The Day Company Came a Callin’

I don’t feel like myself tonight. Isn’t that an odd saying? It’s not like I feel like someone else. I’m not exactly sick or entirely well. I guess I’m just a little more off than usual, so I promise to keep this short.

We had company yesterday! I think you might have to be a gate guard in real rural Texas and have nearly all your friends and family 1200 – 2200 miles away to really appreciate how wonderful it is to get company!

On a few rare occasions, we’ve had an opportunity to meet other gate guards, which has been great fun! And we’ve had tons of company with multiple legs, which I’ll write more about, another time.

But yesterday, people who already know us, came to see us on purpose! 🙂



We met Mike and Casey in  Oregon where we were workampers together. Mike converted our gas- only water heater to give us an electric option in the Class A. They taught us how to tie down our awning and then taught us to never put out the awning on the Oregon coast unless we wanted to go para-sailing!

We were new to RVing, new to workamping, new to the coast; which is just a nice way of saying we didn’t know anything and they taught us everything! We were so poor, they even bought us a space heater. You’ve gotta love folks who keep you warm and keep you laughing! Thank you so much, dear friends, for spending 7 hours in the car to spend 4 hours with us today!

I’m not sure what Mike and Heidi talked about while Casey and I walked Buttons and Henry, but I could tell things were different after they left.

We played cards, as we do almost every night. But it wasn’t cards as usual. Maybe that’s why I don’t quite feel like myself? We generally always (yes, that’s how they say it down here) play 2 hands of Whist, 2 hands of Gin Rummy and 1 game of Cribbage.

I usually win. 🙂

I don’t mean to, it just happens. That fact that Heidi’s only been playing cards for about 4 years and I’ve been playing cards since I was 4, may be a factor. Anyway, I think Mike must have given her a pep talk. She won tonight! In my defense, it’s hard to maintain any strategy with a gun in your face. Just sayin’. 😉



To celebrate her massive card annihilation, we watched Heidi’s favorite TV show: Swamp People. Ever since our trip to Louisiana  and our wild air boat ride through the Bayou, she loves to watch Swamp People and yell out Shoot him! which I’ve gotten used to but still startles Henry. The shooting is a reference to the alligator, not to a person, but that’s a story for a night when I feel more like myself. 😀


This 10 footer was about a foot from my foot. My toes haven’t felt quite the same since…