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Cords: The Ties That Bind – A Tribute

To say that we aren’t “crafty” would be an understatement of some magnitude. You’ve seen my drawings and my pumpkins so you have some idea. The fact that you haven’t seen any drawings or pumpkin carvings by Heidi should help fill out the picture.

And, of course, you know about my knitting – scarves – just scarves.  Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, Heidi connected with some folks on the East Coast that were in desperate need of scarves and and mittens. I was thrilled to box up garbage bags full of scarves, knowing they were going to add the smallest bit of comfort.

That’s what we want to do when in light of unimaginable sorrow – try to find some tangible way to comfort.

Our TSA boss asked if we would make something out of blue and yellow ribbons for everyone to wear today. Last night we were given spools of blue and yellow cords. I had no idea what to do with cord. I tried braiding bracelets without much success. I finally gave up and fashioned pins that I hoped look a little like children.

We all wore them today – everyone who works here, everyone who came here. All over the nation, people were wearing Sandy Hook’s school colors: green and white or blue and yellow, because we want to do something, anything. We want to help and we can’t. Feeling helpless can lead to hopelessness. It can also lead to indifference.

Mourning is love with no place to go. ~ anon

Today we wore their colors… for at least one more day, we remembered and prayed. Before long, the news coverage will switch to the fiscal cliff or another tragedy and most of our lives will settle into a routine of regular-ness. It has to be that way or we couldn’t survive. We can’t carry the weight of all the grief and sorrows we hear about each day. But today, we cry. Today we pray.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief… and unspeakable love. ~ Washington Irving

What we can’t afford to do is to become indifferent. We’re bound together by cords. This isn’t a post about guns or mental health. It’s not a platform. It’s personal. It’s a call to care, to pray, to remember. I’m going to leave my little blue and yellow cords on until they come a part just to help me remember a little longer.

Quiet and sincere sympathy is often the most welcome and efficient consolation to the afflicted. Said a wise man to one in deep sorrow, ‘I did not come to comfort you; God only can do that; but I did come to say how deeply and tenderly I feel for you in your affliction. ~ Tyron Edwards

Tonight The Voice opened with a moving tribute – click on the Watch on You Tube link.


18 thoughts on “Cords: The Ties That Bind – A Tribute

  1. God has blessed you with the ability to eloquently share your thoughts and feelings in such a meaningful way. You are able to artfully shape your words with pictures, quotes and clips and give us a full representation of your thoughts and prayers for the day. The ribbon children were perfect. You have blessed us once again, Debbie. Thank you.

    • Karla –
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I questioned writing about this at all as any words seem so pale and inadequate but it felt like no words would be worse yet – as if nothing had happened.

    • Hello dear Mel –
      Two Minutes doesn’t meet the criteria but Fork does. I’ll try. I’m hopelessly far behind in the award acceptance category. And truly, does anyone want to know that much about me? I’m honored by the honor, my friend.

  2. I saw the tribute on the Voice as well. I thought it was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Just absolutely beautiful ! I live the quote by Tyron Edwards.


  3. Thank you, gracious TSA, for all the really helpful advice and quotes, to help us know what to do with our grief and mourning. You bless us! I thought the ribbon children were perfect .. just perfect. You did good. God bless you and keep you as you pray and remember.

    • Deb –
      The ribbons were supposed to be just for a day but I know me and know how quickly I can forget so I keep on wearing mine to remind myself to continue to pray for those who can’t forget, ever.

    • Penny – It’s only been a week but already the memory is pushed back by other things. I made a few extra ribbon children. Heidi and I are still wearing ours as a reminder to remember.

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