Havalina and the New Year

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! I never would have imagined, even a couple of months ago, that I’d be ringing in the New Year (and I do mean ringing), in Texas!  But here I am on January 1st, 2011, a beautiful sunny 70 degree day on a ranch south of San Antonio.

Heidi set out to meet the neighbors this morning. The gate guards nearest us are not only from Oregon, but were park hosts at Turtle Rock last year! Turtle Rock is the RV park in Gold Beach where we began our Oregon adventures! As a matter of fact, we all learned about Gate Guards from Joanie, whom I hired last summer to work at the Front Desk at Pacific Reef part time while she was work-camping at Turtle Rock.

A little further down the road, 5 miles maybe, are two women from Iowa who work at Adventureland in the summer and work with GG in the winter. I don’t know whether I feel more connected or incredulous! It certainly makes these wide-open spaces seem less exotic.

Speaking of exotic, we’ve learned that this isn’t an exotic animal ranch after all, just a plane old ranch with a whole bunch of oil and quite a bit of hunting. If you call setting up blinds, putting out salt licks and charging $1500 to shoot a buck in your back yard, hunting.

Apparently the greatest dangers here are getting shot by a hunter (I had a guy in an oil tanker who wanted to borrow my orange vest for self protection), rattlesnakes and ‘wet-backs’. I can’t believe that’s such a common phrase and I’m honestly not sure who that refers to – illegals, I suppose? Anyway, we’ve been told by locals to get a shot gun on 3 occasions now. I’m not sure if that’s to shoot snakes or people? Heidi’s calling her Mom to see if she‘ll send her Grandpa‘s shotgun to the nearest gun shop!

It seems that people here don’t hesitate to shoot people who are a threat or perceived threat, but it’s not too PC to shoot rattlesnakes or wild boars or coyotes or havalinas! It’s a strange new world in this brand new year.

This picture of a Javalina was in front of our RV was taken at my Sis's in Tucson - haven't seen any here yet!

Henry and I walk a mile each morning. Today we came home with a pocket full of rocks, many are agates! New year, new location, and the Lord’s loving-kindness’s are new every morning! Agates that look just like the ones in Gold Beach, here on a back road on a Texas ranch!