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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Some folks have written and asked if my vacation was also top-secret since I didn’t say where we went (y’all are quick). I was just about to tell you a few stories from my not top-secret vacation when I got waylaid by the Emmys, an internet crash and a move to a new Top Secret Location.

Stories to come. Here’s a quick outline. The trip was just like Planes, Trains and Automobiles minus John Candy and Steve Martin, and the trains and automobiles. 😀

It was Trucks

Heidi saw this and said: “Is that supposed to be our truck? Yes. It looks just like it except I left off the back door, the tires aren’t really flat etc…




We flew Southwest where “luggage is free”, there are no assigned seats and they still give you tiny pretzels and peanuts.


and Cruise Ships


The squiggles above the ship could be smoke or waves. I couldn’t decide which to draw so you can take your pick.


Time for an aside here:

I have no idea why I decided to illustrate this post myself. Just so you know, I know that I can’t draw and I’m perfectly fine with that. I have no aspirations so you don’t need to send me kind, encouraging comments about how I’ll get better with practice. Y’all are so sweet but I won’t get better and I won’t practice. This was a one time thing.

Back to the story:

We drove from our TSL in Texas to Tucson,where Henry VIII vacationed for 2 weeks with a good friend and we visited my Sis (Hi Sis, it was grand!). Then we flew from Tucson to San Diego to fly to Seattle to take a boat to Alaska. We sailed away on an all expense paid cruise (which I won by virtue of being related to a very generous cousin – thank you T!) from Seattle to Kodiak. Then, we flew from Seattle to Albuquerque to fly back to Tucson to reunite with Henry (thank you, Gene!) and pick up the pickup to drive back to our TSL. 😀

Just before we left, I sprained my wrist doing something SO top-secret on my TSJ that I can’t even remember what it was which I couldn’t tell you anyway. So when I say we drove, really just Heidi drove. Henry and I sang to keep her awake. When Henry and I sing, it’s very hard to sleep. (If I’m going to be truly forthcoming, Henry just lip-syncs.)

*Henry wasn’t harmed in the making of this trip. He’s in his kennel which took up a full 1/2 of the back seat. Despite appearances, he wasn’t covered in luggage.

At least H says that’s why she drove – all the way to Arizona – and all the way back again. Maybe… It could also be because I’m still on tiny palm tree probation from last fall. It was quite a trip. Non-illustrated stories to follow.

You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there. ~ Yogi Berra

24 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. What a Wonderful Vacation! Did you stop in Skagway? I spent summer of 2010 in Skagway while Mom & Dad worked there…that was before we got Hannah. Alaska is GORGEOUS!



    • Phoebe –
      We’ve been to Skagway twice but it wasn’t on the itinerary this time. You sure got to live in a beautiful place!! I didn’t realize your Mom worked there! Wow!
      What did you think of the long nights? Good TSA prep! 😀
      PS – Henry sends virtual flowers

  2. Debbie, let me be the 500th person to wish you a very happy birthday. Were you trying to keep it TS?

    So so sorry to hear about your sprained wrist. You can still draw like that with a sprained wrist? My hats off to you girl.

    Enjoyable post, as usual.


    • Susan – hey there!
      Thank you. It was a happy day!
      The drawings took me forever – seriously. I had a half full wastebasket before I gave up and hoped these were semi-recognizable.
      I have carpal tunnel in both wrists – probably just aggravated it doing something little on at my TSJ.
      Thanks for continuing to read, in spite of all the classified docs! 😀

  3. I just love all of this . .. and how you keep the TS things still TS! You are gooder than good! Thank you for making us smile and laugh . .. and lip sync with Henry. 🙂 love you and happy birthday! -the other deb
    p.s. your drawings were marvelous! I draw for Aubrey . . .and she tells me it’s okay, she can fix them. haha!

  4. I studied these pictures and I think the ship is looking the safest! In reality, I’ll trust my dually. Never wanted one, but it’s been exactly what we needed and I love driving it. My favorite truck will always be the 1950s Willey’s Jeep pickup that I drove through the drifts to a little school in NE Iowa where I taught English in the 70s.It’s nice to be back in a truck.

    And no, she’s not on probation because of the tangle with the midget Palm tree. By the way, that’s a longhorn decal in the rear window. I love that!

  5. HILARIOUS, Debbie–and I may never forgive you for being in Seattle and not calling me!! I would have given you the number–oh, you probably thought I’d keep talking and you’d miss your ship…okay. If Henri and I did karaoke, or something more private–I think I’d let him sing, and I’d do the lip-sync-ing. I love the drawings–how funny that folks might encourage you to practice! God bless you big–love, sis Caddo

  6. I think the drawings are ADORABLE! You could do a comic strip (is that bad)? That’s not encouraging is it?? Never mind, back to the comment! FUNNY as usual. The vacation sounds awesome and wide-spread! My heavens you covered a lot of territory in just over 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing this. AND, i really DO like those cute drawings. Hope your wrist is better. Man, it seems like every time i do a “chore” i sprain something. It’s great being older (and wiser) 😉 and brittler! xoxoxox Much Love, EA @ TSL c TSJ. Mel

    • Mel –
      Honey, I had to look at 50 pictures to free hand these and they were still sad, but I had fun! My wrist is still pretty gimpy – but I have carpel tunnel so it’s probably just that. Need to get better about wearing my brace. All is good!
      I’ll work in some REAL Alaska pictures one of these days!

    • Hi Judi!
      I was kind of hoping you and Mel – my artist friends – would skip this one! 😉
      We took a float plane in Ketchikan. Real pictures to come!
      This was our 3rd time to Alaska and it is incredibly beautiful!

  7. Hi Secret Agents. You again gave me something to laugh over and I don’t just mean your terrific drawings.
    How wonderful going on a cruise to Alaska
    Hope to catch up with you next month if we can locate the secret location.

  8. You’ve a wonderful sense of fun and that’s what your illustrations say to me so don’t put them away entirely. You never know when a drawing just may make the point 😉

    I follow a woman from Kodiak on Instagram and she posts some amazing pictures of the area so I know it was glorious in all way. Not to mention the couple of pictures of yours I’ve seen are beautiful.

    Nice to have you back – in print – and I hope your memories of that time will long linger.

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