Learning Curve

I wasn’t really prepared for the learning curve. After almost a year of gate guarding, everything is new. There’s the RV of course.

There’s been a little greater learning curve with that than I’d expected.  😀

More on that another time.

I wasn’t expecting the learning curve to be quite so great simply due to switching companies.

We’re actually back where we started last December, with one oil company. But we only worked for them for 3 1/2 weeks opening and shutting a hunting gate at a Frac pond so there wasn’t much traffic. We left without ever knowing there was such a thing as a Company Man or a drilling crew.

I didn’t anticipate that everything in every area would be different. Instead of MI SWAKO and Thermac and Newpark and Deep South, we have Stage Three and Austin Chaulk and Rig Runners and Spitfire. I didn’t realize how well I knew, not just the guys, but all the service companies and sales folks. I’m right back to asking everyone what it is that they do again.

But, no Vicky, I no longer think they’re saying ALL and make them spell it. ALL OIL comes up quite a bit in this business. 😉

These are some things that are the same, so far:

There’s a lot of traffic which gets real close to the RV.

The internet/cell tower is far away. Apparently the farthest it’s ever been since I can rarely get on-line, can’t get into my gmail or on FB and all our calls keep dropping.

It’s suppose to be 86 today so the air conditioner is still running.

Halliburton means cement (not only cement, but for sure cement) and Halliburton apparently has a corner on the market down here.

We were blissfully almost caliche free in Wharton. Once again, there’s so much caliche that I wait to dust until about 30 minutes before Heidi gets up or she won’t be able to tell it and then I won’t get any credit. 😉

The cows are still curious. Today they tried to eat the air hose for the bell (you can see this young steer holding it in his mouth just before Heidi threw a bowl of water on him). Later, the curious cows picked up the fake grass carpet, hoping for a snack. They ended the evening tangled in the cable lines temporarily un-satelliting us.

The good new is 8 straight nights with no mice!

Many of you are just getting started at gates. If you don’t have a blog and want to share your experience here, let me know if you’d like to guest post. If you have a blog and want to be on the gate guard blog roll at Fork, let me know and I’ll add you.

Again, I can’t get on-line often here in Westhoff – we must be on the wrong side of the hill, but I’ll post when I can, unless the cows find a way to climb up and get the booster antennae, too!