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Slip Sliding Away

I’m not clumsy. It’s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies and the walls get in the way. ~ unknown author but it could have been me

Three months ago, on a dark and stormy night, much like this one, I took an embarrassing tumble – more of a slipping sliding landing on my seat stumble, down my RV steps. I was pretty sure this fall was a little more complicated than the last or 20 or so I’d taken. Usually I fall over and bounce right back up like a Bozo the Clown punching bag.

Maybe my problem is that I still cling to the imagine of an entire P.E. history of A+’s and I haven’t come to terms with my past mid-life clumsiness. Truth is, I tip over a lot. In this instance, however, the steps were wet, I was in a hurry so the guys at the gate wouldn’t have to wait, I went down and I didn’t bounce back.

My not so subtle landing on the last step (there are only 4) shook the RV like an explosion (always a possibility in our business). Heidi woke up, got dressed and was out the door in about 57 seconds. I’m pretty far past stoic when it comes to pain but this time I just sat there. It’s hard to describe. It felt like someone had just rammed a fiery poker through my knee.

I wrote about this back when it happened. I fell the first week of February which was fortuitous, if a fall can be fortuitous, since 10 days later we had a week off between the stacking of our old rig and our Company Man calling us to follow him at his new rig.

During the week off I did all the things you do with a bum knee. I sat – a lot – with my leg elevated and wrapped in ice.

I tried Ibuprofen and Aleve and Aspercreme.

When it was time to get back to work, Heidi bought every kind of knee brace Walmart carries. I have 1 that I can wear under my black pants which are loose and 1 that I wear over my jeans which aren’t and 1 that I sleep in so the other 2 can air out.

After 3 months of being afraid to exercise or move really, our rig came back to the area where my PA is located. I went in this week and it took her about 2 minutes to determine that I have a torn meniscus – a common injury of athletes and old people.

My PA referred me to an Orthopedic surgeon who would do an MRI and then would prescribe surgery or PT. Self employment has it’s benefits but medical insurance isn’t one of them.

For some reason, the diagnosis discouraged me. I don’t know why? After 3 months of quite a lot of pain, what was I hoping she would say? I already knew it hurt – a lot – so why I thought a torn meniscus was bad news, I’m not sure.

Here’s what happened that night. The gate was quiet at my TSL.Β  I watched 3 old episodes of Glee and 2 of Jeopardy. Pathetic, I know. It’s was during the “Think music” that I got over myself and started thinking.

I made the uncharacteristic decision to be ‘pro-active’ – a word I’ve never even used in a sentence, let alone applied. I Googled torn meniscus, read about 20 articles and looked at 5 or 6 sites with rehab exercises. I picked the WebMD exercises because they have a good reputation and pictures. I need pictures. I get confused without pictures.

I wrote everyΒ  exercise out in detail. Then I got the great idea of putting the computer on the floor (so I could study the pictures) and I plopped myself down beside it. The first exercise was called a Quad set. The exercise required a towel under the ‘injured leg’. I started to get up to get a towel and found out that, well, no, getting up wasn’t really an option.

I know me. I was pretty sure that once I managed to get up, I wouldn’t get back down again so I scooted over to the chair and grabbed the yarn, needles and all – stuck the yarn under my leg, prayed for no traffic and began my rehab.

During those 30 minutes, the bell didn’t ring even once. I eventually rolled myself over to the sofa and dragged myself up. I felt entirely better. My leg hurt maybe just a little worse but my attitude changed completely.

I was very impressed with myself. When Heidi got up I shared my new rehab plan with her. Ever the practical one, she thought probably it would be better to carry out this choreography while she’s up and can get the gate. True.

Yesterday was rehab day two!

35 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away

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  2. i think the frog chasing would be a great diversion!
    Sorry the rest didn’t do it and hope you’re hopping along quickly. I’m another of those without insurance so waiting something out happens more and more. Along with more prayer!!! Praying for restoration for your meniscus and more sister!

    • Hello dear Judi!
      In the end, Henry was kind of afraid of the frogs. He liked them until they started croaking. That was a little startling for him. πŸ˜€
      You and I and another 46 million Americans without insurance will have to keep waiting until there’s some kind of plan that we can buy into. In the meantime, I’m going to have to work on my balancing act! πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for your prayers.
      You’re so generous with your heart and your time.

  3. Sure hope the exerciseshelp!! So grateful Hiedi is taking such good care of you and being so smart! Wish I could do something besides pray, but that I will do!! Love you 3!!!

  4. I haven’t heard from you in a few days, hoping your rehab is not bringing you too much pain. Rain on caliche makes for a slippery mess, so be careful. Take care my friend and our prayers are with you.

    • Thank you, dear friend!
      Since my Mom died, I haven’t had anyone that worried about me if they didn’t hear from me until you! You can’t know how much that means to me.
      Thank you and thank you for praying as you always do.

      Last night, Henry wanted to pull the air mattress out of the sofa and inflate and float down to Tildentown to see you, but he was afraid of the frogs and decided to stay in, instead. πŸ˜€

      It’s plenty wet tonight but they brought in vac trucks yesterday and sucked up the entire lake! Quite an undertaking.
      I’m being much more careful than usual (I’m kind of a step bounder by nature)!

  5. My wife had a torn meniscus once. She went through the arthroscopic surgery and everything. But she had so many other issues, she wound up getting the whole knee replaced. I don’t say that to discourage you, though. Hopefully, your exercises will help. She had a lot of arthritis in there, as well. Will be praying for healing and recovery! ❀

    • Hello Jeff!
      When I was 19, I was in a pretty bad car wreck. The steel rod that holds the steering wheel in place when part of the way through my knee. The 42 stitches left it looking kind of gnarly and I think somewhat weakened.
      The PA said I have do also have arthritis in it, but I think (hope) it’s rehab-able! πŸ˜€
      As always, thanks for your prayers and kind words!

  6. Oh Debbie! You still manage to crack me up even when you’re in terrible pain. It’s truly a bummer to have knee issues. Between the ice, the limping and inability to do just about anything, it becomes all encompassing. Life is whittled down to The Knee Injury. It has to. I am so proud that you are not going for surgery. Will you have to eventually? Or can PT fix it? I guess you’ll find out soon enough. BIG HUGS and BIG “been there” from your slippery friend Mel. I too have some kind of vertigo goin’ on. I think it has to do with menopause for me. I’m also a well-known tripper. XO LOVE MEL

    • Mel, my trippin’ friend –
      Yes, there are times when I feel like I’m one GIANT knee! πŸ˜‰
      I can’t afford the surgery so I’m counting on this to work – eventually.
      I’m pretty patient (clearly, since I spent 4 months doing nothing (not my best move) waiting for it to get well on it’s own!
      Keep your feet under you, my friend!
      The wind is whipping here – sending love on it all the way to the Windy City!

    • Hi Susie!
      I can’t afford the time off or the cost of the surgery right now (looks like it would run between $4000-$5000 in Oklahoma City) but the Center looks great! Thank you so much for the link. It’s something I’ll certainly keep as a reference for the future!

  7. You are amazing, to look that up and get started yourself! Praying that it helps you and you can skip all the other things the doctor ordered. I am smiling, thinking about something shared on the radio the other day. A guy called in to say he watched a YouTube video on how to change his fuel injectors, and was able to do it himself and saved $1500. The radio host said that when he needs his appendix removed, he’s going to look it up on YouTube first. πŸ™‚
    love you and God bless you and your knee!

    • Hello Deb!
      I didn’t think of YouTube – there are probably some rehab videos I should watch! I’ll have to check it out. πŸ˜€
      The exercises hurt some but not terribly so I think that’s a good sign… maybe!

  8. Bless your heart, Debbie–I know about knee injuries and pain, personally; and I know my boys (PBR) are habitually tearing meniscuses etc. Have you tried the product “Blue Emu”? The boys use it (the company is a sponsor for a number of my boys). I’ll just pray more–if that don’t help, call me in the morning. God bless you BIG, Caddo of the slightly tarnished SG

    • Hey there, jaels!
      Heidi is heading to Walmart today. I’ve never heard of Blue Emu but I Googled it and they carry it so I’ll give it a try!
      Thanks for the advice – and as always, thanks for the prayers!
      I can see you reflecting the SG all the way down here – not a speck of tarnish (just sayin’)!

  9. Yes, I too am wondering how you have managed the steps all this time. You must be a real trooper. So sorry for your injury (sympathy here from me). Glad you being so proactive and sure hope it works out well. Even though I’ve never met you guys, I love ya!!!!!! May the force be with you!!!!!

    • Well Penny, I have to say, I love working nights all the more now!
      I’m not sure we’d be able to do it if I had to handle the daytime traffic.
      On the afternoons that Heidi is gone (shopping etc..) and I have her normal traffic, my knee is throbbing.
      Plus, you know how it is – nights are mostly made up of mud and cement and welding – not many sneaky sales folks pretending someone has ordered steaks at 2 a.m.!
      I like it like that.
      On the other hand, as she just said yesterday, Heidi likes to tell people “No”!
      Me, not so much… ;D

  10. BE CAREFUL!!! I hope the rehab does the trick. That said, be very careful not to damage it further. I agree with Heidi… do your rehab when she can take the gate. You two take care πŸ˜ƒ

  11. You my friend r a great lady and between your cheerleader Hedi at your side and rehab daily you will lick yet another bumb in the road. Heart hugs!

    • Sue, my friend –
      If only we were in the same spot (wishing we were in Gold Beach, certainly not wishing you were in this barren portion of TX) we could hobble along together! Your bone chip and my torn tissue wouldn’t stand a chance with H taking over our rehab! Heart Hugs to you, too, dear friend!

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