Warning! Tornados! Floods! Lightening Strikes!

Well, this is interesting.

We’re currently under:

1. A Tornado Warning

2. A Tornado Watch

3. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning

4. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch

5. A Flood  Warning

6. A Flood Watch

7. A Hail Warning (but not Hail Watch).

Seriously? I don’t know if the weather service just can’t make up its mind or if it’s because we’re in the thick of it right now with a lot more on the way? I’m afraid it’s the latter

Y’all take care out there.

You other gate guards – sure would like to hear that you’re OK.

Bob and Gabby, I know there was a tornado near you.  And John and Terry, sounds like things were rough in Tilden. We hear they’ve shut down some of the rigs around Karnes City.

Not ours, so far…

The little hummer seems to be undeterred, though! He must be a Jim Rohn fan. 😀

How long should you try? Until. ~ Jim Rohn