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64th Emmy Awards Detour

I was planning on writing a bit about my recent not top-secret trip but the internet was barely firing so I stopped and “watched” the 64th Emmy Awards. I have no idea why.



Since becoming a TSA two years ago, I’ve made several life style changes. I now live in remote areas. I sleep during the day and I do my TSA work at night. I have, for the first time ever, a DVR, so I can now watch GMA in the pm. In spite of the DVR, I’m not a real big TV watcher. This became abundantly clear last night.

I have no idea what possessed me to record the Emmys, but I did. It was a 3 hour show that I watched in 3o minutes. I kept waiting to see something I recognized. I finally just fast forwarded to the big awards.

I’ve divided the nominees into 3 categories, reflective of my viewing experience:

  • Haven’t Ever Watched it – HEW.
  • Haven’t Even Heard of it – HEH?
  • I’ve seen this one           –  YEP!




“American Horror Story” – HEH?
WINNER “Game Change” – HEH?
“Hatfields & McCoys”  – HEW.
“Hemingway & Gellhorn” – HEH?
“Luther” – HEH?
“Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia” – HEH?




“The Big Bang Theory” – HEW.
“Curb Your Enthusiasm” – HEH?
“Girls” – HEH?
WINNER “Modern Family” HEW.
“30 Rock” HEW.
“Veep” – HEH?

I’m more inclined to watch dramas, so I still held out a little hope as I FF to the end.




“Boardwalk Empire” – HEH?
“Breaking Bad” –  HEH?
“Downton Abbey”  – HEW.
“Game of Thrones” – HEH?
WINNER “Homeland” – HEH?
“Mad Men”  – HEW.

Wow! I’m zero for 18 here. Not only have I never seen any of these shows, I’ve never even heard of most of them. Now that just seems wrong. I’m kind of old. But I’m not real, real old, and yet, I don’t have a single YEP!

In my feeble defensive, I don’t get Showtime or HBO. And one of the great perks (in my mind) of owning a DVR is that I can skip all the commercials so I rarely catch a preview of anything.

Seeing a murder on television… can help work off one’s antagonisms. And if you haven’t any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some. ~ Alfred Hitchcock

According to the The Washington Post, the best quote of the 2012 Emmys came from Claire Danes, who won best actress in a drama (Homeland  – HEH?) who said: Mandy Patinkin: holla! In my mind this just validates all those who think public speaking is worse than dying. Seriously? In a room jammed packed with actors and writers and directors, the quote that is trending is Mandy Patinkin:holla? 

In the end, the only shows I’d seen were in the In Memoriam tribute.



If you think and feel what you’re supposed to think and feel, hard enough, it’ll come out through your eyes – and the camera will see it.  ~ Andy Griffith



27 thoughts on “64th Emmy Awards Detour

  1. I recycled the TV so I’m even more “clueless.” I could be next to a star from 90210 (was last year) and not even know they are one. They should have given me his name so I could research his online portfolio before I sketched him! :o)

  2. Oh Debbie . . .this was so good and my brain was whirring as I thought . .. oh no, more code to learn! haha! I just watch what ever Aub wants to watch usually, so nothing on the list for me either! Except I did catch some of Downton Abbey a few times and liked it. 🙂 Glad it got mentioned at least and gave me my one “yep”. Aub’s theory, if it doesn’t have bugs, animals or cars featured in it, then it’s not worth watching. 🙂
    love ya and thanks for keeping us giggling and watching for more Forks in the Road!

    • Deb – I tried to keep the code easy for this one. 😉
      Does Aub like alligators?
      Heidi loves everything with alligators: Swamp People (Aub might not like that one since the are alligator hunters),Gator Boys, Cajun Justice etc…In our first TSA tour, most of the guys we worked with were from Louisiana and she’s been hooked on the Cajun culture ever since!

    • Hi Carol!
      I have no idea – they may all be great – since I haven’t seen any of them I can’t even comment.
      I was certainly surprised, though, that I haven’t even heard of most of them.
      I guess Heidi and I share the same rock! 😉

  3. I do watch Big Bang Theory. Funny.

    I watched Downton Abbey for lack of nothing good and I really liked it.

    I could live w/o it.

    I keep forgetting about it but I used to enjoy mystery radio theatre. Loved it. I should see if I can find some online to play. Sound effects are fun. You get to create the scenes and characters yourself.

  4. Well, I’m offering you an award for watching the Emmys show–for stamina and forbearance, tolerance–I don’t know what else. I love the quotes from Hitch and Andy. And I’m certain I’m OLD when it comes to TV viewing–my viewing is pretty selective and narrow, and although it would be cheaper to have those “regular channels” featuring Emmy nominees, I pay for some of the “other channels”. I don’t watch ABC, NBC, CBS–except for Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery. I like the Western channel, and the retro shows (which includes Alfred Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, and my fave Sunday night program–“Columbo”); and I have to have the sports channels–ONLY for my bull riding “sons”. In conclusion, my list would have looked like yours, Debbie–and I could only have survived your 30 min version, not 3 hours–good grief!! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

    • Caddo –
      I don’t think we get the channel that carry’s Columbo or Hitch. (I loved his cameos) I probably know all of the Twilight Zone episodes by heart! 😀

      You and your bull riding boys.
      You definitely have some Texas cousin in your blood!

      By the way, when we were on vacation, we passed up a chance to eat at a restaurant that had a mechanical bull. I was joking about it when Heidi said she would have loved to ride on it?!? Who knew?!
      Next time!

  5. I’m with you…without having Showtime or HBO I don’t know any of those shows. I think Claire Danes remark takes on a different significance if you spell “holla” differently and it becomes Halal, which is Hebrew for “praise” and is the root word for “hallelujah”. So in that context, with Mandy Patinkin being Jewish, it comes out “Mandy Patinkin: Praise” or hallelujah for working with him. Now that seems appropriate.

  6. IMHO… most TV is not worth watching so I would have to agree on HEW or HEH on most of the ones you mentioned. We watch old reruns of JAG, NCIS and I just love the PIXL channel, love stories. I’m a hopeless romantic 🙂
    I do record the Tonight show so I can watch it when I get up as it is usually just ended at that time.

    I wish good TV would make a come back. I hate all of this reality crap!!!

    • Vicky –
      Could be our age is showing, ya think?
      I’m starting to feel like my Dad who insisted TV went downhill after Lawrence Welk!
      These may all be wonderful shows. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never seen any of them. 😀
      I seem to have an inexplicable utter lack of curiosity when it comes to TV.

  7. I knew one. Big Bang Theory. I like that one because it makes me laugh. Also Mike and Molly for the same reason. Other than that I am a real dud when it comes to tv and movies. I did like Anderson Cooper’s afternoon program until he changed his format this year. Other than that, all I watch is the news. Setting here thinking, why do I need tv? I have you for my entertainment!! You and Heidi make me laugh!!

    • Jill – 😀 You’re so fun!
      I’d never even seen Jimmy Kimmel before the awards show and I work nights…
      At least my kids are too old to me embarrassed by me. 😀

  8. You two are so funny. I have a more “normal” life routine and there’s plenty you listed I’ve not heard of or have no desire to tune in. I will say I think you’d like Downton Abbey. We have Netflix and the only way I’ve even heard of some of those you’ve mentioned. I’m so glad we’re a football family 😉

    • Debby –
      I love Maggie Smith! Of course I would – she’s old, I’m old, I’ve heard a lot of good reports on Downton Abbey but never manage to catch it.
      We don’t watch sports either.
      The RV has 3 TVs (1 swings open outside).2 of them have never been un-bubble wrapped.
      I do a little better with the Grammy’s. You know how I like my music! 😉

  9. Seriously?? I had no idea. I just turn on the TV, go to the recorded programs and choose one of the listings that have been taped and I’m happy! I’m clueless. This update is as unsettling as the doctor’s ‘at your age’ comments.

    I was going to say ‘holla’, but I’m not sure if it has some kind of innuendo that I’d rather not infer. Crawling back under the rock now.

    • Well Heidi, I’m afraid I’m to blame for the rock since I do all of the recording. I do try to keep you supplied with alligators, though (can’t imagine why none of those shows made the award program?). When all else fails, you can almost always find some version of Law and Order playing on some station – day or night!
      This just in from the Huff Post – take your pick. 😀

      “Was she saying, “holla,” in the style of certain ’90s rappers? Or was she paying tribute to the Jewish heritage of Patinkin’s character, Saul Berenson, by referencing the ceremonial bread reserved for Sabbath and holiday meals?

      Logic would suggest that Danes, who rose to fame as a star of the ground-breaking alt-teen TV series “My So-Called Life” in the mid-90s, was making a joking hip-hop reference. But some Tweeters might prefer to think that she was making a religious-themed double entendre.”

      I like Bobbie’s thoughts on this one (see comment from Bobbie Chapman). I don’t know if she’s right, but she’s surely creative!

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