Six Degrees of Separation: By Tooth and By Song

Six degrees of separation refers to the concept that everyone is somehow only six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth. It’s a theory that I’ve been re-examining this week.

Last night a guy pulled up at the gate and asked me if I’m from Canada?

He said: You know y’all have that Canadian accent. Hmm…

I said: I grew up in Indiana.

He said: Hey, I’ve got kin that go to some Amish swap meet thing in Shipshewana? You ever been?

I said: That started after I moved away but I used to go to the dentist there.

(Really? Someone in Westhoff, Texas has heard of Shipshewana, which had a population of 300 back in the 60’s!)

I grew up about 7 miles away in Middlebury. I was looking at a manual for the RV, only to find some parts were made in Middlebury! The RV, which we bought in Iowa, was made in Elkhart, where I was born (Middlebury didn’t have a hospital).

As you know, we also bought a truck from the Iowa RV dealership. The truck was originally purchased, brand new in 2006, in Texas and traded in for a Class C in Iowa. It still has a Longhorn emblem on the back window. Really, we drove 1250 miles from Texas to Iowa to buy a truck from Texas!

I read a wide variety of blogs. I’ve been following an interesting exchange between a Mel who went to high school in Iowa City, but now lives just outside Chicago, (where my daughter-in-law is from); and Jen, who lives in Colorado, and went to the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa.

They’ve been talking about Hayden Fry, former football coach and the inspiration of the TV show Coach, and the Hawkeyes of  the Universityof Iowa, where my daughter had her dental implants done and my son got his PhD.

My son is now a professor at a college in New Jersey. My new blogging friend, Ruth, writes about New Jersey and sent me regular updates on the weather when Hurricane Irene hit NJ in August.

Last night I turned on TV about 2 a.m. and Little Shop of Horrors was playing. This was the musical my son kept begging the drama coach to produce so he could play Seymour. When I turned it on, Steve Martin was singing I Am a Dentist – no kidding!

Yesterday, Heidi went to Nixon to have a wisdom  tooth pulled by a dentist who hopes to retire just north of the California border on the southern Oregon coast, where Heidi and Henry and I lived for 3 years before coming to Texas last December.

My family drove through Gold Beach in 1962 on our way from Indiana to California to visit my cousin Trudy and her Mom and Dad.

My sister, me and exchange student from Germany

I couldn’t wait to go to Disneyland! It’s a Small World! That also happens to be my cousins’ favorite spot in Disneyland.

Mom. me, my Aunt - 1962

I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with Trudy in New Orleans this year.

When I got up yesterday, Heidi, who rarely watches  TV, was listening to a channel called BEST, which appears to be a continuous advertisement for the  TIME LIFE Country music CD collection of 158 classic hits from the 50’s and 60’s.

The song that was playing when I got up was El Paso by Marty Robbins. When I turned it off  the song of the moment was The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton.

And there you have it… a small world connected by teeth and blogs and song.

You’ve probably seen this video, it’s been floating around You Tube and FB for a long time, but it’s true, It’s a Small World After All. 😀