Rigging Down With Dead Eye Debbie

We’re rigging down. Rigging, as I’m sure you know was originally a nautical term.

While rigging up meant getting everything in order and ready to sail, rigging down meant disassembling.

The same is true here. We’re being disassembled.

I’ve grown a lot since December – partially because it’s always too hot, too dark or to scary to walk outside and get any kind of exercise and partially because I’ve met so many fine people.

Henry hasn’t actually grown a whole lot but he was pretty perfect to start with. He already had an open heart and an open mind.

Around mid-August, Lantern 17 is set to move from the Texas panhandle to Gonzales county where we’ll join them and begin drilling new wells, on new pads, working with new men.

In the interim, which begins tomorrow, we leave Lantern 16 for Lantern 3.  We’re moving  a quarter of a mile for 4-5 weeks of short holes. Or so I’m told.

Of course I’m told a lot of things like frogs don’t like the smell of moth balls; fire ants have 3 teeth; the sound of the generator scares away rattlesnakes; the sound of the generator lures rattlesnakes etc…

Although two of our Company Men from 16 are going to 3, I don’t think we’ll know anyone else. It’s a new adventure, but I’m taking precautions. If you read, Breaking Up is Hard to Do, you know those guys were pretty serious about protecting us.

They’re gone now so I have my own arsenal ready, right by the door.

What doesn’t discourage one possible intruder, might well discourage another, so I have (clockwise):

A fly swatter

A small canister of mace

My Guardian Angel, in its tiny shiny box

A partial can of wasp spray. I’d already used almost all of it on a big spider, dangling from the hummingbird feeder on the window. It intimidated the spider but the down side was that after emptying most of the potent potion, I began to worry about the effects of the wasp spay on the paint and spent the next 15 minutes throwing large bowls of water on the RV while watching to see if the spider resurrected.

Next is the fire extinguisher which we’ve never taken out of its holder or tested – I know, not wise

There’s Menopause The Musical – menopause scares a lot of people

A flashlight with a revolving head so I can see behind me

And the newest addition, a gun

As I mentioned in the recounting of the birdseed stealing squirrels, I’m an accidental shooter at most. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

This is Heidi’s gun that had gotten lost somewhere in the off-season clothes (that would include everything we own that you wear when the temperature in under 115). I decided I’d better practice shooting. Having learned a life lesson from Bob in Tilden who shot out the window of his RV while showing Heidi how to load his shot gun, I went outside.

I set a  pop can in the grass and pulled the trigger. Turns out I’m wicked with a BB gun. This one has a special CO2 cartridge, I think.  Anyway, it packs quite a punch.

I don’t plan on using it.

I’m counting on all rattlesnakes and tarantulas and wild hogs and other uninvited guests to take one look at it and head for the cactus.

  All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.  ~ Jean-Luc Godard

There you have it!