the job IS all about. Not some pipe dream or wishy washy image, but a real look at what it is. They are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. ARGGGHHHHHHH

  10. Debbie!! I am so sorry to hear that the “Bullies,Braggerts and Backstabbers” have made you shut down an enlightening and thought provoking blog. I agree, you have always had positive words about your employers and it makes them Texas size Bullies!

    Wishing you and Heidi all the best and please add my email to list so I may ride along on your next adventure! Hugs from Iowa!

  11. Sorry to hear that they are making you sign off about your job. My wife and I were thinking about trying the gate guard job, now not so sure. My question is “what do they have to hide” whenever a company surpresses it’s employees. Thanks for the blog. I have learned a lot from you.

  12. Well, I’ve been extremely busy with Woody and his surgery, but I always manaed to read your and a few others blogs. Where is free speech? What has stepped on their toes to demand all blogs stop? Still hope to meet you, Heidi and Henry.

  13. Gosh, Debbie–I’m very weepy (it was mostly the song), and praying that you’re really okay in your heart–must feel like you got slapped good, and as everyone has already said, “for what??” I’m stunned, as I thought it was such a great positive blog–entertaining and educational (a little) for those of us who have no clue about the profession and industry. I love you so much, and pray you’ll continue to shine your light of Grace elsewhere–don’t keep it under a bushel just because of what must be “plain dumb ignorance”. your FF Caddo Sis, SK, PG…

  14. Fare thee well, my dear Ladies, I have enjoyed the ride and musings, I suspect that the travails of GGS are to blame here, I wonder if the Tinhorn dictators of Texas know or even care how this appears outside the industry.

    Bon Voyage et Bon Chance de Louisiane. Mes amis,

    I hope to meet each and every one of you at the campground,

  15. I can’t believe this!

    DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Comes to mind (did you see Jen’s FB post)?

    I know you have to pick your battles, but this is VERY unfair. You have NEVER EVER EVER said anything bad about your employers! On the contrary … you have GIVEN many people TIPS on how to become gate guards, what the pay rate is, what the job is like, how to get along at the job, etc.

    What i’m saying is, you were actually doing them a favor with Fork! I’m assuming i HAVE to accept this … but i don’t like it!

    No forks, spoons or knives, or NAPKINS for the tyrants! Let them never have a piece of beef again! BOO! grrrr, i’m so scary.

    I know where to find you … that’s why i’m not totally sad … but i feel violated FOR you!

    MUCHO LOVE, and we shall see how things work out. Fork is such a great place to share your sense of humor!!!! WA

  16. Sad day in the RV today. This is the last time we will mention Gate Guard Services. For those many folks who took the risk of coming to Texas and working for GGS because of our promotions and encouragement, we only hope you love your job as much as we’ve loved ours.

    We feel we needed to offer some explanation for taking a different road from here forward.

    I’m trying to persuade Debbie to return to writing here in the future.

    “The Road Not Taken”
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    We have no regrets for taking this fork. The next one will be different.

    • Once again, I can’t begin to thank you enough for your encouragement and enthusiastic support! 😀
      I’m closing comments to this post in deference to the wish of our employers that nothing further be said about the company or the industry.

      • Love you guys!!! For the record, truthfully, Jen and I would never have considered jumping in an RV to guard a gate in the depths of Texas if we hadn’t read your encouraging and promotional posts on this topic.

        I had NO IDEA gate guarding existed …

        I am by no means a woman who needs a lot of money, but I was willing to try this gig for a salary that probably couldn’t support my Corn Muffin habit!

        You have made Gate Guarding an amazing and fun experience, well, short of actually doing the work!!! XO MELISSA

  17. I really enjoy your “fork” posts, I’m sure you could think of a way to continue the thoughts, without mentioning the gate thing. I know from my own personal experience that everyone has “critters” to deal with. we all have weather that is interesting. We ALL have life issues that we can use your unique insight to that would still apply to without mentioning “gates”. WE love you and your blog. My life would be less without reading your insight.

  18. I kind of want to cry. For some reason it feels like you are “in trouble” for doing something wholesome, helpful and good. I love your attitude and your grace and how you are handling this is a blessing and a witness. love you! See you on the other blog side!

  19. Debbie and Heidi

    I just cannot believe this would happen in an enlighted world

    We live outside Vegas and on the Strip where men hand out cards adverstising full nudity

    Las Vegans and visitors are appalled by these awful and (messy) tactics of the men who will do anything including invading your personal space to hand a card with nude women

    But the LAW says they have the right for free speech

    I wonder if Texas and the Oil Companies have heard of the LAW?

    Anyway – I will miss your post and I will see you Two Minutes of Grace

    I am flabergasted!

    God Bless

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