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Heigh-ho, Heidi HO

It’s been a while since I’ve written so it may take a little time to catch you up. I’ll start with Heidi HO. Heidi HO is her legal name, which she gave herself. It’s a long story…

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It’s home from work we go…

Do you remember the Seven Dwarfs whistling and singing this song?

Well, it’s just like that here except there are no diamonds or rubies and we’re never off work and the lyrics are more like:

Heidi HO, Heidi HO
It’s home at work she goes…

Believe me, this woman works! And ever since the first week of February when I ripped my meniscus, she’s been working overtime, fighting the elements, the intruders and warding off the possibility of any misconceptions (I’ll get to that part in a bit).

For starters, Heidi finds multiple reason to walk around on the roof. First there were bees gathering in the vent (she had a can of hornet spray too, not just the fly swatter). Then there was the squeaky bathroom fan.

Then there were two tiny, tiny leaks.

The bees are gone. The squeak is better and the leaks are sealed but I’m sure there’ll be something else up there to check on any day now.

I’m not allowed on the roof since I fall off theΒ  steps.

And when she’s not on top of the RV, she’s often under it.

Oops, wrong legs! Too hairy. That pair belongs to our mobile RV repairman that had the less than glamorous task of replacing our grey water valve and our toilet.

This is the picture I meant to use. Heidi is very diligent when it comes to warding off the encroaching caliche, making sure our slides slide and our jacks jack and our steps don’t freeze in place.

She’s constantly baking – for us and for the guys on the rig. She bakes so much she wore out the microwave/convention oven and we had to buy a new one.

This one is scary smart. It may be even smarter than my phone. It can sense when I’m looking at it with confusion and it starts frantically flashing messages at me. Press, Set, Choose etc… This makes me nervous so I push Sensor Heat and let it have it’s way.

Heidi’s also been doing more adventurous things. There was the recon trip which included ditch diving, rolling under barbed-wire and crawling through burrs and stickers to get what she thought was a right-side-up wild bore’s head. It turned out to be an upside-down cow skull but she was still very, very proud.

You already know about the onslaught of rattlesnakes. Heidi Ho is very comfortable with a hoe. Just sayin’…

For a day or two we had a rattlesnake head coming out of the eye socket of the recently procured cow’s skull. She says: Hey, we’re just two women with a hoe a long way from nowhere. Heidi is very symbolic and loves to send “messages”. Pretty sure this is supposed to mean best not mess with me.

The problem with the snake’s head in the skull, apart from the fact that it was truly creepy, was that most likely, the resident bobcat would come at night and snatch it like he did the first one. And if not the bobcat, then a hawk or raccoon or coyote or something…

So she planted the head in a bucket (not in hopes of growing baby rattlers). We’ve been told, but are somewhat skeptical, that in the bucket the ants and things (?) will eat all but the skull which Heidi wants to add to the cow skull to make sure we’re truly sending the right message. Hmm…

It’s been there for a while now and grass is starting to grow on top. Haven’t dug any deeper yet. Last time she looked, the nose was still intact.

Heidi’s also been fending off cows with bowls of water again. I don’t know why the cows here are so adverse to water, but they are and if we don’t deter them, they munch on our fake green carpet and eat our satellite cables.

Catch you on the backside – a good ole southern saying takes on new meaning when Heidi has a bowl, or a swatter or a hoe in her hand! While Heidi’s been doing all of this and so much more, I’ve mostly just been stylin’ in Stir-Fry. More on that next time.

22 thoughts on “Heigh-ho, Heidi HO

  1. I really do miss reading about your adventures. How did your rehab come along? Did the snake head turn out the way you wanted? Please start blogging again…I miss you!

  2. So good to hear from you, gracious one! Praying for your knee and over all health and thanking Him for Heidi Ho! She can do anything! πŸ™‚ Love you and God bless you!

    • Dearest Deb –
      Well, she can’t knit but then, that doesn’t really come up a lot down here! πŸ˜€
      I love the pic of our Aub soaring!

  3. WOW, on Heidi’s fervent baking, winning warrior-ess status, faithful friend and myriad other gifts and talents–sounds like she has some Native American spirit in her too… Praying for a knee-miracle, Debbie. God bless y’all BIG–love to you both, and Henri too. Cj

    • Cj, my friend – Sounds like you’re still having a heat wave in PNW?
      Yep, Heidi’s a natural with nature. I was always more of a Holiday Inn-er – but I’m learning. πŸ˜€
      I so appreciate your prayers. We send our love and that goes double for smitten Henri!

    • Hey Brandy! Girl, we miss you, too! You know where we are – we’d LOVE to see you!
      (of course if you come at night, it’s now very, very dark here… :p)

  4. Glad you have that Heidi girl taking care of you. she one tough
    Gal! You my friend please take care of that knee, so we can go
    Agate hunting when you come home. Love ya both, big heart hugs
    Your way!!!!!

    • Hey there Birthday Girl!
      You get that ankle working and I’ll try to stay upright and we’ll meet on the beach!
      I can’t think of anything that sounds like more fun than agate hunting with you! Heart Hugs and Birthday Wishes from both of us!!!

    • Hello Susie –
      Honestly, if the situation were reversed, we’d be in BIG trouble.
      I don’t know how she comes up with so many things to fix that don’t even seem broken!
      She always did her homework weeks in advance, too.
      I was an excellent crammer! ;D

      • Morning
        somehow I think you would find a way to help out – You, my friend, have a BIG heart
        God Bless you both
        ps: I relate to Heidi – I always did my homework and projects ahead of time – its the Chicken Little frame of mind or maybe just the way to control my little corner of the World – who knows?

  5. I’m a Heidi Ho worker too! I love to get dirty and work on “stuff”. Go Heidi Ho Heidi Ho! Such a fun post!

    No thrones in the deep south ? LOL?

    • Mel – I gotta tell you, Heidi fixes things I had no idea were broken. She even pre-fixes (must be the English teacher in her)!
      No thrones but we do have a comfy Walmart flower pot that we keep for emergencies. πŸ˜€

    • Hey Ruth!!
      So good to hear from NJ friend!
      When Heidi was growing up, she wished she could be a Pioneer Woman! Who knew that would still be possible?!
      Me, not so much.
      But these past 3 years have done something strange to my brain (maybe heat melt). I scoff at scorpions and bare hand spiders and wonder who has taken possession of my body! πŸ˜€

  6. That HH is one cool tool! Pot Pie’s drooling at the thought of one adventurous outing with the Ho-Master. He has a hoe fetish.

    Really good to hear from ya’ll. Waking to a word from the Fork makes for a start to a good day. Many blessings to both of you today!

    • mt – you and Pot Pie must be a riot on the ranch! I’m not nearly as handy as Heidi is with a hoe but I’m a dead-eye with a BB gun.
      Sadly, BB guns really only make an impression on pop cans down here. Everything else is too thick-skinned. πŸ˜€

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