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Learning to Roll With It

The older I get, the more necessary it becomes to learn to roll with it.

I was pretty athletic when I was younger getting straight A+’s in P.E. in every unit except gymnastics. I wasn’t flexible. I’d Run, Tuck and Splat Out Flat. I never did get the Roll part down. I’d just thump over onto my back.

In the past several years, my athleticism seems to have left me. I now tip over so often. I’ve had to learn to roll to prevent seriously damaging any one single section of my body.

In my life as a Top Secret Agent, being able to roll with things is crucial. I can’t tell you what things because they’re secret so you can just make some up!

Here’s a visual. It has nothing to do with my TSA job or with rolling with it, but Heidi did make rolls  today and the RV still smells like fresh bread!

Which would be a grand thing if I could eat any.

I won’t because I’m still on a diet. And yes, I did say diet. No I didn’t say a I’m on a quest to learn how to eat healthier.  I’ve always known how to do that. Pretty much everyone knows that.

Heidi’s on the pathway of healthy eating because she’s all done with her diet, as of last week! When I’m done with mine, I’ll hop and skip down the healthy eating pathway, too.

But, for now, I’m on a diet.

The word Diet has become very un-PC, even to the diet industry. Funny. Pretending I’m not dieting would be like that word game where I say I don’t have problems, I just have opportunities. That’s one of those motivational sayings that was made up to sell books and posters. Of course I have problems. We all have problems. And I really am on a diet.
I’ve had a bit of success with this diet thing and I’ll write about that soon, but tonight I’m just concentrating on rolling.

Back to vacation – no worries, Fork isn’t going to turn into a travelogue – I just have a couple more stories to share. Vacations require a different set of rolling skills. For me it means being awake in the daytime and sleeping at night, which plays havoc with the cogs in my TSA clockwork. Since a segment of this past trip involved a cruise, some rolling was automatically attached.

Holland America – Amsterdam

We successfully joined up with our luggage and my cousin T and her husband B (sticking with code) to begin our all expense paid vacation that we’d won (like the 6 cruises before this one) by virtue of the Generous Cousin Foundation.

Me and T before things went bad

We stayed at The Edgewater Thursday night, just down the street from Pikes’s Market. It’s built entirely on a pier – but it didn’t roll.

Definitely not Sleepless in Seattle at The Edgewater

In addition to being on a pier, which is very cool, it’s famous because The Beatles fished off the balcony of their room when they stayed there.

I have no idea if they caught anything? Probably not – but it sure made for a great photo opp!

We boarded the ship Friday afternoon feeling full of anticipation and optimism.

Heidi  is all happy here because she had no idea what I was about to do to us.

We sailed away out of Seattle’s beautiful harbor.

Leaving Seattle and Mount Rainier

We met our cabin stewards, Wala and Jocko. This was the tipping point – literally and figuratively. I’ll be coming back to this moment in the next post. We had a lovely dinner and everything was pretty perfect. We slept to the soft sounds of the ocean and woke up Saturday to rolling seas.

Heidi starting feeling sick right away. She’s a little prone to motion sickness. She tried all the conventional cures – Bonine, ginger, sleep, tea, Tums etc… but she kept getting worse. A half a Bonine (I assumed named for My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean – sick at her stomach) and she’s  usually good to go. Not this time.

Saturday was an At Sea day (no port – Tracy Arms Glacier).

Tracy Arms Fjord

By noon, I wasn’t feeling too well either and I’m a Tilt-A Whirl kind of girl. I love motion!

In my TSA job, I never drink the water. TSA’s all know better than to drink tap water (we never know what might live in it). I had been drinking tap water (because it’s free) on the trip. We diagnosed Heidi with seasickness and me with tap-water-sickness.

H spent most of the day on the veranda sleeping and glacier gazing.

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

I spent the whole day doing very little gazing – mostly just glazed over, lying on the sofa. It’s tradition to serve split pea soup to accompany glacier gazing. I can’t tell you how terrible spit pea soup sounds when you have motion/drinking water sickness.

My view of Icy Straits from my vantage point on the sofa. (If you ever take a cruise, spring for a veranda. It’s so worth it! Thank you, T!)

We were glad for the At Sea day to recover since the next day held the promise of a Float Plane Bear Hunting trip in Juneau. I had no idea that things were about to go from not so good to really bad, all because I was trying to be polite.

16 thoughts on “Learning to Roll With It

  1. I just took the Alaskan cruise in August and we stayed 3 days at the Edgewater. It was our first trip to the Northwest and we had a great time. Majestic. It was amazing to be in such luxury on the boat with the wilderness so close…

    • Hi Jim!
      Were you the ones who left the flu behind? 😉
      The Edgewater was amazing and you described the cruise beautifully – it was something to go back and forth from luxury to wilderness day after day.
      Wondering if you saw a lot a whales? August should have been a good time for whale watching.
      We saw Orcas and Humpbacks this time.
      Great fun!

  2. I almost don’t want to like since you were both sick but you made me laugh so I must! The one cruise I took I had the great plans to continue my regular daily walks…the Caribbean must have more Lake Michigan movement….it was not too pretty trying to keep my balance!

    • We’ve only been on one cruise on the East Coast. I can’t remember if the ocean tossed us about more there or not? Heidi would probably know since she’s the one who gets seasick.
      At least she just barely got the cruise flu. She was only sick one day and kept all of her food down. But of course, she isn’t as polite as I am! 😉

  3. Oh boy … been there. We were going to take the Holland trip boat … i’m glad we didn’t. Flu on a boat. Not a good thing.

  4. First of all, those rolls look beautiful. I don’t know how you resist. Watch out rolling around on your secret job. The rattlers are still out and thriving. Someone once told me that you couldn’t even feel the big ships move. Now I know that isn’t true, I won’t go on a cruise. I get very ill in in a motor boat on the great lakes!

    • Jill –
      I confess, I broke down and ate a roll tonight. That girl can cook! 😀
      If you were closer, she’d bake some bread for you and Mr A!
      Unless you hit usually rough seas, there’s not much motion on cruise ships –
      a lot less than on a motor boat on Lake Michigan!
      Now when the ground starts rolling (rattling) down here, we’re in trouble!
      So far it’s just the constant howling of the coyotes at night…

  5. Oh no . ..as Sis Caddo says, you have left us in suspenders! I feel so bad that you two felt so bad on that cruise. What gorgeous pics . ..that water, Wow! And the mountains? more wow! But now I have to tell you that while feeling so bad for you, you had me laughing so much in this, just that way you write! Makes it hard for you to believe me when I’m giggling, doesn’t it? I’m kind of nervous about what happens next . ..
    I do love you.Really. God bless!

    • Hey Deb!
      I’m starting to feel like the neighbor that invites you over for dinner but really just wants to show you vacation pictures. I took a couple thousand – the joy of a digital camera and rechargeable batteries so I may post some sans the storytelling.:D

  6. I was gagging right away–this gal doesn’t do “motion” well at all, so cruises are out (saves me the bundle I don’t have anyway). Pea soup?? I love it, but in this scenario it’s just masochistic. Love hearing about the vaca, Debbie–as usual, I’m a vicarious adventurer!! God bless y’all Big–love, sis Caddo

    • Caddo, you land lover you,
      I have a follow up post and then one story about bears and I’m done writing about the trip (which is fast fading from my memory in the 90 degree heat).
      As Heidi pointed out, no one really wants to read about someone else’s vacation. 😉

  7. Oh no! I hope you didn’t get one of those cruise ship sicknesses. What a horrible way to feel on vacation. At least if it’s seasickness you should feel better when the ship docks, right?

    Love the Edgewater. We stayed there once on a weekend getaway from Portland, OR. Isn’t the view of Mt. Rainier from the water stunning. So glad you got to see it because it’s in clouds for a lot of the year.

    I’m wondering how your weather is because a big Alaskan cold front is dropping south today bringing early snow to the Northwest and northern California.

    I hope you feel better soon. No fun to have seasickness (or any other sickness for that matter) when you’re on vacation.


    • Hello Susan!
      We set sail Sept 7th. I’ve been well for a long time! 😉
      You’re quite right – it didn’t turn out to be seasickness at all.
      I can’t remember the last time I was that sick – but it only lasted a few days. 😀
      Hope you’re continuing to mend!

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