Secret Agents

Before I share anymore about my recent travels, I think I’ve reached the point with Fork where it’s necessary to establish a TSACTop Secret Agent Code.

A certain simplicity of thought is common to serene souls at both ends of the social scale.
~ Joseph Conrad, The Secret Agent

In the spirit of simplicity and serenity, I’m keeping the codes to a minimum. You’ll see them re-occur from time to time in future posts. If this is your first time at visiting The Fork in the Road, you should know that 413 of the past 417 posts have been classified as TS – Top Secret, which is the answer to the mystery of 98,000 views on 4 entries.

Those of you who are continuing to read, in spite of my recent reclassification as an SA, will understand the necessity of the code.

My job, which is now classified, will simply be referred to as my TSJ – Top Secret Job.

My location, which is also classified, will be known only as my  TSL – Top Secret Location. Clearly I’m not code clever, but I am simple.

The weather, which isn’t classified, will continue to be referred to as The Weather.

All of this SA talk, makes me think of Johnny Rivers.



As a SAW – Secret Agent Woman, there is something about all this Top Secret-ness that’s givin me a false sense of importance and intrigue in what heretofore had been a rather mundane job. The recent reclassification seems to have had the same effect on my SA companions – Heidi and Henry VIII – who will be going by the code names Heidi and Henry VIII.

As FTs – Full-Timers, YRSAs Year-Round Secret Agents and TYsTerminally Yankees, we try to take a week or two off from our TSJ on our TSL about every 6-9 months. My next few posts will be about our most recent adventure.

After leaving the RV at another nearby TSL, we spent the first evening of our break getting lost and crying over dinner. Actually, only Heidi cried when she saw the hamburger, but that’s a story for another night.

Although we were officially on vacation, we must have still been feeling very clandestine-ish because we left the following morning at 4 a.m.

There’s a (wo)man who leads a life of danger.
To everyone (s)he meets (s)he stays a stranger.
With every move (s)he makes, another chance (s)he takes.
Odds are (s)he won’t hit another palm tree.

It was very, very dark. We were very, very stealth.

It’s now time for me to return to my TSW – Top Secret Work at my TSJ. More on our not top-secret adventures to come!

Secret agent (wo)man
Secret agent (wo)man
They’ve given you a warning,
and taken away your plans.

SAW, Debbie