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I recently had repairs made to my 2012 Brookstone 5th wheel By Bob Jones RV. We had significant body work done by John and he is an artist with the paint. Our body paint is beautiful again and it’s impossible to tell where he fixed the side that was wiped out by the Palm tree. The function and beauty are completely restored.

The experience was so rewarding. We had multiple issues with the unit and they worked on each problem until it was resolved. Our satellite TV never did work unless we ran the cables through the window directly to the receiver box. Now we can hook up both cables in the utility bin and it works like it should.

When we contacted the company Chris was so gracious in leading us through the insurance process with our adjuster. We sent pictures to him since we were too far away to drive by. He took pains to answer our questions and we never regretted the decision to go with Bob Jones for the work.

Carlton coordinated our ticket of repairs with the shop, called appropriate companies to find out the answers to any of our questions and really made us almost enjoy the process of getting fixed up.

This went so much better than I feared. I can’t imagine how they could have helped us any more than they did. When we pulled up to pick up the trailer, it was all clean and looked brand new.

They stuck to their estimates for each job component and were more than fair in their prices. If you’ve ever had to get a job like this done and then had to find a way to have it re-done, you understand the importance of finding a repair place you can actually trust. I do. They are unusual. We found out about them by getting a referral from a friend. I only hope this helps someone else. I like to pass it forward.


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