Riggin’ Up – Day 1

I’m having some computer (probably user) difficulties so I’ll have to post this in sections.

The slide show starts automatically. You may want to scroll down and hit the stop button in the middle – not that it matters much. The first  picture is the last day of the last hole – capped off and ready to go.

The next few shots are of the pad they made for us. In a year and a half of gate guarding, we’ve only had a couple of pads. They usually just toss us in a field! 😀

Not only did they fill the swamp to build a pad, they had Heidi check it. It was great for us but too small to accommodate the two service trailers so they made it bigger. If you’re a gate guard, can you believe it? Wow! I think we’re going to like working for these guys!

We moved on Wednesday, one day ahead of the rig.

The pictures, beginning with the buzzards, all took place on Thursday, Day 1 of the rig move.

The derrick came in on Friday and by Saturday it was business as usual. It may take a village to raise a child but it only takes 2 days to raise a rig.

It’s disappointing to realize, looking at the photos, that I can’t give you any true perspective of the enormous size and weight of everything. We have a 40 foot RV and it looks like a toy next to much what comes onto the site.

I’ll post a second page of a few photos alone since they look kind of diminutive in the slide show.

That’s about all my weak internet will allow at one time. I post Day 2 of the move in a separate post.


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One of our young guys just ripped out of here on his way to McMillan (about 4 hours north) where his wife is in labor. This crew’s two-week tour is up on Tuesday/Wednesday. I guess the baby couldn’t wait for 3 more days!

I feel like I’m working on an oil rig right now. I’m away from home a lot.  ~ Hugh Laurie