I’m an Excellent Driver

Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.  ~ C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is my favorite author but one I usually quote on my other blog, not here at Fork. However, I’m making an exception tonight as I remind myself of the nature of miracles and the laws of nature.

It would have been a miracle if I’d really towed the nearly 40 foot 5th wheel with my Jeep as this picture appears to suggest.

By the way, this setting is a classic example of why I never wanted to be a full-time RVer. I couldn’t have put out the awning without hitting the neighbors, who were very nice and who had a little dog that never ever stopped barking. Then there were the folks on the other side who watched their outside TV all night while giving verbose instructions to sports figures.

By the time we’d made the trip to Victoria to this lovely RV park, unhitched the RV, traveled to Smiley to retrieve the Jeep, and returned to Victoria, we had one day of our 3 week odyssey left.  Victoria is 67 miles from Wharton, where Lantern 17 is currently drilling.

We had traveled 5,211 miles. We visited our children and grand children in Iowa and Minnesota, caught up with as many friends as possible, traded in a motorhome for a 5th wheel, moved everything we own and learned to a drive truck/5th wheel combo.

Although we had a few mishaps, as you know from Peculiar to Paris, nothing major. Heidi insists that I share that I wasn’t the one who did any of those things (well, I did flush the toilet, but Heidi hooked up the hose). However, I more than made up for my stellar trip performance in one fell swoop!

The park was nice, but really tight. Of course, when you’ve just spent 10 months sitting alone in ranchers’ pastures, anything else might feel tight.

Raymond: I’m an excellent driver.
Charlie: When did you drive?
Raymond: I drove slow on the driveway when my dad came to Walbrook.                            ~ Rain Man

Possibly I should have taken my cue from Raymond and stuck to the driveway.

It would have been a miracle, quite literally, if, dragging the side of my brand new 5th wheel up against this diminutive palm tree, had caused no damage.

It wasn’t my day for miracles. This rugged little palm has survived the second worst drought in the history of Texas. It certainly wasn’t about to be uprooted by a crazy lady who was too tired and took the corner too tightly.

The RV on the other hand, was brand new and had no experience in weathering adversity. It quickly gave in to the scratching and clawing of the sturdy tree, yielding its tire bumper and paint with little resistance.

Good Sam, good on their word, will be sending out a claims adjuster. Fortunately, the slide still slid (which we had great doubt about). The inside looks new still. The frig continues to keep things cold and the oven worked just fine today when Heidi made brownies for the guys. It’s mostly cosmetic but you know how expensive cosmetic surgery is!  After the $500 deductible, the very compassionate Good Sam lady assured me insurance would pay the rest.

I was initially miserable, the RV being new and all. I knew I should just have been instantly grateful that no one was hurt (would have been hard to get hurt since I was going about 5mph). But I was too tired to keep perspective.

I worked last night, which meant about 28 hours without sleeping. I have a better perspective tonight. Hey, it’s on the back side!

I think we’ll stay put and make a little money before we take time off for repairs. Unless it should, by some miracle, rain in Texas. Then we’d have to see if there’s a leak by that huge indentation in the kitchen …

Gravity is a contributing factor in nearly 73 percent of all accidents involving falling objects.   ~Dave Barry